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GiveAwayofTheDay - RoboTask - Today Only 09/28/2007

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The GiveAwayofTheDay deal today is RoboTask 2.5.1


RoboTask 4.4 is back on GotD. its normal retail price is very interesting ($119.95). i wonder if anyone here uses this software?


One detail that may or may not tell much, if anything at all, is, that the site's forum contains three major threads, of which one is named Testimonials. This particular thread has not had any new entries for 2½ years... !??

I tested a lot of this kind of programs when I was running XP, but because of the asking price, I did not test this one - apparently I didn't notice the giveaway. Now I think I will install it,    because of the $120 ;-)

List of active plugins:

GiveAwayofTheDay - RoboTask - Today Only 09/28/2007

and "system variables":

ehhh... this is weird!

Bug fixes are offered, but do I dare to download them and risk loosing the program because the giveaway key doesn't include updates? Hmm... we'll see!
Edited: By all means, get this program! Updates are included for a year!  :up:


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