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Cracked while installing Linux :)

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OK - I finally bought a new box to install Linux on. Went for Suse Enterprise Desktop...

In any event, I'm burning the CDs for the new box on my Windows machine and the software I'm using isn't working... Keeps dying. Strange... Worked for the past 4 CDs...

Well, I reboot - same thing - install new version - same thing - fire up Windows Explorer... It chokes.

Pull out blank CD - it's got a 3cm crack from the middle.

Put in new CD. Everyone's happy...

Still installing Suse though... And very much looking forward to giving it a spin.

I decided to go with Suse (cost $50 for the license - whatever) because Novell sponsors the Mono project, and that's what I'm most interested in.

Sorry to hear about the issue with the CD, but it is great that you are doing this.  Keep us informed on how it goes.  I keep hearing how good SUSE is, but I haven't played much with it.  I found I like LinuxMint which is a distro based off Ubuntu.  However, Clem (the creator of Mint) takes it where many would like to see Ubuntu go and adds proprietary drivers.  He also creates and provides his own set of tools and does things like implementing the SLAB interface from SUSE and install it on a basically Ubuntu platform.  I have no doubt that he (if not Ubuntu itself) will be supporting Mono if he isn't already.

For any who want to check it out, it can be found at

I'm personally wary of running one of the "minor" linux distributions for anything serious - what are you going to do if the project, for whatever reason, dies? You can't be sure that there'll always be somebody in the community to continue the project.

Even something as old+big as slackware seemed to face serious problems when it's front figure, Patrick J. Volkerding, got seriously ill...

(And even with that said, I personally use for a couple of servers - doh! :)).

I think you sorta just answered your own question - at that point you either switch or hope you know enough to modify it as you need.  :P

Seriously though, since I am not using it as my server (it is my desktop on my alternate machine), I will just switch to another distro.  I am not exactly a fan of any one distro, but I do have a vested interest in finding the best distro for me and then telling everyone about it so they will become big enough to stand on their own.

my husband swears by suse and I can say it is a good distro.

I am old fashioned and I like slackware linux, and sometimes when i need a quick install i go for the slackware based vector distribution -  you get a nice lean desktop in 5 minutes.

But i just rely on windows for my desktop and BSD for my servers if given the choice.


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