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General Software Discussion / Continuing with XP
« on: February 06, 2014, 06:00 AM »
Hi all,
as the day of end-of-support for XP draws near, I am searching for a solution for my wife who staunchly refuses to leave her well-tuned XP behind. (For her, even the thought of going to W7 raises major fears of having to face the learning curve)

Soooo...Linux and some Virtual Machine within which to run XP appears to be the solution (after considerable amounts of reading).

Problems: 1) an "old" (but trusted, cherished etcetc) netbook maxing out at 2GB RAM (and HDD 100GB), and 2) strict refusal to "have anything to do with Linux", ie her unwavering conviction (after several attempts at trying various distros, all aborted at the console) that if the OS is Linux then it must take the absolute minimum of interaction/mouse clicks to "get into" the VM and thus XP (and, needless to say, no "hassle" whatsoever with Linux being set up and running on the netbook).

I'd be very grateful to hear reports/advice/help re which Linux distro is the most appropriate in this situation, ie the leanest (both RAM and disk space requirements) and the "most invisible" (as per (2)  above).

Thanks for any and all pointers!


DcUpdater / Update frequency
« on: April 18, 2012, 01:49 AM »
as a faithful (and very happy!) user of DcUpdater since its very beginning, I am wondering how to prevent the program to run *every day*,in its latest version 1.30.1
Didn't use to be that way.
Is there some ini file entry that could be made so that we can adjust how often (every day/week/month etc) the program starts?
Thanks for the program and for your help,

Clipboard Help+Spell / Clipboard_Viewer_Ignore/Security
« on: January 03, 2009, 12:51 AM »
hi all,
just wondering:
is this security feature
implemented in CHS now?
and how does one go about making it work so that Favourite Clips for instance are "safe"?

hi all,
i'm looking for ideas and advice re the following practical problem:

i'm working on an old-generation (PIII/800MHz/384Ram/30G HDD/XPHome) machine, finely tuned (never had to reinstall O/S over 5 years) to my personal needs, but reaching its (and my) limits.
i'm being given a new machine (CentrinoDuo/1800MHz/2G Ram/250G HDD)..._but_:
a) it has XPPro installed, and
b) it's the _german_  version.

1) i can function with a german O/S, but would _much_ prefer an english version.
2) i have no experience with XPPro and therefore no idea whether an upgrade from XPHome is even worth the while.
3) i want to "move" my stuff to the new machine as quickly and "painlessly" as possible.

here is what i've to date considered:
re 1) don't want to incur extra expenses (ie no buying of an english version); a UIM (foreign language) "wrap" wouldn't work anyway (only works if the base version is english);
re 2) ?
re 3) is cloning even possible when going from one machine to another, and if so: how best?; maybe run the old O/S in a VM?; maybe install a double boot situation? or "simply" (assuming that there's a recovery partition with the original O/S) do a new install of my XPHome or a slipstreamed install?
4) and how, in whatever scenario one chooses in the end, best to set up the partitions (in view of the fact that it'll be a _long_  time before i get to the limits of this size HDD)? [this is obviously the last and in a certain sense the easiest issue]

much appreciate any and all insights!!

Skrommel's Software / DragKing 1.3
« on: June 29, 2008, 01:18 AM »
Hi all,
I am at a loss re DragKing 1.3. Cannot run the exe (error message re "cannot appropriate permission") nor does the ahk want to compile ("ahkstructlib cannot be opened"). This has never happened before with any of Skrommel's wonderful progs. Any help would be appreciated.

DcUpdater / Extra Update Files
« on: August 18, 2007, 08:55 AM »
hi mouser and all,
well, i must once again be struck by typical blindness...i dragged/dropped the folder paths (example: C:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell\  or  C:\Program Files\ComponentSoftware\CSDiff5\) onto the options window for "extra update files"...and nothing. this, although CHS is running and CSDiff5 was started, respectively; although i closed down DcUpdater in between; the added programs never appear, neither on the "installed packages" nor the "available for installation" tabs.

so, please bear with me: what am i doing wrong?

thanks for any help and suggestion for getting this wonderful program to work.


ProcessTamer / MS Word2000?
« on: February 20, 2007, 04:01 AM »
hi all,
has anybody out there had success "taming" MS Word2000?
would much appreciate to hear which settings work.

thank you for help and advice,

Skrommel's Software / LabelControl
« on: September 17, 2006, 05:41 PM »
hi all,
i discovered LabelControl in the post/review on mouseless browsing.

I am just starting to explore and understand and wonder whether there's any place where instructions for modifying/extending the settings can be found. any practical instructions?

thanks for any help,

Clipboard Help+Spell / SpellWindows Object
« on: February 17, 2006, 02:39 PM »
(first: i apologize to make this the topic of a separate thread, after already having asked this question in another thread...where it has unfortunately disappeared in the "fog" of several other issues which i tried to raise all at the same mistake)

I have specified a hotkey for SpellObject Windows. i then experimented in 4 principal applications which i use for text input:
Metapad (txt)
ETabula (rtf)
Foxmail Compose (email client)
Opera (browser)

..and it works flawlessly in Notepad (Metapad), a bit so-so in a rtf editor (ETabula), and not at all in "compose" windows of Foxmail (email client) nor in Opera (input windows).

in the first case, _without any selecting of text_, i get (upon hitting the hotkey) correct highlighting of misspelled words and correctly functioning spellchecker.

in the second case (ETablua), i get three "access violation errors" (i assume that is the correct english translation for "zugriffsverletzung")...which i can "click through"...and then end up with a correct misspelled-words highlighting and a functioning spellchecker. this happens both with, and without, selecting of text.

in the third and fourth case, _without selecting of text_, i get an error message
"the selection has been checked. would you like to check the remainder of the document?".
answering yes or no makes no highlighting of misspelled words, no spellchecking, no clippping to CHS happens.
if i _select/highlight_  text (in a Compose(Foxmail) or in Opera) and attempt to go directly to spellcheck via the SpellWindows Object hotkey, same result as above, ie nothing.
if i _select/highlight-  text and use the CHS hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+V), the CHS main window will come to the foreground, misspelled words will be underlined red, spellchecking functions properly, and pasting back works OK.
(however, is it possible to change fontsize in the CHS text window? and is it possible to not _underline_ red but to highlight, the same way as in Notepad?)

is there anything i can/should do to "enable" direct spellchecking (in the second case without access violations, in the third without having to go via CHS editing window)???
is this a dll problem?
how do i find out whether/which files may be missing in my OS?

thanks for any help!

Clipboard Help+Spell / First discoveries/Customizations
« on: February 11, 2006, 07:45 PM »
hi mouser+all,

now that i've gotten over my first difficulties (see post re foreign language dictionaries) - thanks again!!!- here are a few more "first observations" and related questions:

(a) i'd _strongly_ suggest for the future updated help file that it be made _very clear_  that all option settings/customizations must be followed by a shutdown from the systray...any and all fumbling mistakes ending up in other forms of closedown always lead to having to entirely redo all settings!

(b) i've dutifully read the majority of all the posts in this forum section and i'm aware that CHS has many appealing functions...out of which only a few are (at least at this point in time) of primary interest for my purposes, namely: the spellcheck (especially simple multi-lingual without switching of dictionaries) and the quickpaste function on the basis of sql virtual folder definition.
my immediate questions in this context are (and my apologies, but i couldn't find any clear help on these things):

1) what steps _can_  one take to foster (if at all) the integration between CHS and given Windows programs, in my case: Foxmail??? (ie the hotkey trigger does not "call" the spellchecker...)
2) how does one correct/replace/eliminate/renew custom spellcheck dictionaries (eg "chris.adu")?
3) if i create a new folder (in addition to "Old" and "New") of _persistant_ "Personal" clips (which i intend to use as text macros, for instance), how do i have to reformulate the quickpaste virtual folder sql definition of the database filter so that the contents of this "Personal" folder will be permanently in the quickpaste set?

(c) would it be possible to have other, experienced CHS users "describe" their tricks-of-the-trade, customizations, scripts etc??
(i am sure that those who know about sql and regex have all kinds of nifty discoveries...and for the less technically experienced this would be of considerable value!!!!)

thanks for all and any help and advice,

Find And Run Robot / Examples
« on: October 05, 2005, 07:56 PM »
Hi all,
as a new user of this outstanding tool, i'm just barely discovering its potential and am wondering: for the less technically inclined among us, would the experts maybe be kind enough to report on some of their "nifty" uses of FFR??? i'm sure that it would be a great help to shorten the learning curve for many (certainly for me).
thanks for all,

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