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Find And Run Robot / Re: slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR
« on: April 11, 2007, 11:03 AM »
with this skin, can you move FARR window? If not, how do you propose this can be done?

Also, is there a way to control the font size, color, background color in FARR's window?

I'm not clear on this option to 'force FARR window on top...'. Does this mean FARR will show on top and stay on top even if it looses focus? I have it enabled, FARR comes up, but when it looses focus, it simply stays open but its windows moves back vs. just hiding.
Is FARR supposed to completely hide when it looses focus similar to 'close window after lunch'. If not, I think it would be nice to have FARR hide (or close window) when it looses focus too.

General Software Discussion / Re: Drupal is f*cked
« on: April 10, 2007, 04:12 PM »
WOW... I do not think I have ever seen Mouser this frustrated. When I saw the 'f*cked' word, I thought, who dares to use this in Mouser's forums. Guess what, it was Mouser him/herself.

I actually installed drupal last month and chose some of plug-ins like FCKEditor. I have test-driven 10 of the top ones on the CMS open source site and I came up with Drupal first, CMS Made easy second, and there was a 3rd done I can't remember its name.

I have not done any serious development with Drupal. I have one simple site I created for my documentation and believe me I can't even imagine how would Mouser react having to deal with the other CMS solutions out there.

I like Drupal 'so far' because of ...
- simple and straight forward administrative interface.
- Best documentation.
- Active and responsive forums.
- Good deal of plugins.

I do have some more work to do with it, but for what I have seen so far, I do not feel that bad about it.

I've seen this done in many apps e.g. AppRocket, MemoLeaf, TakePhone, and launchy. Some called it 'smart search' where you can find 'Nancy John Smith' by typing 'njs'. I like it a lot and use it when its available. It implicitly uses the '.*' regexp between the letters. I do like to see it in FARR as an optional feature, but I won't push it, though.

great work, mouser.
I was thinking if we can have the bookmark plug-in search browser history as well. If not now, can this be an option to add?
If neither is possible, can an alias be created to search ffox browser history? Where does ffox store it?

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