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  • October 20, 2019, 07:02 AM
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Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« Last post by publicdomain on Today at 05:51 AM »
OK, I've started the "Book Synopsis Template" GUI project.

Replacements being:

<section class="container">

  <p class="txt--center font-bold--200">[CHARACTER-NAME]  Series</p>



      <h2 id="BOOK-ID">BOOK-TITLE</h2>

      <a href="[FILE-PATH]"><img src="[IMAGE-PATH]" alt="book-cover" height="200" /></a>

      <p><a class="read-book-link--maroon" href="[FILE-PATH]">Read the book!</a></p>




Posting first release version next.
Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« Last post by tsaint on Today at 05:13 AM »
No worries. But because I'm curious...
Isn't it possible to have the complete html tags/code in the word doc, so when the merge is done, you have complete web pages?
 I saw a macro (maybe not necessary in late versions of word) to produce discrete merged documents.

 I have no idea whether a merged doc can be rtf or txt or must be in doc/docx format. If only docx, each individual doc would have to be converted to txt then html or else straight to html. If the merged output could be txt, wouldn't just an extension rename to html do the trick if the original doc "template" contained all necessary html code and tags?

I have no immediate use for your process, but like so many other things I read, it's just interesting for its own sake
Living Room / Re: DC on Discord :O
« Last post by Deozaan on Today at 02:46 AM »
I'm a big fan of Telegram, but Discord has a place and can be better for certain groups and desired features. There are things Discord is better at than Telegram. And there are things Telegram is better at than Discord.

Use the right tool for the right job. :Thmbsup:
Living Room / Re: DC on Discord :O
« Last post by IainB on Today at 01:46 AM »
Um, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that this technology may have been superseded somewhat by newer technology, several years ago (on August 14, 2013) - by what seems to be the stuff of nightmares for the NSA and other Five Eyes members - Telegram.
Includes: (some of this is from memory)
  • Requires no server, just client devices.
  • $FREE "forever".
  • Ability to support Channel providers by voluntary donations and/or subscriptions.
  • Security based on your unique phone number and passphrase (similar in that regard to the Japanese LINE social network system).
  • Works on various clients:
    • Android.
    • Windows and Windows Portable.
    • macOS
    • MacApp Store version
    • Linux 32-bit
    • Linux 64-bit
  • Absolutely secure + private end-to-end encryption. with distributed Cloud storage.
  • Text messaging with some RTF capability.
  • Voice (audio) telephony.
  • Voice (audio) messaging.
  • Concepts of Channels, Discussions, Groups, and social/business networking, secret chats.
  • Dynamic links to URLs, with content partially shown in posts containing those links.
  • Posts are left as editable, for a period, or can be replaced (with current date) by new posts.
  • Your own posts can be permanently removed by you, for yourself only (e.g., to remove clutter in a thread), or for all others also.
  • Files that you download from links or upload to links (documents, images, audio files, audio-video files, compressed files) don't seem to have a limit on size (though I could be wrong) and are stored encrypted in your Cloud Account and regarded as your permanent property. That means only you can delete them, or they will be expunged if you don't use your account for a preset period of your choice (up to 12 months).
  • You can "clean" these files from your client device's Telegram cache (to recover storage space), but they will remain yours in the Telegram Cloud and can be downloaded again (useful for backup and for video junkies).
  • The use of programmable "bots" (similar to Yahoo! PIPE, IFTTT).
  • etc.

See also:
Extracted notes from the Telegram FAQ:
(Copied from: Telegram F.A.Q. - <>)
Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« Last post by fredemeister on Today at 12:51 AM »

I can use Excel to create the fields for the mail merge, then use the code above in Word to get the blocks of code in many other word docs. Then save as text, import into Notepad++ and use macros to copy each block to a "master-page", then copy that into the html page. A bit messy, but better than entering each book detail separately.

Thanks for the suggestion.  :)
Screenshot Captor / Re: Is there any plan to update to ScreenShot Captor ?
« Last post by IainB on October 19, 2019, 11:09 PM »
I'd appreciate a rules-based file-renamer within Screenshot Captor.
-lanux128 (2019-10-05, 01:09:56)
Would it be enough, or easier, to harness a command-line file renamer like BRC  (brother of the better-known Bulk Rename Utility (BRU)) or Rename Master?

Could I suggest, before getting lost in the weeds regarding what sort of file renamer might be the best approach, that some consideration be given to whether there is a real need for this file renaming functionality to be added-in to SC in the first place?

Presumably, the idea of changing the image file's name is "because we've always done that" or maybe there's a desire to have it show pertinent metadata that one might wish to be reflected in the image name, for easier searching, or something.
You don't actually need to change the file's original name to do that. You just need to add/associate the metadata to the image, somehow. One way to do that is, if the images are in .jpg, then add the metadata as (say) EXIF data, and you could then use a sophisticated image management tool (e.g., Picasa) to index, catalogue and search that data. (Works brilliantly). Filenames could largely become irrelevant.
However, if you're capturing images using SC (ScreenshotCaptor) and prefer having .png files, then life can become very easy - if you're also using CHS (ClipboardHelp & Spell). You can use it as an excellent image capture management tool, and save your captured image file(s) in a path such as (for example):
...\Clipboard Help+Spell\Database\Files\2019\10\17_603x276_DF0CFDD5.png - with all sorts of metadata associated:
e.g., including:
*  Size/resolution: | 603x276  (20.69kb)
*  Notes: Any notes, text, URL links, or (say)references to other files (limit 9,999 characters, I think).

Using CHS and its tagging and especially its Virtua Folders feature, you can then categorize sort, classify, search and order that meta-data (and the images it relates to) pretty much any which way you want.

...This is why I keep banging on about CHS (ClipboardHelp & Spell) as being an ideal image capture management tool, if users (and its author) only but realised it. The user can forget about worrying about image filenames or what directory the ruddy image is stored in or where it is.

It really does seem rather like a no-brainer, to me: If CHS is running, then every screenshot image that goes to Clipboard also is saved to the CHS image database folder [NB: together with any post-capture SC(ScreenshotCaptor} artefacts added at time of capture, if SC was being used to make the screenshot], from where the user can, at their leisure, view that image saved - just scroll through the images flagged in the CHS Grid display and view the image (with zooming) in the CHS Memo display. The user can at that point also trigger a separate image viewer (e.g., Irfanview) from the view button in the CHS Memo display, which will have previously been associated with images in the CHS settings. Any half-decent image viewer will also have a built-in image management tool and metadata editing tool. The latter would typically be an EXIF editor - e.g., Irfanview is very good in both regards.

If the user then wants to operate on (edit/change) that image, then they can invoke the third-party image editing tool (e.g., SC is very good) from the edit button in the CHS Memo display and which would have been associated with image editing in the CHS settings. (NB: This would require that SC or other image editor be installed first, of course.)

Done this way, the user:
  • can forget about the image file (if/when needed, it's path and name are given in the Text tab in the CHS Memo display), and
  • can forget about the viewer/editor applications (they are seamlessly integrated into CHS settings), and
  • concentrate on the task at hand - namely the functionality that is required (e.g., image view and/or edit) regarding any particular screen capture or clip or other image selected in CHS.

All the above boils down to making the whole process of image capture management more effective/efficient. It's a useful time-saving approach, simply because it automates the integration of image application functionality. The user typically doesn't generally capture an image because they want to capture it per se, but because they want to do something with the image - or its file -  once it has been captured.

When seeking to improve a frequently-used and manually intensive process, the rule of thumb is generally to automate wherever possible/feasible and cost-effective to do so.
(As usually described in most/any Work Study practitioner's handbook.)
Living Room / Re: DC on Discord :O
« Last post by Stephen66515 on October 19, 2019, 10:26 PM »
* Stephen66515 bumps this post again

Casual reminder that this exists
Regardless, the idea of automating the tax-gathering process using ubiquitous, non-proprietary and lowest-common-denominator technology (i.e., the Internet, in this case) and thus making it less complicated/easier and the cost of compliance less expensive for taxpayers is not a novel idea and should be a key objective for the State treasury - for example, as it is in New Zealand:
As I wrote under: Re: Privacy - Why can't the government do my taxes for me?
In 2008/9 I was contracted as a project manager to establish and commence a project that was going to transform the gathering of revenue/tax data by doing it online. This was for individuals and accounting agents of SMBs (Small to Medium-sized Businesses). It was to automate and dramatically improve the efficiency and speed of the processes involved, which, up until then, had been prone to massive manual processing holdups.

Fast forward 9 years. I was doing my personal online tax return the other day and was impressed with how easy it was,, as the Inland Revenue already knew an awful lot of the private details about my income. What potentially had been likely to take me hours by the old methods was now taking minutes. This was for my individual tax return. (I had read in the press that the SMB side of things was still having hiccups though.)

Then my train of thought reminded me of this silly humour post I made in 2014:
Scott Adams Blog: Message to My Government 03/06/2014
Mar 6, 2014

I never felt too violated by the news that my government can snoop on every digital communication and financial transaction I make. Maybe I should have been more bothered, but the snooping wasn't affecting my daily life, and it seemed like it might be useful for fighting terrorism, so I worried about other things instead.

This week, as I was pulling together all of my records to do taxes, I didn't get too upset that the process of taxpaying is unnecessarily frustrating and burdensome. As a citizen, I do what I need to do. I'm a team player.

I have also come to peace with the fact that my government now takes about half of my income. I figure most of it goes to good causes. I'm here to help.

I take pride in the fact that I don't let the little things get to me.

But the other day, as I was crawling my way through mountains of statements and receipts, trying to organize my records for my accountant, with several more days of this drudgery ahead, I had a disturbing thought. I must warn you in advance that this disturbing thought can only be expressed in all capital letters and it must include profanity. It goes like this.

Message to my government:


-IainB (2014-03-11, 05:57:32)
N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY 2020 Pledge - Android App - DiscussionList
« Last post by mouser on October 19, 2019, 09:20 PM »
No apology needed, the app is out there for people to use and test, I'm just craving some encouragement :)
@mouser: Not being au fait with US Inland Revenue processes, I had been unaware until reading your post just now that Intuit TurboTax was secure in what seems to have been an obfuscated monopoly/cartel of sorts. Funny how nobody had noticed over the last 20-odd years that Intuit seemed to have had some kind of monopoly, or something there, and thus nobody had done anything to remedy it, eh?
Under what circumstances do you suppose that could happen?   :tellme:

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