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Screenshot Captor / Display Ruler in Zoom
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:59 PM »

in Screenshot Captor I have a zoom pane at the bottom.
This is very useful, here a ruler (measurement) is missing.

Reason: I know a button in a specific application must be 20 pixels.
I have a screen shot of a dialog and move the mouse cursor to the button to see it zoomed.
Now I want to see if the buttons height is 20 pixels.

I have an application called Consic Ruler (
At the home page above you also see a screen shot.
In that screen shot they have a ruler interval of 5 pixels.
On my desktop I have 1 pixel.

So I just move the mouse until the buttons left top edge is on the coordinates 0,0 in the ruler.
Then I just have to read the number on the ruler to see how big the button is.

I wish to have this in Screenshot Captor too, because then I just need to have one application instead of 2.
And this would make Screenshot Captor more powerful.



Screenshot Captor / Re: Hide all Objects
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:51 PM »
Hello Mouser,

thank you for your quick answer.

Let me give you some background information.

I work as a usability engineer and my job is to check applications.
One part is also the design and there are many GUI "errors".
Last I checked a web application and had 102 screen shots of different pages and different data.
Now I am working on an other application and there I have 8 borders on one screen shots (this is the page with max. errors).

Then I go to the programmers and show them the errors that should be fixed.
Sometimes a red border is covering other components (like group boxes) so here I would like to see the original image without objects.
Then I go back to the screen shot with the borders and continue with the next "problem".

Saving the image without objects is not really what I need.
If you look at the web application I would have 102 additional images, just for the "original image".
Of cause this would work as a dirty work around but here I can create a copy of the screen shot BEFORE I start paining on it.

So the best solution would be a menu entry "Hide all objects" and if the objects are hidden then you should show "Show all hidden objects".
Your suggestion is not really what I need.



Screenshot Captor / Hide all Objects
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:37 PM »

I test applications and therefore I make screen shots of the application.
The errors in the application (like invalid label, bad position) I mark in Screenshot Captor with a red border.
Borders get numbers and in a document I write some text.

It often happens that in a screen shot there are 5 to 7 borders.
So it is hard to see the original screen shot without the borders.

When I talk to the programmer I sometimes want to show him the original screen shot without any borders, numbers and arrows.
Of cause I could copy the screen shot before I start painting on it.
But it would be more effective if I hide all objects created with Screenshot Captor to see the original screen.
A second click shows them all again.
So in meetings I can switch between the original screen and the screen with objects.

Deleting the objects and undo the deletion is not a good way.
Hiding the objects would be much more comfortable.



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