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Welcome to the boards!  You can announce your products/get your own threads in the Announce Your Software/Service/Product section, which will give you more lift than posting deep in a thread like this.  And it will establish you as the developer for future reference
Thank you for the welcome! Your advice will help me a lot, thanks! :)

What is your relationship to TaskLayout?  It's usual on this forum to state if you have a relationship to the software you're discussing.
I'm the developer of this tool.

Does TaskLayout work with multiple (in my case 3) monitors?
I think I have checked TL on multi-monitor workstation, but not sure. Technically, I don't see any troubles on this but anyway you need to try it yourself :)

Does it open the apps all at the same time or in some sort of a delayed sequence?
I have a lot of resource-hungry apps that manually take me 5 to 10 min to open at the start of the day, and if I would try to open them all at the same time or very quickly one after the other, it would freeze and probably crash my PC. Would TL work in this scenario?

Otherwise this app would be very useful to me, but only if I could somehow ensure that a new app doesn't launch until the previous one has properly launched.
Currently, all applications are opening at the same time.
Your question is very good. I will include an option(will name it like "sequential app startup") in one of the next releases of TL.

I wonder if WinSize2 might do the same.  Although it may take more work to set up your desktop.
The main point of TaskLayout(TL) is to save a set of running apps(and/or opened shell windows) with corresponding positions on the screen to file on disk. When TL restores desktop layout from this file it searches for specified windows/apps running on the desktop. If required application is not found TL will start it using the same command line as it was originally specified. The next step is to restore windows positions on the screen respecting their original size, state and Z-order.
Special handling for shell windows was implemented in TL to allow user to restore properly navigated windows (e.g. folder path C:\, special folders "Control Panel", "Administrative tools").
By the way, restoring of the layout will pick up opened shell windows and reuse them as a part of this layout.

Now you can see that window resizing is only the part of TL's functionality. :)

I believe this topic is still alive...
Try to use TaskLayout - a portable Windows utility which allows saving/restoring of the desktop layout(a set of specified apps/windows with corresponding position on screen) in a single click (Youtube).

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