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It would be nice if it was possible to force the location of the Quick Capture Bar(QCB) anywhere on the main screen (the center would be perfect) at will.
This would be great, when passing from a multiple screens configuration back to a single screen one, where the QCB location was memorized on a secondary screen the last time we closed ScreenShotCaptor.
Actually in that case, the QCB is no more visible as it is displayed "outside" of the main screen and the only way to bring it back on the main screen is to connect a secondary screen, move the QCB on the main screen and close ScreenShotCaptor.


I would be nice being able to set up custom hotkeys using a combination of special key and Mouse Button.
For example, CTRL + LMB = Capture Selected Region, CTRL+RMB = Repeat Region Capture, etc.
This would greatly enhance productivity.


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