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Site experiencing glitches due to high server load - SEP 29 UPDATE

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We are experiencing server hell please bear with us.

I suppose the reason is a good one -> The Lifehacker syndrome  :up:

I don't know the cause.  No one does.  And no one who runs server hosting seems to be at all surprised that no one can ever figure out what causes these problems.  Lovely.  I'm trying not to have a heart attack or lose my mind with anger and frustration and the total inability for anyone to ever be able to figure out why these things happen.

Seriously, I cannot for the life of me figure out how the entire internet is running on software that is so pathetically unstable and unable to diagnose problems.

Be calm, all will be well... it's just a matter of when. 
If you can't change the circumstance you can certainly change your attitude.

Best of luck getting things sorted.  It's looking good right now.

thanks chris,

truth is i've come a long way.. the first time we had a server outage during our first year i immediately when into hyper panic hyper frustration mode.

since then i've become much more calm and slow to anger.  usually when the site experiences a little trouble i very calmly investigate and don't feel like it's a big deal.

however after a few hours and after it becomes clear no one at support has any idea what's wrong and start proposing non-sensical non-fixes, then i start to feel that old frustration come creeping back, and i start to get mostly angry at the software coders who write all this server software..

anyway, everything is running ok for now and i appreciate the calm understanding of everyone.


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