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I really like the idea of this software, although I'm not sure how useful it will be to me lol. I'm going to install it anyway :) Thank you for sharing your apps, their great!

Thank you for continuing to update this great software! I cannot use my PC without Screenshot Captor now :)

Ah yes, that makes sense. Yes, this machine is much more better than my last build - I'm still playing some of my old 32bit games on it, I don't want to give them up :)
Okay, so I'll try and lower the priority of some of the listed process (that Firefox is a monster!)
Thank you!

Thanks! Just a couple of questions, how does this version work with 32bit games? I play some on a 64build Windows 10 system, they don't show up on the process list (unless I uncheck 'Hide 1% Normal CPU).
Is that working right? They always showed on the last version, which I assume was the 32bit version. Their usage was much higher than 1% too. I actually found that version to be doing more with them than this one and the games didn't lag as much with v.2.11.01 as they do using the 64build Process Tamer.
Can you explain why there are such differences and which one I should use for lag-free gaming?

Is this still okay to try out? I'd like to test it out :)

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