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I'm not sure when this folder navigation feature changed, but I used to be able to navigate into subdirectories that were found by pressing the result number. Now when I press the result number, it launches the folder immediately. I liked it when it would put the directory path into the search bar and allow me to dig deeper into files and folders within that folder. Is it still possible to use FARR in this way?

Hi mouser. I got really excited about the new version you put out today, but the original link you sent me to the alpha versions no longer works for some reason. Have you changed the location of the beta file?

Thanks! I'm looking forward to testing out the latest version.

FarrFox works for me now, thanks mouser!

My bookmarks are at this location:
\\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\mozilla\firefox\PROFILENAME.default\bookmarks.html

I don't seem to have a "Profiles" folder

I'm also running on winxp

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