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Non-Windows Software


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[1] A new section for Linux, cross-platform code, embedded, mac, android, ios, etc.

[2] *FIXED*: Help! Problem with NoScript add-on in Firefox 35.0.1

[3] LINUX: In-place upgrade of Mint 17.0 Qiana to Mint 17.1 Rebecca

[4] SteamOS : a quick review - plus setting up a virtual environment for testing

[5] *NIX: Interesting article on why gamers may become so important for Linux

[6] Post your Linux/FOSS humor here.

[7] OMG - Somebody wants to rewrite parts of the Linux kernal - in Perl???

[8] Linux Foundataion's $2400 Intro to Linux course to be offered online for free

[9] LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released


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