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Can you recommend Selkie Rescue Data Recovery??

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It's definitely something I'd buy without checking the demo first.-f0dder (September 26, 2007, 09:50 AM)
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- maybe a word is missing, f0dder? in the negative ??  :P


My problem on this matter is that my CD drive temporarily is out of order,
but I have to buy this program TODAY  if ever.

...the big question inside my head is if the program will resque those files that were saved the normal way in Explorer (but are now untouchable because Explorer is crashing), or if it merely will save those files that have been deleted.
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Restorer 2000 and RecoverMyFiles will recover files from corrupt media (not so sure about File-Saver but don't see why not). If i scan for deleted files on my harddrive, both tools give me a list of files that are still there, if I want them to...

From what I can tell, it just lets you boot a computer that is having system problems and access files on the discs.  It looks like something you could do with a BartPE disc.


... looks like something you could do with a BartPE disc.-cthorpe (September 27, 2007, 12:17 AM)
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I have the UBCD4WIN but have so far only used Bart to create a new Installation CD. I didn't understand that I could use it for this other purpose too.

Hey guys,

We read your comments on Selkie with a lot of interest, and will use the editorial input on the website for our rewrites (underway) - so thanks.

The other software you are discussing doesn't quite do what we do - we have an automated system for your crashed computer that creates a file share, identifies your network, and moves your files quickly and safely to a working computer. I don't want to make a big pitch here but I do want you to know you can always ask us through our contact forms or our forum. We're VERY friendly. We also offer a money-back guarantee.

And Curt, we've got a way you can get around the time limit for a few more hours (it's very sneaky!). Try this:

Glad you like the cartoon. It's important to have a bit of fun.

We have a guy named Curt at the office - we're partial to Curts.


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