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EverNote beta has some nice new features

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Carol Haynes:
I'm reluctant to try try the Trial version of 2.2 as an upgrade - last time I did that it trashed my registered version and I had to reinstall. Probably best to wait until the official updater is available.

Carol Haynes:
Now available - just hit check for update in the help menu.

For anyone who wants to buy Evernote 2.2:

Users of the free version of EverNote can buy EverNote until November 30th, 2007 for only $19.95, a 60% discount!

Buy EverNote for only $19.95.

You can also follow this link to download the free version of EverNote 2.2, which includes all advanced features for 60 days. After 60 days, advanced features will become disabled, but can be re-enabled by purchasing the product.
--- End quote ---

Not sure if you need to download the free version first and register it or if this is open to all.

There is also a similar discount in the Member Discount section - it says it is for 2.1 and an open ended discount. I don't know for sure if it applies to 2.2 but I presume so. [Edit - DC discounts no longer seems to work it links to a page with a price of $49.95]

I've been using the beta and really like the new features. Upgraded to the full release yesterday without any problems  :Thmbsup:

Ditto. Or almost... I got an error trying to upgrade directly from the beta.

My solution for registered users with problems trying to upgrade from the beta to the 2.2 final version:

1- backup your database (just in case), 2- uninstall the beta, 3- reinstall your previous registered version , 4- and upgrade by going to the help menu --> check for update.

Everything works well now.  :up:

Phew! I'm glad I dodged that bullet - I rarely remember to backup my database (although as luck would have it I didn do so about a week ago, so all would not have been lost). Anyway, Armando's advice about backing up your database before updating is excellent and should be followed when updating any software that holds, manages, or manipulates crucial data (note to self: take this advice in the future!).


EDIT: typos will be the death of smeagol


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