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Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.99 (if you're a student)

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Microsoft is offering Office 2007 Ultimate to students for $59.95 through April 30, 2008. Note the links in the upper right of the screen - similar offers are available in Canada, the UK, France, Spain and Italy...

EDIT: removed Australia from the list of countries the offer is available to... I was free associating at that point, I guess  :-[

The Ultimate Steal??? I'd rather steal OpenOffice  :D

BTW, this promo program was offered in Australia earlier this year as a pilot scheme but I don't think it's still available for Aussies. Anyway there is no link for Australia.

Those who run Office 2003 ... read Did you know you can legally install Retail Office 2003 on a Desktop and Laptop? Its in the Eula!.

Thanks Darwin. it IS a pretty good deal.
I would probably buy it but.... the problems I had with certain (very long) documents in word 2007 really makes me hesitate.
Also, I've heard that OUtlook 2007 can be extremely slow.
Are you yourself using Office 2007?

Actually I must say I really like Office 2003. Always makes me realise just of slow and bloated really is :huh:

I would love to take advantage of this offer but Ireland isn't included. I can appreciate the difficulty in managing such an offer on a global scale, but if they can provide it in some EU countries I can't imagine there'd be any huge hurdles catering for the rest.


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