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Can you recommend Selkie Rescue Data Recovery??

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Ok you guys are *hilarious* and yes, there's four dames here using this account so that's got to count for something  8)

How are we almost neighbours Darwin if you're in Illinois? I have a feeling it's more like Vancouver - ? And don't give away our past secrets about the political arena if you are  ;)

As for Selkie Rescue, to clarify, Selkie does not require technical knowledge and is not a 'memory hog' like most linux-based file copiers (hello Knoppix!) which often crash failing computers. Often it's a Windows failure that's causing the crash, and Selkie deals with the failing software issues.  :Thmbsup:

Ah, Selkie-san... much closer than Vancouver as the crow flies, though you do have to journey across the water to get to where I am (but then, getting down the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver requires a water crossing or two anyway, doesn't it?).

Selkie: I just hope you don't get bitten by the "So, where's your repository of the GPL'ed code you use, and thus have to provide" - GPL is such an obnoxious beast for commercial software developers >_<

Thanks a lot, you Selkies, for applying me with this extra chance to get Selkie at the promotion cut-down price. I bought it, but as I wrote in an earlier post, I will need to have my CD drive fixed or replaced, before I am able to actually USE Selkie for what she is worth, though.

Also [wink] Thanks, for not just making yet another "retrieve deleted files" application 
- they already go thirteen by the dozen...[/wink]

You're welcome Curt - I told you we're friendly  :D

Also, with the GPL and LGPL we've got the prescribed proclamations in the necessary places  :tellme: and yes, I bet a lot of people get caught on that one.

I've been reading some of the other threads in this forum - very cool universe here.


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