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I got it!

I didn't have the Quick Capture Bar, but I went into the Preferences -> Post-capture options and selected "File itself" under "Copy to clipboard".

Oh.  I thought you said, "This is probably in the Preferences dialogue as well - but I do know there's a mountain of stuff in there :-)"  -- you did rescue me, I think, so that I can get the screenshots into the clipboard more easily; but my goal is for them to land there completely automatically.

Or did I misunderstand?

Thanks for trying to rescue me.  I think that new menu-dashboard-thingie popped up when I wasn't expecting it and I just batted it away like a pesky fly, so thanks for telling me how to get it back.

I hope someone can tell me how to fix the settings or else where to find the last version that put the current screenshot in the clipboard automatically so I can roll back.  Also I'd like to know how to hold onto my settings when downgrading.

I watched enough of the second screencast to feel overconfidently ready to give it a try.  A bunch of things went wrong and I'm not sure if any of the screencasts address my problems.  Also it's rather overwhelming to have a big list of screencasts.  (If they were text and screenshots I'd have an easier time skimming through them to find my problem.)  So, I apologize for not watching them all.

First problem -- I am using a trial version of some fantastic software called Draftable for MS Word to compare two files.  The results are so much nicer than what the built-in compare feature in Word gives me.  (I'm working with Word 2010.)  It's a bit like the compare plugin for Notepad++, in case you're familiar with that.

Draftable gives me two side by side windows and I can choose to lock them together for scrolling down, or to manually control the scrolling.  Screenshot Captor didn't want to select both windows.  I don't know if this would happen with Notepad++ Compare or Word Compare.

Second problem -- I started by selecting the left-hand file (window) but my capture didn't scroll -- it just gave me a little strip at the top.

Third problem -- I went back to my old technique, defining the region myself with the cross hairs and the dragging, but the capture didn't automatically get put into the clipboard as it used to do before I updated the software.  This is the problem that I really need to solve -- I can live without the scrolling feature.

I looked in the preference screens but couldn't find a solution.


Thank you.  Where would I find that?

I'm using version 3.18.0.  Do I need to update?  I'm generally conservative about updating, because I don't like spending time finding my way around a rearranged grocery store (so to speak).

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