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Question about the "spam/advertising links" rule

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I was going to change my signature, but noticed this:
Do *not* post spam/advertising links in your signature or you will be banned from the forum.
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I've placed links to my personal sites in my signature (as I do on most forums), and I just wanted to check whether this was actually allowed. The way that I saw it was that this is not considered advertising as such? But I'm not *too* sure, as different forums have different definitions on what "advertising" is (some only consider referral links as advertising, others consider *any* signature links as advertising)

from the other signature thread
Well, going against myself, i think that tall signatures with big images might become anoying. (i do love mine, though :P) But people around here tend to be polite, and i probably have the biggest sign in the forum.-jgpaiva (September 12, 2007, 06:27 AM)
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honestly not trying to be smart here,
but me, I think a few less recently played tracks would be ..ehh.. nice  :)

Carol Haynes:
I don't see any problem with your site links. Am I getting old or is the track list pretty meaningless? Trouble with internet music is that there is never anyone I have heard of in track lists!

Seriously - share your music by all means - but why not just add a link to your user page instead of the large image?

i agree with replies so far -- by all means put your sites in your signature, but try to minimize the space they take up -- the music list is def too long imho and you might be better off without it completely.

in general i think the guidelines should be: try for as short (in terms of vertical height) a sig as you can live with, so as to minimize the space it takes up when reading posts.

hey maybe we can make a default setting that puts all signature text in a little pop-open plus sign box, like the spoiler thing.

One other thing I should remind people, not because it's relevant to you Daniel but just for anyone reading this thread.  If anyone has one of those "affiliate" links in their signatures (which is almost always a bad idea), then they need to have a clear statement about what it is and that they profit from it.


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