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26  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: XP to Windows 7 advice on: March 03, 2014, 07:35:55 AM

Is the concern here the (April?) withdrawal of XP support by Microsoft?  Is that really a problem for a well-layered security system, if you are not some sort of sensitive business enterprise that has to follow auditing directives?

When my Windows 7 had 2 Gb it was slow, it really needed 4. XP does fine on 2 (with a slight preference for the 4 max, not all usable). It seems like a lot of effort to get a new OS and expand the hardware just to maintain the same level of speed.  Would it make more sense to try to get a newer or refurbed Windows 7 (still available?) or 8.  A friend just got a Gateway 8 with 6 GB at some Walmart special in the $200s.  How much is the Windows 7, the memory upgrade (I say its probably necessary) and the time and effort to convert a 6-year old box. Maybe the older box can be converted to a good Linux box instead?

Just some thoughts, since I face a similar situation, my older XP box is a Dell Precision, which is slowly just now decreasing so that the Windows 7 PowerSpec can increase.  The XP box is even tight on space with about 100Gb disk.

27  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: unattended large file copies that will not prompt for msg on: March 03, 2014, 07:03:40 AM

Great answers, guys (more suggestions welcome). I have a license for Total Commander, and
they have a great license  policy, so I will start there.

Sometimes TC seems a lot slower heads-down on copying that the alternatives, although again,
there may be some special or alternative modes. Any thoughts on that aspect as well?

From what I could tell, some copy programs work more directly with the OS copy command, others
go around it with their own tweaking?

Incidentally the long file names comes out of some .jpgs and such that are email attachments, which
in Eudora are a separate disk file.


I had some backup externals that were not able to be read by Windows 7, they were from the XP
days. One goal is to empty the data off any such disk (copy to a really big backup external) and
attempt to format in Windows 7, using the format command from a partition program. (These externals
are seen by the OS but not assigned a drive letter, and the manufacturers want them to be orphaned.)
So far, so good, the first one took fine.  In such a case you can easily want to move 100 Gb in the
background or when away.
one worked.

28  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / unattended large file copies that will not prompt for msg on: March 03, 2014, 05:24:14 AM

When you try to use the file managers, Total Commander, Free Commander, Xplorer2, Xyplorer to do large moves or copies (say from one tape backup to another) it is very hard to get a true "unattended" mode.  You keep hitting hidden files, +or write-protected, or overly long file names, or UAC stuff, and although some items get a "skip all" you never can quite get unattended. And each program glitches out different and has totally different speeds.

In this mode, you just want:

 "move as much as you can, I'll worry about the leftover later"

Maybe some of the file copy/synchronizer tools have this right?  Your recommendations?

29  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: CMS lite with fine RTF editor on: February 16, 2014, 09:34:33 AM

Thanks for the two suggestions. 

Right now, I am going back to Concrete5 (I had never really tried to work with it.) It seems to be a good mid-range CMS that is designed for what they call "in-context editing".  The administration looks good, like CMS Made Simple (which was in some ways a tad more elegant) and it has a good support base.  I was able to look through many free themes that look fine and there are a gazoodle of others for $25-$40.

Will report back. Right now I am uploading a group of files, creating pages and sub-pages, stuff like that.  Plus I read a lot of comments from the "common man" that is friendly to the program. (Not to slight Silverstripe, Processwire, Modx, CushyCMS and 100 or 1000 others, besides the big boys.)

I think the desire for real easy editing is not emphasized enough in the reviews here and there.  Where the RTF editor functions cordially right as you design the pages in a full-feature mode. (As I mentioned, CMS Made Simple put the RTF in style sheets.)  And the question as to whether a light webpage implementation  needs to fall into code. (eg. The CushyCMS demo surprised me by showing some code-tag changes, and that is a Lite product.)

If all goes well I have some decent looking pages designed shortly and get it uploaded to my server account at Knownhost (which I have never used).  I do have good domain names available for what I am doing.

30  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / CMS lite with fine RTF editor on: February 14, 2014, 08:56:31 AM


Been awhile.  Always appreciate this forum.
Have a question.

Now I know we have some fine CMS and lite website builders here on the forum.  

A while back I tried playing with the blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger, they are nice
for my type of quick posting, however I don't like having to work around the sideways blogging
architecture, to mimic the top-down structure of a website.  (Maybe this is not as awkward
as I think? With a special admin panel, eg. on WordPress? On Blogger, extras are minimal.)

One of my major goals is simple.  Pages with fine RTF for basic color, size of fonts, italics.
And easy insertion of pics, usually simple screen pics of a manuscript or from a book (all
copyright fine).  The best is cut-and-paste, also very good is an upload facility that integrates
nicely, I don't mind the extra steps of creating a disk folder and save to file from a screen pic.

Also I want a good webpage administration architecture, built in. This item is underneath this, and then
when you  move that, maybe some tabs and links automatically recognize the new architecture.  In a blogging
platform that is probably doable with modules, however unless there is some special implemenation,
I prefer a more elegant CMS-website building architecture.

Now, I looked at CMS Made Simple. The adminstration architecture looks very fine, exactly what I like.
However RTF is not directly implementable on the page through the editor, RTF works through style sheets,
which seems like it would  be overly structured for my purposes, which are more ad hoc.  This Bible verse
is purple, this quote is brown, this is highlighted and in italics. etc.  I want that type of formatting
through normal editing (like when I work here, or on Eudora) not front-ended. (Unless I am missing something.)

Oh, an extra plus is if you can RTF cut-and-paste from an existing document (e.g. my Eudora email, or a web
forum) and keep the formatting intact.  However, the extra steps of reformatting in an editor are not too bad, if



So anybody have a suggestion?
Likely a CMS (reasonable cost ok) that:

a) is easy to use and rarely if ever has to fall down to code on simple pages.

b) has a fine administration center, where pages are edited, moved around, structure is built, pages are disabled, etc.

c) has a good regular editor, with color, sizes, maybe fonts, a step or three beyond the underlining etc.
that is in the rudimentary editors (e.g. MicroTiny that is bundled with the CMS Made Simple install).

Any help appreciated.


Here is my discussion on CMS Made Simple forum. (What puzzled me was that one of the CMS
videos I thought showed a nice full-featured editor. And I thought maybe loading the TinyMCE
module would accomplish my goals. The answers I got seemed to indicate not.)

editor functionality, RTF - text colors, size, fonts

I thought I put the following post in, as a follow-up.
Possibly, my error. Possibly not.




Eudora has simply a normal easy-to-work editor, with good RTF functionality.  

Plus it has a special nicety, that you can paste pictures directly in from the clipboard (they don't have to be uploaded attachments.) So I think when I was playing with Wordpress I used that feature combined with emailing to the blog. However, I do not particularly like trying to mold a blog architecture to mimic a website. Seems unelegant.

With CMSMS I gather if I use style-sheets for RTF it would be hard to go in and out of different color and size on a web-page, in a free-form, not previously sectioned, manner.  Without tweaking in HTML after the fact. That sort of free-form writing (e.g. Bible verses in one color, quotes from books in another, my text in another, some words might be in italics) is an ongoing part of my writing and what I am trying to accomplish on my web-pages.


Note: I test on my XAMPP installation.  I don't mind testing a couple of CMS or similar platforms.  Right now WordPress, CMS Made Simple and some others are "installed".  (Also Concrete5, getsimpleCMS, ProcessWire, WolfCMS and MediaWiki, the last for a different purpose)

My goal is to to decide the best without too much extra testing of a tool, especially not one that might not have the basic features or on the flip-side one that requires too much initial coding expertise.

Steven Avery
Bayside, NY
31  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: FREE Today Zemana AntiLogger on: August 12, 2013, 11:38:34 PM

While I have tended to like Zemana when it is installed (see above) I have an aversion to low-level hooks of any kind, or at least any more than is "necessary".  And I am not convinced that Zemana is necessary to a fairly stable and well-protected system.

32  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ on: April 03, 2013, 10:58:58 PM

I understand this is fine, well-supported program.  However, if we do not do fancy sync stuff, but more backup in the mode of Cobian and Backup4All, can you mention what you like about the program that might help me justify jumping at the special and making it my main backup program, with whatever sync comes down the sink ? Thanks.

33  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 26, 2013, 10:11:06 AM

Ok, got the O&O.  A bit slower (1/2 hour in my case others were about 10-25), but since I am posting while it backs up, really no problem. That speed thing is really an issue on a professional situation with many images, or large images which I do not do.

It is possible that the O&O is better than some of the others on restoring to another PC.  If I get a chance later shortly, I may give that a try.

Incidentally, Freewaregenius

and Gizmo  
 (a few articles around the issue)

both have very fine articles about this imaging thing, and the freeware programs.  Mostly similar to the above, not going into the issue of pseudo-freeware specials. One also mentioned "Redo Backup" which is open source SourceForge, however it does not seem to do individual partitions, it may be very fine for full disk bare metal backups.

btw, the DriveImageXL boot disk is probably no probably at all with UBCD and the plugin, which may be in the standard edition anyway, since that can be a straight download and iso burn.

34  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Chameleon Startup Manager 50% off on: March 26, 2013, 02:15:35 AM

Here is a thought for Evgeni.

When we save Chameleon we are really backing up two different aspects that can be at dissonance.

1) settings
2) data - programs loading, configs

e.g If you do an OS or early image reinstall, you may end up with very different programs and want (1) but not (2).  In other cases, you might want both.  

Thus, the save should be split up into the components.  As it is now it is hard to save the settings without also getting the program data that you often might not want.

(This is off the top of my head, so if I am wrong on this, correct away.)

35  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 25, 2013, 11:15:04 AM

Ok, I got the Paragon freebie above.  Definitely a bit more sophisticated, in a nice way.  Makes you think a bit about the boot record, MBR. Apparently the others don't tell you exactly what they are doing with the MBR when you reinstall a partition. This is especially an issue if you do any repartitioning after the early backup.

And I did a bit more checking on DriveimageXL. Apparently if you want to restore the primary OS partition, you need to burn a CD with a DriveImageXL plugin.  Some mention BartPE but that is a bear, however UBCD is likelier easier.  

However, this is another spot where Paragon, Easeus and Macrium (and maybe Aomei, the new kid on the block) have a notch over DIXL.  You have another hoop to jump over, rather than simply burning a CD from the program itself, all one integrated unit.

Another area is that some of these programs also allow for file-by-file backup out of the image.  I don't particularly need that, I consider them two different functions, however, it does allow a little extra redundancy.

36  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Linkman 8.80 released on: March 25, 2013, 11:08:04 AM

Your right.

Somehow I did not think I saw it before, I definitely see it now in my !
A couple of days ago I did a reinstall (after an image reinstall) perhaps I had an earlier version.

Thanks, well done once again.  (Sometimes the little foxes jump through the vines.)

37  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Linkman 8.80 released on: March 25, 2013, 09:46:25 AM

Linkman remains my #1 program as a research assistant and also as a PIM and an everything finder.

Look forward to trying out the new stuff.

There is one little enhancement needed that I do not see above.  When a search gives 0 hits, we need a "0 entries found in x.x seconds" in the status bar.  smiley

Beyond that I have to try the user-defined fields a bit. However, if the print feature was a bit stronger, I would be more motivated.  (hint, hint).

Funny to see Powermarks import improved.  It was pretty good even a gazillion years ago.

38  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Debenu PDF Tools Pro Free on: March 25, 2013, 09:13:02 AM

Thanks, Rowan.
I'm not sure if I will work with the Explorer method, but either way I thank you for the neat offer.

Added 3-28: downloaded and ready to try.  Thanks again. I noticed that you have a solid looking forum as well, always a good sign.

The PDF software world is complex. On printing to PDF I use Bullzip, it is possible that I may be doing a lot more PDF stuff in the near future and your toolkit looks good.

39  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Debenu PDF Tools Pro Free on: March 24, 2013, 07:42:19 PM

Does it have a direct method of working from Debenu without Windows Explorer and right-click ?

40  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 24, 2013, 11:43:16 AM

Right. Lots of giveaways, also of Paragon on Giveaway (with the limitation that you lose it with the OS reinstall).   So I may have a serial number parked in my email or serial# lands for a good image backup from Easeus or Paragon or Aomei (if they do image), I will check.

Now that I as more comfy with the image restore, I may look into restoring on other hardware. I know I can make sure it is meant to be an XP puter and the same size partition is fine.  However I would have to use a pro version for that feature, if it is an investment of $25-50 (or free on a special or if I have one parked or a 30-day trial) I would like to try.  Granted, as a Dell going to a non-Dell, I am skeptical if this c:\ partition restore stuff will work too well to another puter, however I would not mind trying (I have a light spare here).  Will the drivers be happy?  Maybe, they are generally not Dell specific.

Also, I played around quite a bit on the Rescue CDs, just to get a better fix.  UBCD4Windows is liked by many, but the fix for doing it with Dell did not work, and I see that it can be a bear (often taking many iterations and minimal real support now).  Hiren's Boot Disk may have the best file managers (7Z is there) an important feature imo since you want a final backup before you start fresh with an old image or OS restore.  Although Hiren is not particularly known to be ultra-scrupulous on copyright issues.

The file manager on the rescue disks is the sleeper issue, imo.  They really vary tremendously, and half the time you are using a rescue disk you should end up restoring a image anyway instead of trying to resuscitate  a corrupted system.  So you really want something friendly, dual-pane if possible.

Easeus Home looks pretty good for the simple image backup.  As I mentioned I like to have about three early ones parked on a good external disk or two.

So far I do not bother with the internal image on a separate partition idea, although it is a healthy idea, I could set up a special partition the same size as my c:/.

41  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 23, 2013, 07:55:03 PM

Some notes:

Macrium does have a verify option, but it does not automatically show and ask, so I ran it on the newer (more helpful, fuller early install closer to my base system) image I just did. Good to know, and they should make it more forthright.

DriveImageXL seems weak in that area, yet another way that Macrium seems a notch above DIXL (they also save quicker but that is not too important for my limited use).

Easeus talks of building a WindowsPE boot disk in the pro version, and don't mention a boot disk in the free.  Do any of these programs actually begin a restore of the c: from Windows? .. that would be tricky because they would have to "shell out".  If not, then how does Easeus do the restore in the free version?  I am ready to ask in their forum, before an install.  (If I remember, DIXL works with a boot disk, but memory is a bit vague.).

Since I had more than one Macrium image, the verify before restore option was still quite helpful, but clearly the important time to verify is right after the save (and then again before the restore, you would feel bad to see a restore fail).

I see lots of people trying to save infected and kludged Windows systems, when they should backup their files, cut bait, and restore an early image.  However, to do that .. you need an early image, otherwise you hit the bricks of an OS install, which can be quite frustrating (even if edumacational).  You are always pleased when you then have the light system and begin to think through what you really use and want.

42  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 23, 2013, 07:50:48 AM

Thanks.  I will add Easeus free as #3.  It is so simple to make the backups, and my early c:/ backups are only 5-10 gigabytes, so the redundancy is recommended. One, or even two, could glitch out for various reasons.  I figure I saved at least 5 hours, maybe 10 and more and hassles, by not having to reinstall the XP OS (and I do have the original Dell CDs, if you have a CD problem it is even more helpful.).

It is true that a good shop will do the OS install for under $100, they have some good techie tools or machinery, but that is still $, time and hassle and you end up with a very barebones system and you have to spend more time getting to your personal base system.

btw, I still prefer my XP system over Windows 7 by quite a bit.  I was thinking if I needed a new puter to look for a fully decked out XP system (4 gigabytes memory, etc).  I still find Windows 7 comparatively annoying in various ways, including some lags in mouse and key use that I have to troubleshoot some day.

With Easeus they have a EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition. Other sites say they also have EaseUS Todo Backup Free, however on their web site this seems to show as EaseUS Todo Backup Home as a Trial.

The plethora of products with Easeus (and Paragon) actually works against using them on a simple need like my early image backup.  One reason I like Macrium and DriveImageXL, very clear what you have.

For file-to-file backup, like my D:/ and special saves to USB sticks, I generally use Cobian or Backup4All.  I know Easeus is competent for that as well, but I like the dedicated tools.

43  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / image backups after OS reinstall with clean system on: March 22, 2013, 07:04:58 PM

Last one or two times I did an OS reinstall is was a real bear.  Many hours getting the OS install and drivers and software and basics right.

So I made sure to use the freebies of image backup, especially Macrium and DriveImageXL (any other favs?) to make multiple images in the days right after the install, stuck them on some Iomega and burned the recovery CDs.  This can be fully free.  I liked Macrium a little better especially since the result tended to be one easy to work with file of about 5 to 10 gigabytes for my early images.  

When I went to restore, one image was busted (Macrium has a test-verify mode before) so the fact that I had made multiples was very helpful.

For this the more data you put on the d:\ the better.  I'm not sure whether you can get Xampp type servers there though, so you be sure to back up the stuff you need, probably you also back up the full d:\ to be safe, even if you have to do some final backup with a recovery CD because your Windows was uncooperative.

(The file managers in the Recovery CD's vary, Dolphin on Kaspersky is ok, some have Midnight Commander, you do want one that thinks a bit in Windows rather than raw Linux only, once I had FreeCommander but I don't know where.  I avoid the more complex recovery CDs like BartPE and UBCD4Windows).

You do have to keep in mind that if you reduce the c:\ size after the backup you won't be able to get the free larger image scrunched down (the paid version might work by eliminating blank space).  So it is a good idea to partition down the c:\ to where you think you are comfy (in my case 30 gigabytes) before imaging.

Understand that ... I do not like image backup for full, funky systems. ... the systems are too tardy and cumbersome anyway.  If they give you trouble, you want a clean reinstall, and the good clean reinstall is the image thing, making sure you have serial numbers, etc.

Anyway, I just did one of these. Could not sign on. Probably winlogon.exe was glitched, I tried various safe and debug modes, various tricks for fix, checked registry entries in the Rescue CD, and nothing was really working.  I even tried a Windows XP pseudo-install where it fixes the OS, but that locked up at one point where it was looking for a file and the mouse and keyboard would not move. Weird.

So I made sure backup was good (I had done the d:\ right before the final glitch, it turns out to be nicely redundant) and reinstalled the c:\ from the image using the Macrium recovery CD.

And I must say, Macrium worked super-fine.  Within about an hour the reinstall was done, email was loading down, browsers were updated, my main programs had been already loaded, I had updated and added a couple more programs that I now consider basic, and I decide to write this little note.

And after an hour or two of update I plan to do a more refined image backup or two for the down-the-pike "next time".  A few definite programs loaded, really not much, I am quite happy with the light system that I have.

It is real comforting to have the system back up, all the drivers totally fine (I think I may have an optional screen adjustment to check, changing the resolution, that's all) and all the main programs, including PrivacyFirewall and my AV up and running immediately with the restore. And all my data up-to-date on the d:/ email, Linkman, Rightnote, etc.

So here is the buzz.   Early OS and programs (after you have all the basic up and running) images can be ultra-friendly.  They don't have to cost a penny. They don't take a lot of time.  And they can make it very easy when Windows clogs.

However, use some redundancy.  More than one program.  More than one image for each program.  Then when Windows gives you a hassle, don't worry too much about cutting bait and going back to an early state.

In my case my image has about 25 apps installed.   Probably I had about 100 and more at the time of the kludge.   And I probably will reinstall about 25 in the next few days.  However, it is always nice to think "do I really need that .. now?".  And just put on what you really, really use.

44  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Linkman save methodology on: March 21, 2013, 02:47:16 PM

I really have not had the problem mentioned above for a few months.
Why I had it before is a puzzle, but one that for now can sit in the dustbin of history.  

45  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PhraseExpander text expander for Windows, free today only and Pro at 40% off on: February 24, 2013, 11:25:37 PM

Ok, thanks and apologies.  I did not realize in my posting before that there were two producst Phrase Exp...
PhraseExpander did hit GAOTD back in 2012, but I skipped over it at the time, partly because of the name confusion.

Good to know, thanks for the correction.  

Now to see if Phrase Expander is a good software!  I see that you say this is a new name for Direct Access. I can see that it is a more descriptive name (Direct Access could be almost anything) ... but one that can lead to product competitor confusion as well.

While the current name of Phrase Expander is a good name in terms of being descriptive, it would have been nice not to choose a name similar to a major competitor.

If I had recognized it as not PhraseExpress, I would have downloaded the freebie from GAOTD.  Next time I will try. Generally I am not a big fan of phrase expansion (I type pretty quickly) but would not mind a try.

46  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PhraseExpander text expander for Windows, free today only and Pro at 40% off on: February 24, 2013, 11:14:19 PM

The most recent discussion was in December, 2012.  You can see that I was going by what was written by some concerned users as well as Bartels.  And it is quite obvious that we were not talking about a "bug".  If Bartels had features that they did not know, that would be puzzling. If they added features in the last two months, it likely was because of this confrontation.


Phrase Express

1st Questioner: Just single question to a developer: Do you offer a free service or option to export my created snippets to plain text or other not proprietary format? Simply answer yes-no. This is the major thing to consider buying this software. I read Roy Planalp post and it makes me a little bit scarry.

2nd Questioner:...to ask the same basic question... in the application itself I do not see an export option.
How do I export the phrases that have been entered? If there is not currently an option to export phrases, when will this be added to the application? This is critical! Sorry, but this is important enough that there's no way I'll buy unless an export option is currently available or will soon be available. My data belongs to me and I have to be able to access it. Thanks!

Bartels Media You can export phrases as RTF-/HTML-/Microsoft Word-formatted text or unformatted plain text by simply inserting it into the desired target application. You can insert phrases by hotkey, by autotext, from the task tray icon popup menu or from a floating menu that can conveniently reside on your desktop. You can also export any phrase folder by simply dragging the folder from the tree view onto the desktop. Such exported files can be easily re-imported into another PhraseExpress installation.
It doesn’t make sense to export phrases in another format as PhraseExpress stores a lot of information along with each phrase that no other target application would be able to understand, e.g. proprietary hotkey/autotext trigger information, variables that contain restriction to certain target programs or users and additional parameters.

OK, this is one-by-one approach that is time consuming. Once again : Can I export ALL my created snippets from the database to plain text or other not proprietary format in a single batch or simple keystroke or whatever one calls it and not one-by-one?

1st Questioner: You did not answer my question. Please could you reply? If I should spend my money I need to have strong data to make decision. My second question is: Is the note on deleting bad posts from forum and poor support true as mentioned in Roy Planalp post true? I made some investigation on google with the name of your company and I do not know what I should think.

Steven Avery: Hi, This situation of not having a straight simple export of the basic data (to something like a .cvs or .txt file) should just about always be a deal-breaker, as it was for Roboform. Thanks to the posters who raised the question. At times, this is a symptom of other problems as well, but even by itself it makes a no-go.

Bartels Media @Steven:... Your idea of "straight simple export" may be based on a misconception, that PhraseExpress would be limited to replacing a text string A with a longer phrase B. PhraseExpress, however, does so much more: An Autotext or hotkey can trigger a text expansion *optionally*; PhraseExpress allows to assign multiple Autotext for the same phrase; it offers to adapt the letter case of the output phrase depending on the letter case of the Autotext. Hotkeys and Autotexts can be restricted to certain programs or users; phrases are organized in a customizable folder hierarchy which can’t be reflected in a simple plain text format; same goes for the proprietary macro automation language that are embedded in the plain text snippets. Then, there is the unique text prediction feature which uses data which is impossible to export in a meaningful format as it is stored in a complex multi-level matrix of word connections. ... If we would offer the “simple” approach as you suggested, you personally may be fine with that. But you are not alone: If we would offer such feature, thousands of other users may use it as well and may start complaining (for very good reasons) that all the text formatting would be lost in the exported file. Others may complain that the program/user restrictions settings are not exported or that the folder hierarchy would be lost. We kindly ask for your understanding, that adding such “quick & dirty” feature would create enormous support problems and it is against our quality standards anyway. Last but not least, it is very important to understand, that PhraseExpress IS a proprietary application as it provides a unique feature set.

Steven Avery Hi,
Bartels, I fully understand that two programs will not have exactly the same data .. one export, the other import. That is common in computer programs, one man's export is somewhat different than another's import.
Nonetheless, you, as a vendor with proprietary data, are supposed to supply the basics, which is simply :
a) the short phrase
b) the long expansion
You can definitely explain that this is a basic export. Perhaps you would add a bit more (e.g. an RTF option). You are NOT expected to export your special coding, like conditional processing. (e.g. Do this phrase if you are in Eudora email, or if the User is Max).
Afaik, there are no industry standards that you could use there, even if you wanted (as, e.g. with a .cal file for calender export and import, which is why calendars must have have such a function. A calendar is not expected to export all its functions but it is expected to do what it can unto the industry standard).
So nobody expects you to do what is essentially impossible, or nonsensical (a new specialized complex export, with a file-layout explanation, blah-blah). You are not asked to pioneer a new industry standard. If some one wants that type of specialized export, they can contract you out for that.
The simple fact is, you do not supply the basics.
So, as I said: I'm out. (continues)


More discussion here:

Proprietary Data Formats


This earlier discussion, April, 2011, I was not involved, however I did take note of some of the methods of Bartels when I read the thread.

Complaint about Bartels Media \ the PhraseExpress people

Steven Avery
47  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PhraseExpander text expander for Windows, free today only and Pro at 40% off on: February 23, 2013, 11:31:12 PM

If I remember correctly, from the Bits discussions, Phrase Expander makes it virtually impossible for you to export your data, except one at a time by hand.  (I'm not talking about sophisticated aspects, but simply the short text and long).  Not even by printing to a file.

So a few of us did not even bother considering the software.  The answers from the company sounded bogus, this was done on purpose, even though they import from here and there.

Companies that play such games should be ignored, as much as possible, imho. You might put together a phrase book of 500 phrases and then you have to upgrade for the new edition (for new features or browsers or whatever), not like the upgrade cost, and all your previous work is locked-in.

Technically the software sounds good, although they self-promote in a cheezy manner. And if a person really finds it to their liking, they might want to go with it, or stick with it, but newbies especially should be aware of the lock-in attempt.

48  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Bitdefender Internet Security sale on: February 05, 2013, 12:14:18 AM

Based on my experiences with them, I would not buy BitDefender unless they have acknowledged that they will not force an opt-out -- to prevent a large bill when the initial inexpensive or free one expires. The auto-renew.

Even if you remember to opt-out (do it the day you receive the license) what about the 100 others who get taken. The concept is wrong.


49  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: new FastPaste 3: 60% off on: January 18, 2013, 02:36:23 AM

After trying it, I just bought Fastpaste, Standard version, on todays Bits, $12.

As my snippet repository. email addies, urls, scripture quotes, other common quotes, maybe later pics and other stuff. It just seems crisp for that, with a very nice little editor to make sure that you have the RTF you want, which for me is fundamental.

As a very solid one-trick pony, I like it. The scripting right now is only keyboard, and I am trying to use it fully as a mouse thing anyway, so I passed on Professional, that included scripting and encyrption for $6 more.  For repetitive forms, if I had that need, LastPass is very good.

I would look at FastPaste as an RTF Repository program. I actually had a problem when I tried to use it as a pic .jpeg thing, so I should check that.

50  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Earlier versions of Serif software at bargain prices until 4 Jan. 2013 on: January 05, 2013, 05:35:01 AM

Here is a good explanation of the potential deal-breaker in their WYSIWIG Web Developer product.

"When reading about the features and functions Serif advertises the ability add code for log-in and counters (etc) – they call this “Smart Objects”, code that results in data needing to be retained. I asked the same person in customer service, that assured me the product did not require any interface to Serif to develop and use, if the product had these capabilities which I was assured that it did.

If you use a “Smart Object” you have to go on-line with Serif to register it – that is register the html page you develop! Why, because they keep the data on their server!! You cannot keep you own data on your own selected host! You cannot control your own data, you cannot maintain your own data – the data you collect is at Serif! You need to go to Serif for YOUR data! They also say if your usage is too high you need to purchase additional storage from them! You CANNOT develop code or host your internet site without being attached to Serif if you use a “Smart Object”. Let me repeat; No counters, No commerce, No “anything” that results in data being stored without a “marriage” to Serif! No using all of the awesome capabilities advertised about the product without being MARRIED to Serif.

Here is their SmartObjects description, making it clear that various CMS type stuff, yet also more basics like a user list, require a Serif connection

Thus they are deceiving here:
Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers ... Add Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as other social media sharing buttons... When you’re ready, preview your fully-functioning site in any browser to make sure you are happy, then upload your site to any host, or use Serif’s easy web hosting.


The Serif marketeer danced around this on Bits Du Jour, and left the final question simply unanswered.

Theoretically, for some who ..
a) would like a low-cost WYSIWIG
b) doesn't have a low-cost WYSIWIG (e.g I have used Site-Spinner and have a license for some version).
c) doesn't mind the extra dead-end (WYSIWIGs generally have a code tweak dead-end ,this is a second dead-end) looking mostly for static websites just to supply info.

This could be a decent money-saver, $15 over the  $50-75 of these WYSIWIGs normally.

Or, conceivably, you might not mind the Serif server aspect, having checked out how it works, finances, happiness of users etc.


However, we now have 3 ethical issues.

1) this deceptive advertising about the WebPlus standalone capabilities
2) reports of using registration of free products to cajole, by delay, upgrades 
3) Uniblue scam product sold on site

Not the worst we have seen, but a problem.  Especially #1.
Maybe we need to invite Serif to comment in dialog.


For PagePlus, NothingButSoftware is $4 more, and that includes shipping a box with CD or DVD. Plus maybe they have special.  So no rush on that one.

DrawPlus is what remains.  Looks like a good deal that is hard to replicate. Thoughts ?  Alternatives ?  

Is there any special integration other than similar palletes, look and feel ? Probably not, since DrawPlus is creating standard output.  However a similar look-and-feel might be a plus in having those two programs.

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