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Tag&Rename, say it ain't so! (check box feature)


Tag&Rename has long been one of my favorite programs of all time.  But their newest "release candidate" took out a much beloved feature of min:  check box selection.  There are two modes in the program: you can select the files like you would in a regular Explorer type application, by using ctrl and shift to select multiple files; or you can do it with check boxes.  I always preferred the check boxes because you can select a group of files, then click around to a bunch of other files, or even within your selection, without losing your initial selection set.  Without the check boxes, you lose your set once you click elsewhere.  It's much less productive, but probably more intuitive to normal Windows users.  The option was always there, which mode you wanted.  In the latest version, they took it out.  Why?  I don't know.  You never remove features, you only add!  I'm hoping it's just a mistake, they didn't even document it their version history, so I'm really hoping that's the case.  My only complaint about the program is that there's no good way to contact the authors.  They are not that responsive to emails and there's no discussion group or anything either.  But I still love the program.  Best audio file tagger/renamer ever made, no doubt.


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