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  • December 12, 2017, 03:59 PM
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More games are available on GoG Connect.

DC Gamer Club / Re: Latest GOG Giveaway
« Last post by Deozaan on Today at 02:15 PM »
GOG is giving away Grim Fandango Remastered for the next few days as part of their Winter Sale which just started. They're also doing the $3 pinata mystery game thing again, only this time they're called stars instead of pinatas.

Living Room / Re: How can I blank out my laptop camera?
« Last post by cranioscopical on Today at 01:49 PM »
        Just put a piece of that lightly frosted scotch tape over the lens. It will still show as video, but appear badly out of focus ... Emulating an "equipment issue".  :D
        -Stoic Joker (Mon 11 December 2017, 16:06:40)

    then how will they appreciate those HUGE BREAST IMPLANTS?
    -Target (Today at 00:00:27)

I'm glad someone is keeping abreast of the main thrust of this discussion.
What? Who's keeping abreast? Is that even allowed? I tell you now, there'll be too few to go round.
General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« Last post by rgdot on Today at 01:38 PM »
This idea intrigues me:
"local WordPress install acting as a notes database, using Keep and Pimlical for online and sync.
-Steven Avery (Today at 09:16 AM)

Works very well for me. Has the necessary search function, date based notes (created and/or modified), image support, etc. Use P2 theme to take notes right on the front end, use css or plugins to change the views and make it grid calendar like, use plugins to set 'reminders' (aka a plugin that supports upcoming events).
Can take it online if I really need it, would need to have an obscure domain locked with password, easily doable. Eventhough no passwords and sensitive info are in it (KeePass for that) don't want to do that unless really see the need.
On the multi-row bookmarks on Firefox see:

How to get Multirow bookmarks back in Firefox 57 and newer

Any replacement for Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar? I like having a full row of icons with no text in my bookmark toolbar so I can fit 40 bookmarks instead of 12

However, Multi-row without Linkman and TabMixPlus for multi-row tabs would not help me much anyway.
Now using  Firefox 52.5 esr (or maybe 56, but it might have lost some) in order to keep extension functionality.
Also concurrently using PaleMoon.

More or less, they both work fine with my Linkman and TabMix Plus and RoomyBookmarks and Lazarus

Who else does anything like "RoomyBookmarks" ? Is that feature only on Firefox and Firefox compatible browsers like PaleMoon?
Yes, I know about and use OneTab but is not the same.



Roomy Bookmarks - a nice plus but not needed on all browsers as I can always go back to Firefox 

Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

TabMixPlus - multi-row in one window browsing - close to essential for major use

Lazarus - a nice plus, but not essential


What other browser can give the features of multi-row browsing? 

Or do you have a preferred second-best way?

I have at most 21 items as templates only, so I have never tested with more entries.
Try to organize your template into folders. That way -all together- I have more than 35 entries as templates.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« Last post by Steven Avery on Today at 09:16 AM »
So almost purely OneNote, Evernote, Simplenote and Keep now. And Simplenote is fading out as I use OneNote more.
My key two are multi-platform (iPad and Windows is my mainstay.

Evernote Free (2 concurrent puters-tabs) 

Wunderlist, (any number of concurrent puters-tabs)
(yes, Microsoft is ending Wunderlist, which it bought, but at that time I will export, everybody will offer ways, and the MS product might be good). 


Occasionally I do use Keep, and I am always looking for a "better than Keep" that I really like.

When it becomes a document, it goes to Atlantis or Google Docs. I hope to try Scrivener for projects. 

From the notes below Rightnote and OneNote might be a good alternative team, but that would be a clash with using Evernote, and OneNote always confused me with its various editions, methods, pricings and platforms.


This idea intrigues me:
"local WordPress install acting as a notes database, using Keep and Pimlical for online and sync."

As does this note:
"multi-platform options: RightNote, TreeDBNotes, Ultra Recall"

And Clibu - which I am checking right now.

Thanks! neat thread.

Update: The Android version is postponed until some time in 2018, I probably won't do it in Java.
2.  fSekrit: (@f0dder's own proprietary software using AES encryption)
LATEST VERSION: fSekrit 1.40 shrinkwrapped!
-IainB (2017-12-11, 11:46:13)

It is open source and available for review on GitHub for the last 22 months, (forum post).
Ahh. Thanks @4wd. Hadn't read that - or had forgotten if I had. When I went to the fSekrit website to check on the latest version status, I thought 2009 as the latest date in the changelog looked a bit dated/neglected, but I didn't like to say anything that might seem critical. I didn't  notice any pointers to GitHub.    :-[
I guess it is an open Sekrit now, anyway.
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