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I'm not a software geek :D so my system tray icon's set looks like:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology
NVidia Settings
Nokia PC Suite

PS TaskLayout is my own project.


You can configure TaskLayout to open/close required folders with hotkeys.

Welcome to the site, cshnik :up:
Thank you! Nice to meet you all :)

I will include an option(will name it like "sequential app startup") in one of the next releases of TL.

Great! Looking forward to trying it.
I have just released a new version of TaskLayout. Please check my new thread.

I would like to introduce you my new liteware utility TaskLayout which should help many people in their every-day work :)
The point is: user choose a set of different opened windows(shell windows, applications) and assign a hotkey to this layout. That's all!
Now he can revert the changes on desktop(actually, restore saved layout over the others) in a single click or hotkey and get these windows back to their original positions.
By the way, it does not matter if these windows were already closed or moved or redirected. TaskLayout will start required apps and open shell windows to restore them as it should be.

Of course, there can be problems with restoring of windows which appeared as a result of user action inside applications, but today TaskLayout does not handle these cases :-[

I have nothing more to say, you'd better to try it yourself :)

Here are some screenshots:
Main menu tasklayout-screenshot1.png
Layout editor tasklayout-screenshot2.png
Settings, tab 1 tasklayout-screenshot3.png
Settings, tab 2 tasklayout-screenshot4.png

You can download actual version of TaskLayout(v0.6.0.0) here(3.13 MB).

Feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

With Best Regards,

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