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DONE: BlowUp or Read?

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well i think there are 2 issues:

carol your points are well taken, and competition should drive down price - though it looks like we might be seeing a case of a couple companies buying up all the site-impaired soft so they can keep price high.

but the other point i make is this: the system we are in is all about making the most money possible, without regard to anything else.  but its worse than that.  this program is $500.  let's say im a poor person who can barely afford paying the electricity.  of course i cant afford $500.  now, how would it hurt this company to sell me a copy for $25.  it wouldnt, it would earn them $25 and cost them nothing.   but because of our economic system, they won't sell it to you for $25, because of this cycle of everyone trying to scam each other.  it's such a shame.

Carol Haynes:
Point well taken - that's why I said their pricing was disgusting.

Personally I think pretty much all software should be under $50. I honestly think if that happened companies would make more money as there would far less incentive to look for pirated copies.

it can take a long time to find the best software -
i really hope you don't give up and search dilligently for the best software in these categories -
if we really find that there is a huge gap between the best commercial hyperexpensive app and the best supercheap app,
then maybe its time for some of us coders to rally to this cause and do as carol says and level the playing field..

and it would be helpful to have a prioritized list of functions -
a big step would be just looking at all these programs and identifying what' simportant for a programmer who might not know.

and if anyone knows any site-impaired folks who have some experience with this software i'd love to hear from them on this thread.

Your are correct, I understand why they must charge i s they havea room full of programmers, everyone must make a living. I wouldn't think of ever taking away someone's livelyhood in that manner.

The market for software of this nature is very large, problem being, I think is the skill level of the programmers available that have the skills to program for this group and other disabled persons. There are thousands who are affected daily, and they don't have an idea that others are working behind the scenes to come up with things, I just don't know how many are doing this, I think it is more like "oh, this might help" here and there thing.

Don't get me wrong, I thank them for this, but a nice package that would be truely apprecaited I am certain. They say giving to others will yield returns 10 fold. It might not come in the form of $$$, but it has it's rewards, this I know is fact. I am a 3rd Degree Master Mason, and that is what the shirners and other groups along those lines are all about.

Sorry to ramble here...


Carol Haynes:
I know it only addresses half of the problem but have you tried TextAloud ( which will read just about anything on screen.


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