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1901 Software / Post New Requests Here / Re: Create a file list from multiple folders on: July 07, 2012, 06:10:12 AM
Far less sophisticated, but a quick and easy hack for a recursive text dump of a directory and files:

You'd need a separate batch file for each case and change the dir command in each:

@dir %1 /A-s-h-d /S /on /b > c:\dirListing.txt         ** For sorted by Name with no Folders or System/Hidden files
@dir %1 /A-s-h-d /S /od /tc /b > c:\dirListing.txt    ** For sorted by Creation Date with no Folders or System/Hidden
@dir %1 /A-s-h-d /S /od /tw /b > c:\dirListing.txt    ** For sorted by Last Written, (Modified), with no Folders or System/Hidden

Use /o-n or /o-d to reverse the sort order.
1902  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Used Software Can Be Sold, Says EU Court of Justice on: July 06, 2012, 09:12:56 PM
It doesn't work the same with digital downloads in the US because you can't transfer ownership of the exact original copy that you downloaded. Transfer of ownership of downloaded digital goods involves reproduction. You upload it to the buyer, and now there is the original file you downloaded, which you still have in your possession, and now the person you sold it to has a copy too, leaving you both in a position to be able to sell the file again and again and again, with the number of copies existing increasing with each sale. That's why First Sale doesn't apply.

I agree with you about the difference between physical and downloaded digital goods but I'll have to disagree about there having to be two copies in existence if you sell downloaded content - that seems to be from the perspective of corporations.  There's nothing stopping the original owner from moving the downloaded content to physical media and then selling that - only one copy exists.  As long as only one licensed copy of a particular download exists, I don't really see the difference between it and physical media, (which can usually be just as easily copied), except for a bit of polycarbonate and a loss of a sale to middlemen and corporations, (which is all they're really interested in).

But it all seems to be pretty irrelevant anyway as the corporations got their way in the end: No, you don't own it: Court upholds EULAs, threatens digital resale

Guess I should have searched a bit further  embarassed

Going hypothetical for a moment, if you buy the software in the USA, (physical/downloaded), and then sell it in the EU - is it illegal ?
What about the other way, buy in EU, sell in USA ?
1903  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: How to prove which Firefox add-on is trying to access ? on: July 06, 2012, 07:49:22 AM
Probably the most efficient way to narrow it down is just using a good old fashioned binary chop search on your add-ons.  eg. For my 25 add-ons it would have taken a maximum of 5 Firefox restarts to find the offensive add-on.

Worst cases:
Disable 13
Disable 6
Disable 3
Disable 1 - at this point you've found it, or
Disable 1 - it's this one or the one still enabled.

Disable 13
Enable 7 + Disable other 12
Disable 3
Disable 2
Disable 1 - this one or the one still enabled.

EDIT: Carol beat me smiley
1904  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Used Software Can Be Sold, Says EU Court of Justice on: July 06, 2012, 07:30:56 AM
Gonna ruin a [semi-]perfect alcoholic buzz with significant amounts of dark coffee  Sad.

Which would be improved by the addition of KahlĂșa and keep the buzz going a little longer smiley

Or just drink the KahlĂșa and get your caffeine that way cheesy
1905  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use? on: July 06, 2012, 07:16:21 AM
Does it function well?  Getting accurate location information seems far from easy.

Yes, when you enter an area you want to create a trigger for, you tell it how long you are going to be in that area and it will use that time to "learn" what mobile antenna towers are nearby, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours - the longer it has, the more accurate.

eg. For me, at home it lists 9 towers.


And here's some events:


It's not only restricted to things that happen due to you moving through areas, you can also trigger on:
Active Application
Airplane Mode
Alarm Time
App Notification Bar icon
Audio Becoming Noisy
Battery Level
Bluetooth Device Connected/Disconnected/Not Connected
Calendar Event
and many, many more....
1906  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use? on: July 06, 2012, 06:47:40 AM
Been using Llama and I have to say it's an excellent piece of software.

It uses mobile phone antenna towers to determine what actions to take when you enter or leave an area.

At the moment I have some areas set, (home, library, some friends places), so that when I enter them the WiFi gets turned on, when I leave it gets turned off.
At home between 2300-0700 it switches to silent, (no noise, no vibration), when I leave the area during 2300-0700 it switches to normal, (ringer + vibration).  Other places between 2300-0700 it will switch to quiet, (no noise).

The developers blog is at kebabapps where you can pick up the latest betas, (including NFC and Roaming detection).
1907  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Show us the View Outside Your Window on: July 06, 2012, 05:37:40 AM
Tonights sunset photos, a before and after shot:

[attachthumb=1]  [attachthumb=2]

And a couple of artistic type shots, first is from our brief foray into snowy weather and the second was when my friend turned up with a washed car:

[attachthumb=3]  [attachthumb=4]
1908  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Configuring Directory Opus for Fun and Profit on: July 06, 2012, 05:19:24 AM
DOH!  I forgot this thread existed  embarassed

Can one of the mods move my post to here?
1909  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / DOpus function to emulate maketree/ZeroZipper on: July 06, 2012, 02:54:14 AM
Didn't quite know where to put this, (didn't want to tack it onto skwires thread), since it's kind of application specific, (ie. you need Directory Opus 10), but changing the internal DOpus arguments and replacing the second line with an external archiver will turn it into a batch command file.

Rather simple, took me a couple of minutes to write...but an hour to work out why it wasn't working.  It's only been tested on dual pane listers, it gets imported as a custom User Command and then you can add it as a Context Menu item, (ZeroArc), for folders.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I was playing around with RoboCopy, noted the /CREATE switch and the rest is history as they say.

Formatted for XML with the GeSHI Syntax Highlighter [copy or print]
  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <usercommand backcol="none" hide_from_menu="no" textcol="none">
  3. <label>ZeroArc</label>
  4. <tip>Produce a file tree archive</tip>
  5. <user_label>ZeroArc</user_label>
  6. <icon1>#default:newzipfile</icon1>
  7. <function type="normal">
  8. <instruction>@runmode hide</instruction>
  9. <instruction>@nofilenamequoting</instruction>
  10. <instruction>@sync:robocopy &quot;{filepath|noterm}&quot; &quot;{destpath$}{file}&quot; /CREATE /E /np /nfl /ndl /njh /njs</instruction>
  11. <instruction>COPY MOVE ARCHIVE=.7z,KEEPFOLDER &quot;{destpath$}{file}&quot; AS &quot;{file}&quot;</instruction>
  12. </function>
  13. </usercommand>

Creates the zero length files/folder structure in the destination lister and then moves it into a 7-Zip archive - on my machine it did 27272 files/223 folders in about 20 seconds, (to RAM or HDD).

Change the .7z to .zip if you want a ZIP archive.

Anyway, hope it's useful for someone.

UPDATED: Forgot to take spaces in names into account.
1910  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Used Software Can Be Sold, Says EU Court of Justice on: July 05, 2012, 05:14:39 AM
But when you buy software, you never actually own it under US law. You have only bought for yourself a right to use it. The copyright owner still owns the software, so you can't sell it. First Sale doctrine doesn't apply because a first sale was never made.

I thought I remembered something about a court case involving the sale of secondhand software in the USA: Court smacks Autodesk, affirms right to sell used software

Highlighting by me:
A federal district judge in Washington State handed down an important decision this week on shrink-wrap license agreements and the First Sale Doctrine. The case concerned an eBay merchant named Timothy Vernor who has repeatedly locked horns with Autodesk over the sale of used copies of its software. Autodesk argued that it only licenses copies of its software, rather than selling them, and that therefore any resale of the software constitutes copyright infringement.

But Judge Richard A. Jones rejected that argument, holding that Vernor is entitled to sell used copies of Autodesk's software regardless of any licensing agreement that might have bound the software's previous owners. Jones relied on the First Sale Doctrine, which ensures the right to re-sell used copies of copyrighted works. It is the principle that makes libraries and used book stores possible. The First Sale Doctrine was first articulated by the Supreme Court in 1908 and has since been codified into statute.


But as Vernor's lawyers pointed out, the distinction between a lease and a sale is based on the actual characteristics of the transaction, not merely on how the transaction is described by the parties. And characterizing AutoCAD as merely licensed, rather than sold, barely passes the straight face test. AutoCAD customers pay a lump sum at the time of purchase, with no obligation to make further payments or to return the software at the conclusion of the supposed lease.


As the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Corynne McSherry put it in a Thursday blog post, "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck." Autodesk clearly sells its software, and merely re-labeling the transaction as a license doesn't negate the First Sale Doctrine.
1911 Software / Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Folder Properties Auto-Update.... on: July 05, 2012, 03:37:41 AM
Update up there.

UPDATE v0.2:
  • Fix: Window title wasn't updated if executable name was changed.
  • Added: Statusbar shows the latest created file, (updated at the same time as window title).
1912  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Capture the address window or file path to the clipboard with hotkey on: July 03, 2012, 09:21:28 AM
I did not write any of this, (except _ExClip function and set a hotkey), it was written by Ascend4ant and Melba23 over on the AutoIt forum.

Thank them if you want to thank someone.

The hotkey is set for Shift+Alt+C, edit the code to change it to what you like.

  • If nothing is selected, the Explorer path is clipped.
  • If something is selected, its full path is clipped.
  • If multiple somethings are selected, only the first one is returned.

Formatted for AutoIt with the GeSHI Syntax Highlighter [copy or print]
  1. ;
  2. #include <Array.au3>
  4. HotKeySet('+!c', '_ExClip') ; Shift+Alt+C
  6. Local $oErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ComErrFunc")
  8. Sleep(100)
  11. Func _ExClip()
  12. $hExplr = WinActive("[REGEXPCLASS:(Explore|Cabinet)WClass]")
  13. If $hExplr <> '' Then
  14. $aSelection = _ExplorerWinGetSelectedItems($hExplr)
  15. If $aSelection[0] = 0 Then
  16. If StringLeft($aSelection[1], 2) <> '::' Then ClipPut($aSelection[1])
  17. ClipPut($aSelection[2])
  21. ; ==========================================================================================================================
  23. ; Func _ObjectSHFolderViewFromWin($hWnd)
  24. ;
  25. ; Returns an 'ShellFolderView' Object for the given Window handle
  26. ;
  27. ; Author: Ascend4nt, based on code by KaFu, klaus.s
  28. ; ==========================================================================================================================
  30. Func _ObjectSHFolderViewFromWin($hWnd)
  31.    If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then Return SetError(1,0,0)
  32.    Local $oShell,$oShellWindows,$oIEObject,$oSHFolderView
  34.    ; Shell Object
  35.    $oShell=ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
  36.    If Not IsObj($oShell) Then Return SetError(2,0,0)
  38. ;   Get a 'ShellWindows Collection' object
  39.    $oShellWindows = $oShell.Windows()
  40.    If Not IsObj($oShellWindows) Then Return SetError(3,0,0)
  42. ;   Iterate through the collection - each of type 'InternetExplorer' Object
  44.    For $oIEObject In $oShellWindows
  45.        If $oIEObject.HWND = $hWnd Then
  46.            ; InternetExplorer->Document = ShellFolderView object
  47.            $oSHFolderView=$oIEObject.Document
  48.            If IsObj($oSHFolderView) Then Return $oSHFolderView
  49.            Return SetError(4,0,0)
  50.        EndIf
  51.    Next
  53.    Return SetError(-1,0,0)
  55. ; ==========================================================================================================================
  56. ; Func _ExplorerWinGetSelectedItems($hWnd)
  57. ;
  58. ;
  59. ; Author: klaus.s, KaFu, Ascend4nt (consolidation & cleanup, Path name simplification)
  60. ; ==========================================================================================================================
  62. Func _ExplorerWinGetSelectedItems($hWnd)
  63.    If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then Return SetError(1,0,'')
  64.    Local $oSHFolderView
  65.    Local $iSelectedItems,$iCounter=2,$aSelectedItems[2] = [0, ""]
  67.    $oSHFolderView=_ObjectSHFolderViewFromWin($hWnd)
  69. ;   SelectedItems = FolderItems Collection object->Count
  70.    $iSelectedItems = $oSHFolderView.SelectedItems.Count
  72.    Dim $aSelectedItems[$iSelectedItems+2]  ; 2 extra -> 1 for count [0], 1 for Folder Path [1]
  74.    $aSelectedItems[0]=$iSelectedItems
  75. ;   ShellFolderView->Folder->Self as 'FolderItem'->Path
  76.    $aSelectedItems[1]=$oSHFolderView.Folder.Self.Path
  78. ;   ShellFolderView->SelectedItems = FolderItems Collection object
  79.    $oSelectedFolderItems = $oSHFolderView.SelectedItems
  81. #cs
  82.     ; For ALL items in an Explorer Window (not just the selected ones):
  83.     $oSelectedFolderItems = $oSHFolderView.Folder.Items
  84.     ReDim $aSelectedItems[$oSelectedFolderItems.Count+2]
  85. #ce
  87.    For $oFolderItem In $oSelectedFolderItems
  88.        $aSelectedItems[$iCounter] = $oFolderItem.Path
  89.        $iCounter += 1
  90.    Next
  92.    Return SetExtended($iCounter-2,$aSelectedItems)
  93. EndFunc   ;==>_ExplorerWinGetSelectedItems
  95. Func _ComErrFunc($oError)
  96.    ConsoleWrite("COM Error occurred:"  & @CRLF & _
  97.        "Number: " & @TAB & $oError.number & @CRLF & _
  98.        "Windescription:" & @TAB & $oError.windescription & @CRLF & _
  99.        "Description is: " & @TAB & $oError.description & @CRLF & _
  100.        "Source is: " & @TAB & $oError.source & @CRLF & _
  101.        "Helpfile is: " & @TAB & $oError.helpfile & @CRLF & _
  102.        "Helpcontext is: " & @TAB & $oError.helpcontext & @CRLF & _
  103.        "Lastdllerror is: " & @TAB & $oError.lastdllerror & @CRLF & _
  104.        "Scriptline is: " & @TAB & $oError.scriptline & @CRLF & _
  105.        "Retcode is: " & @TAB & $oError.retcode & @CRLF & @CRLF)
  106. EndFunc   ;==>_ComErrFunc
1913  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: [SOLD OUT] KLM Custom luggage tags **FREE** - (Non-USA only) on: July 02, 2012, 08:09:55 AM
Thanks justice, topic changed.

I should warn anyone who ordered, they can take a few weeks to appear.
1914 Software / Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Are any of the files missing??? on: July 02, 2012, 07:48:25 AM
So, the use of the word "suppress" is correct, and the concept is logical, but it's the logic of a coffeed-up supergeek in a 3 AM coding session.

Update up there.
1915  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: NAS Recommendations? on: July 01, 2012, 10:08:17 PM
People have found that NFS performs better, (less overhead than SAMBA from what I understand - someone else could probably explain better), MS didn't put an NFS client in W7 HP/Pro but I believe it's available for Enterprise/Ultimate.

There is a free NFS client: nekodrive

You said you were getting 5.5MB/s from an external drive - what type, (USB, eSATA, NAS, etc) ?

If it was USB or eSATA then that figure seems ridiculously low, which would seem to point to FreeNAS, (or it's drivers), being the culprit.

You might want to consider Ubuntu Server if you can migrate the RAIDZ1 - from other posts I've read, it's a marked improvement, (network-wise), over FreeNAS.
1916 Software / Post New Requests Here / Re: Wish list program on: July 01, 2012, 04:48:25 AM
He was last active on here on April, 23rd 2012 - give him time.
1917 Software / Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Are any of the files missing??? on: June 30, 2012, 07:50:11 AM
I'm back!

  • It got faster smiley

It's gone from this
  • 14003 comparisons
  • 291 seconds
  • 12% CPU

to this:
  • 54548 comparisons
  • 281 seconds
  • 1% CPU

It even found the eight files there was only one of  cheesy

I think I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.

It's up there.
1918 Software / Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Are any of the files missing??? on: June 30, 2012, 02:44:25 AM
Update up there:
  • Full filename and path are listed in sorted output.
  • Time taken display.
  • Added Exclusion filter.

I just realised I can possibly increase the comparison speed considerably.

"I'll be back."
1919 Software / Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: App to Stop "All" Network Traffic Until My VPN Connects on: June 29, 2012, 07:14:08 PM
If you were willing to pay for it, Windows7FirewallControl, (works on XP->8 ), allows you to create 'Security Zones'.

So you could just create a zone that encompasses sources IPs that match your VPN IP allocation, then you just select Allow VPN zone only for any programs accessing the network.


Haven't used Comodo in a long time but it may have something similar - a lot easier than having to specify MAC addresses.
1920  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / [SOLD OUT] KLM Custom luggage tags **FREE** - (Non-USA only) on: June 28, 2012, 08:05:20 PM
OK, KLM are giving away free luggage tags again, you can choose from one of their pictures or upload your own.  You get a total of 6: one for you, 5 for friends/family.

I got these when they were doing it a couple of years ago and had pictures I took of Machu Pichu put on them - now they're too good to use cheesy

Currently ~27000 left as of this message.

Too many people in the USA grabbed them so they are sold out there, (greedy blighters smiley ).

Ooopsss!  6 less now....
1921 Software / Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: App to Stop "All" Network Traffic Until My VPN Connects on: June 28, 2012, 06:39:33 PM
This is what a firewall was made for:

1) Block everything outgoing unless the source IP is a VPN IP, (eg. or 10.5.4.*)
2) Except for the VPN software and one browser, ie. source IP = *.*.*.*
1922  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Google Tablet on: June 28, 2012, 08:44:57 AM
Colour E-Ink is already available and apparently Amazon is going to be using it.
1923  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Google Tablet on: June 28, 2012, 07:50:02 AM
(I'd still be prefer dual e-ink screens - lighter, no fans, potentially larger screen, longer battery life, etc. Just seems like an obvious thing to try, to me).

Tried and Failed

There's been a couple more, eg. Astri MyID in 2010, ASUS also announced one back in 2009.

Just looks like there's no demand for it after the iPad hit the shelves in early 2010 - people were dazzled by the coloured blinken lights.

Amazon has a patent on a dual screen ereader.

So that, no doubt, stops anyone from doing anything.
1924  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Best Vodka IMHO on: June 28, 2012, 05:11:10 AM
Polish Pure Spirit (160 Proof) - guaranteed for a night you'll never remember  Thmbsup

Use the Rectified Spirit if you want to get there faster  Grin
1925  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Google Tablet on: June 28, 2012, 04:54:27 AM
.... a double screen so it's like a proper book. (Someone has got to make such a device eventually - until then, I don't think we are anywhere near having a proper electronic book.)

Toshiba Libretto W105


They were a limited edition, update it with current 1280x800 IPS displays and a Tegra3 - I think that might fly.

I'm actually surprised you don't have one  Grin
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