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Cracked while installing Linux :)

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A good friend runs a major international company's web servers for Europe and swears by BSD as the only thing you can possibly consider for DNS. He's had Linux brought to its knees where BSD doesn't break a sweat. That said, for other things he's told me about, Solaris is the way to go. It's really good to hear from people in the field that have servers with real heavy load.

Suse I picked because of Mono. So far, things are very rocky. MonoDevelop is not very stable and things just aren't very smooth so far. We'll see though.

Yes, but as I recall, no one has ever described Mono as stable or ready, yet.  Last I heard, it is still under strong development, not even ready for a real Alpha, let alone Beta.  However, to continue testing during development, they have released the code to try and use.  Am I mistaken on this?

There are production apps released for Mono. There are quite a few actually. I'm not sure how everyone is developing, but I suspect that people are doing most in Visual Studio. MonoDevelop is a port of SharpDevelop, but it's not production ready. Too many crashes.

I tried to get Eclipse running with some plugins to develop in C#, but never quite finished. Seems a bit rocky there as well. We'll see though. At the moment I've got some audio editing to do, but I'll be getting back to things ASAP.

Basically, the Mono framework is ready at varying levels for different things, but the development tools for it still seem behind - unless you're using VS of course - but that doesn't run on Linux. :(

I have a very soft spot for Solaris - first it was the first Unix I really used professionally, and the CDE was a lovely thing to use compared to some of the things I had learned on. I have a sparc 20 with solaris 7 in my basement, for nostalgia's sake.

The newest version has some beautiful features especially for clustering / replicating etc. If you have the money Solaris certainly is a great product.

It is probably because I have used unices first that I like slackware and BSD - slackware is a very unix-like distribution.

BSD is superbly stable, and I removed a lot of hassles in one of my previous lives by moving a whole farm of servers from redhat to BSD - uptime increased dramatically and a lot of mysterious crashes and failures simply never happened again.

I wish I had the time to make them do the same thing where I am now, but I am no longer the person doing the work and I dont think we have a sysadmin skilled enough to succeed  :(

In the end when it comes to my desktop I am just too used to all the windows software I found over the years to want to try to switch to any other I just havent found anything to even tempt me in any category. The mac is another matter.

But to go back to the original topic, if I had to use a linux desktop I would probably pick suse - my husband uses it (when not playing WoW) and I have used it and it is well crafted.

In the past when I have used a linux desktop it was a german distribution which suse bought (dld, if i recall), which is how we ended up with suse in the first place. Things have moved on quite a bit and I have had to use at least a dozen other distros since - from the source-based ones to the slick-we-claim-to-be-a-desktop ones and I still would pick one of slackware/vector or suse if I had to use linux for a workstation.


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