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  • April 23, 2018, 02:46 AM
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Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« Last post by 4wd on Today at 02:29 AM »
2018-04-23 17_21_19-Personal keylogger -

Something to do with felines and females.
Other Stuff / Macho Man
« Last post by whiteproduct on Today at 01:38 AM »
Oricare dintre noi care a ținut vreodată o dietă ce restricționează consumul alimentar știe că inamicul numărul 1 al acestor diete este, desigur, foamea. Senzația de foame și slăbiciune, împreună cu lipsa de organizare și nerespectarea unui program în mod regulat duc mai mereu la eșecul acestor diete și la temutul efect de yo-yo, deci reversul slăbitului, de fapt.
Recunoscând această problemă, specialiștii din întreaga lume au realizat că nu este de ajuns să creeze o dietă numai, ci și un adjuvant în menținerea acestei diete, un produs care să vină în ajutorul persoanelor care se luptă cu senzațiile descrise mai sus, de foame, slăbiciune, pofte după alimente interzise etc.
Fito Spray este rezultatul acestei cercetări. Efectul imediat este acela de blocaj al senzației de foame, urmat de stimularea organismului cu scopul de ardere a grăsimilor de de eliminare a excesului de apă din țesuturile moi. <a href=>http://whiteproduct....itas-a-villamos.html</a> 
Ein starker Anthelmintico. Lose von Patienten hatten die Fähigkeit, Regenwürmer zu entfernen, die zusätzlichen Widerstand nutzen. Die Medizin ist eigentlich seriöse Sicherheit von Blutsaugern und Eiern . Tannins einschließlich Fonds „Bactefort” mild sowie hilfreich loswerden den ganzen Müll, sowie verschiedene andere organische Zutaten, um die Arbeit von allen Organen zu gestalten.
Basierend auf den Ansichten von Einzelpersonen und Ärzten, das Medikament „Bactefort zusätzlich” macht die Einhaltung von Features. schnell, um Parasiten loszuwerden, und auch die Eier und Larven durch Regenwürmer gelegt. Reinigt die Organe der Darmeinheit, die Leber, die Degenerationsmethoden im physischen Körper; vermeidet Tumore im Körper. Adelheid di White
Other Stuff / White Product
« Last post by whiteproduct on Today at 01:38 AM »
– Helps eliminate excess fluid from the body.
– Breaks down fats.
Many people these days are no longer monitor their own figure. A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet leads to the fact that the body is very rapidly gaining excess fat mass. Initially, the problem seems to be small, but over time the extra weight can be so large that it has impact on health. First of all people having heavy weight, suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as pain in the knees and the joints. Men who are heavy, often complain of sexual dysfunction and impotence, and women have a high risk of becoming infertile or have other problems. 
A gyógyszer lehet beszerezni, akár a jelen idő, kizárólag az Internetről. Ezért a gyártó is van, csak megoldásokat kínál, milyen áron a terméket. A fő-illetve a szokásos ár 98 € / üveg. Egy különleges ajánlat a gyártó kínál a palack áron 49 euró. Ez az összeg a termék egy 10 ml-es szereplő minden palack. A megrendelés megy valami bonyolultabb, mint általában az online megrendelések. Míg az injekciós üveg tartalmát, szánt a kifejezés használata körülbelül két hete egy személy.
Hol lehet vásárolni Bactefort?
A gyógyszer megvásárolható kizárólag a gyártók. Ursel di White Product
General Software Discussion / Re: Personal keylogger
« Last post by 4wd on Today at 12:39 AM »
Getting back on track, away from the hilarity ...

However, it has one MAJOR flaw: it doesn't allow you to seach for typed/clipboarded text across any date! You have to choose a specific date and search!

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\FKL Viewer\logged_files\*.dat

Contain everything that's logged from the keyboard in plain text - use a program to search them, (hell, even Cortana can probably do it given the right info since Windows Search could).

Ask nicely in the Coding Snacks area and someone may even be willing to write a program that interprets all the [Down], [Up], [Enter], [Back], etc into the final user-readable text, (or not).
Living Room / Re: Wrist watch voice recorder
« Last post by wraith808 on April 22, 2018, 10:47 PM »
I don't see what problem this causes to you.

Think of it in terms of the others, not just yourself.  You have to do the due diligence, and this will help you to learn, and help others to want to help you.  As it is, you say "I want, I want, I want..." and never "I learned, and maybe someone else can benefit from this."  (And the added benefit of no wasted time/effort for those that try to help you.
^^ You're going down a slippery slope with that line of questioning, @Shades.
"If a law of physics is broken, does it make a sound?"

That question leads to much more important questions, such as: if you happen to break a law of physics, how much jail time do you face? What kind of jail you can expect to be put into? And is there in such a jail also an unwritten rule about dropping the soap?  :D
Living Room / Re: Wrist watch voice recorder
« Last post by 4wd on April 22, 2018, 09:00 PM »
And we certainly don't have to make fun of his responses.

Sometimes we need humour to get through the day ...

... I don't see what problem this causes to you.

It causes wasted time and/or effort, people try to help you but now you come back and say you give up when nothing suits you.

Why not tell the people you asked for help that you've given up so they don't waste their time/effort because, (as both wraith and tomos have mentioned), in the long run it will not be worth our effort to help at all.

So, not a problem for us but a problem for you.
Living Room / Re: grab urls
« Last post by 4wd on April 22, 2018, 08:52 PM »
I installed Jdowloader2 and this horrible I failed to read any of the installation requests and blindly clicked buttons so the software changed my Firefox search engine to horrible!



EDIT: While it might seem I'm making fun of you above it is only indirectly because the point I am making, (and has been made in other threads on this site regarding unwanted things happening during installation of some software), is I have installed JDownloader2 half a dozen times across various machines and not once has it ever changed the search engine in any browser I use, therefore you are doing something wrong.
Living Room / Re: Wrist watch voice recorder
« Last post by tomos on April 22, 2018, 01:25 PM »
He can make as many requests as he wants to.  We don't have to answer him.  And we certainly don't have to make fun of his responses.
First, I agree with Wraith above. (And I have been guilty of same in the past.)

Sometimes, I give up and forget and no longer pursue my requirements because I cannot find something satisfying, I don't see what problem this causes to you.
It is about a lot more than this -- that was just one point in about six or seven in my last post. I'm not saying all this to give you a hard time Kalos. I would like though if you could see the POV of the people who try and help you. I still think this is a good learning opportunity for you, and maybe for 'us' too.
At the end of the day, it's about communication, and respect.
The way I see it, you have been persistently asked to make more of an effort when asking for help -- and you dont do that.
Maybe Wraith's point that people simply stop trying so much to help you is the best idea. Stop helping = less stress + Kalos doesnt get a hard time :-/
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