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Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture only part of a scrolling window
« on: July 08, 2014, 12:12 PM »

OK...I have watched the video link that you posted regarding manual scrolling.

It was nicely done.

But I still have some issues.

First, let me recap what I had to do since my key-clicks differed from what was stated in the video.
Again, I am using an HP laptop, which involves having the use the function (fn) and Alt keys.

Open SC (via the Start menu, or double-click its shortcut icon)
Its icon appears in the system tray, with a blue screen background.

Press   fn+Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr   to obtain the red area-capture rectangle.
The SC's system tray icon, with a red screen background

If necessary, move your mouse pointer so that it is in the window area to be captured,
otherwise the red rectangle will select a different (possibly larger) rectangular area.

Press fn+Ctrl+Click

Select Item 3: Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object.

Select Item 2: Let me Manually Scroll the Window

Click top bullet (if needed): Target Window with Vertical Content

Click Next

Minimize or move dialog box outside the window to be captured.

Press fn+Alt+PrtScr to capture the first screen

Press the Page Down button on your keyboard to scroll down an entire page.

Press fn+Alt+PrtScr to capture the next screen

Repeat the Capture/Scroll process until you capture all of the screens that you want.

Click Done in the Dialog box that you had Minimized/Moved.

Press Start Here: Guess Margins
Press Then: Guess Overlaps Given Margins

Press 100% then Preview now to view the capture in the small window pane area.

Press    OK, Save built image button.

A dialog box appears with options to Discard, Save, Print, ... the image.
If you save the file, change the file extension to say jpg is desired.
It defaults to file type, png.

If I select to print the image, the entire captured image does not get print.
In my case, only Page 2 of 3, printed.

I saved the image to a jpg file, then opened it to print it.
The program only prints Page 1 normal size, or the entire capture as "fit-to-page",
so that it is small, thus hard-to-read.

If I copy & paste the jpg file into a Word document, it only keep one first page,
based on the margins set for the Word document.

Similarly, if I save it as a pdf file , Adobe Reader can print the entire image in "fit-to-page",
not the normal/captured size.  If you select to print "Actual Size", it only prints the first page of the entire
screen capture in actual size.

So, I am unable to print the entire screen capture, unless it is at a reduced sized (fit-to-page).

And, by capturing an integer number of successive full-screen snapshots, I am capturing more information than what I may want.  Example:   I may only want to capture the area of 2.25 screens, but in order to do so, I must capture 3 full screens; thus, I have extra information that I may not want.

What I would like to be able to do, is drag the bottom edge of the red rectangle so the page scrolls upward until I reach the length-down-the-page where I want the capture-area to end.

Thus, only the selected area of the scrolling screen would be captured, not an integer number of screens to be sewn together.

Does SC allow for this type of capturing ?

If not, how do I remove the "excess area" (over capture) of the screen capture that I do not want ?

Any other ideas ???

Thank you


Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture only part of a scrolling window
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:18 AM »
OK...the red box is missing (for now)...I can see that (  well, actually,  I can't see it  ;-)  )

How can I gauge what area I am going to be capturing ?

Say that the total screen width is X, and the the total length of the web page (down the screen) is Y.

Say, I want to capture an area, x by y ;   where   x = 30%(X)  and    y = 70%(Y)

How can I visually determine what is going to be captured and how many scrolls that I will need to do ?

(Am I correct that I have to Manually scroll each page to capture: that the red box can't be stretched down multiple screens to  make  single capture ? )

If you look at my series of steps (posted earlier this morning) what do I need to do ?

Right now, I am not sure if my current steps are correct, let alone, what needs to be added to them.

Thank you


Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture only part of a scrolling window
« on: July 07, 2014, 07:41 AM »

Thank you for the feedback, but I am still having problems.

Here's what I am doing.

  • Open Window that I want  capture
  • Press:   fn+Ctrl+Shift+PrtSrc
  • Click the gear drop-down menu and make selection...say 50%
  • Resize box to what I want for the 1st window
  • Press Ctrl-Click within the window

*** My red box disappears ***

A box pops-up with 4 selections in it.

  • Select option 3:  Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object.

New window pops up: Object and Scrolling Capture Tool.

  • Select Button 2: Let me Manually Scroll the Window

Window pops-up : What kind of Scrolling is Required ?

  • I select the first bullet (Vertical scrolling).
  • Click Next

A window pops-up with the screen capture Instructions in it.

How can I select what to capture when the red box has disappeared ?

Thank you


Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture only part of a scrolling window
« on: July 06, 2014, 01:56 PM »
Thanks to all for your replies, but I am still unable to grab a portion of a scrolling screen.

I had SC check for updates, and I am currently using Ver. 4.8.5  (It did need an update).

In the prior instructions,

  • Click in your window
  • Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr
  • Window will be framed with red line
  • Ctrl+Click in window
  • Click on Option 2 (Manual Scroll) in the dialogue that opens
  • Follow instructions,
  • Scroll as much or as little as you want
  • Follow instructions (Guess margins; Guess overlap) best look at it @ 100% to see it's okay

In order to get the red capture rectangle (frame), I have to press (HP laptop):


or select Grab Windows Object or Scrolling Window (Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr) from the Capture drop-down menu.

When the list of 4 options appears, I still get

1 - Save the Selected Object/Region Image
2 - Save the Selected Object/Region Image and Choose Another
3 - Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object
4 - Capture Multiple Images, One for each Child Control

> indeed option 3 is what you should choose, and then you should get a dialog that lets you select to do a manual scroll.

I do not get the dialog box for a manual scroll in this list of options.

If I click on Option 3 (above), the I get a new window with two buttons near the top.

Button 2 is Let Me Manually Scroll the Window.

I am presented with  dialog box titled, Manual Scrolling Capture Instructions.  (see 2 attachments)

Maybe we are now on the same page (?).

When I click Button 2 and follow the instructions , I do not get a red rectangle whose width and length
that I can change by "pulling on its corner", so that reshapes up/down and left/right to capture the screen area that I want
to capture. 

An instruction dialog box It tells me to Manual Scroll and take successive screen snapshots which it will stitch together.
This didn't work well...the stitching had lines of texts missing (cut-off horizontally, the letters weren't capture to full height).
And the picture was  captured to fit on a single page, so that it would small (unreadable) when printed.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but...shouldn't I be getting a red rectangle whose length and width I can control by dragging it edges or corner to select the area of the scrolling window that I want to capture ?

And what do I need to set so that the captured image is not scrunched to fit the size on a single piece of paper ?

Thank you


Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture only part of a scrolling window
« on: July 03, 2014, 09:32 AM »
Hi Tom:

Thank you for your feedback.
I have tried it but am unable to make things work...what I see on-screen doesn't match your instructions.

Here are my details:

I open Screenshot Captor (SC): a new/empty window appears.

You say

1) "Click in your window"

Which window (SC or the one that I want to capture ?)

2) Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr

If I do this in the SC window, nothing happens.

If I do this in the window that I want to capture, nothing happens.

In SC, if I go under the Capture menu I can choose Grab Windows Object or Scrolling Window (Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr)  which matches your 2nd bullet.
It takes me to the window I want to grab (assuming it is open in another Chrome tab) and the complete window is outlined in red...
with a box near the top stating the "ojbect size (length x width), and says Ctrl_Click to capture ... or ... press right Ctrl or use menu at left".

This brings up a screen saying, "Ok, you've selected an object.  Now what ?"

There are 4 choices.

1 - Save the Selected Object/Region Imgae
2 - Save the Selected Object/Region Image and Choose Another
3 - Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object
4 - Capture Multiple Images, One for each Child Control

I do not see your Option 2 (Manual Scroll)
If I click Option 2 (above), a screen snapshot is taken of only the current window.

Now I click in the window that I want to capture part of.
I am not presented with a way to capture part of a scrolling window, and the Guess margins; Guess overlap options
are presented if I select Option 3, but that option scrolls through the entire window, and it saves it as a picture that is
shrunk vertically to fit on one page when printed.
I don't see a way to capture just part of it,

What am I missing ?

Thank you


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