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EverNote beta has some nice new features

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Hello All! I wanted to explain about EverNote 2.2 Beta (which is quickly moving towards public release) and upgrades. The Beta is a full-featured version with all advanced features in place. Advanced features expire in four months since your installation, which should be a plenty for anyone who wants to upgrade to the paid version. We are planning to offer free upgrade to the full version to all Beta users (I can't promise it 100% though). Backing up your databases before trying the Beta is always a good idea.

We would also like to point out that the comparative "feature matrix" of Big3 note-taking apps at isn't accurate anymore since EverNote 1.5, let alone 2.2. The roundup greatly influenced our product roadmap and many of the "missing" EverNote features have been implemented. Examples are "have multiple databases open", "link to other notes", "extensive import/export capabilities", "note titles".

L. (a.k.a. "leo" on the EverNote User Forum)

Thanks L, i have to update another one of the reviews and i'll add a note about this as well.
Congrats on the evernote work  :up:

If you haven't seen the japanese movie/animated series called DeathNote, it's quite outstanding, and one of the lead characters is named "L".

Thanks mouser! We meant to ask you guys to update the chart as we worked so hard on the missing features.

L. (see, I am "L." - the dot should make a lot of difference  :D )

Thanks L. (Leo).
You're right : the chart should be updated.
It's the hard thing about reviewing software made by good and active developers: they continuously change!
The 2.2 beta is GREAT. I use it everyday and, like I said, the "out of tape windows" make a big difference in usability.

It went final 2.2....
Anyone try to upgrade yet?

Update...This answers everything

"We will be offering an auto-upgrade to current users within the next couple days. Users of EverNote Plus 2.x will receive free upgrade to full version EverNote 2.2 with permanently enabled advanced features; users of versions 1.1, 1.5 and free versions 2.x will be able to upgrade to free version 2.x or purchase EverNote 2.2 with a significant discount."


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