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Living Room / Re: Why I love product reviews....written by NON-TECHS
« on: January 10, 2011, 01:21 PM »
Renegade, with non-techies I was referring to pro and amateurs who don't know what they talk about or worse have agenda guiding them. Could be getting clicks to their site so Google money or affiliate deals kicks in. Attempts to seek "Always flame" label could be part of that of course. Techies don't necessarily have credentials other than they don't blabber too much. Years of experience don't mean crap if you are stupid and not able to consume new knowledge. Did certainly not hint you should look for credentials  :o or if none available what X person say is useless. Closer to the opposite in tech area I think.

Have you tried FancyCache http://www.romexsoft...ncy-cache/index.html ? Should be especially useful to limit writes since it accumulates them. I have read all forum posts about it and seen happy people at a SSD forum. Some bugs, features missing but most seem to like it. How much it helps probably depends on amount of ram and what apps can benefit. To limit task for sensitive SSD is a main feature. Last beta now have accumulates writes trick. Have also tried it on normal hd and yes benchmarks are on Ramdisk level. Works much like the more known SuperCache http://www.superspee...sktop/supercache.php from what I can see but for now it is free. Looking at their prices for ramdisk I doubt that will continue.

Can also use flash drive, any other drive as cache btw. Or may be only SSD, Flash - look it up... I uninstalled yesterday! Level II cache is another drive where Level I is main memory, including "invisible" part.

Not to be tested on "production" computer ;)

Must say I am a bit surprised how XP can be so noisy but I guess it must be due to how SSD is handled. XP is dead quiet compared to Vista/7.

Living Room / Re: Why I love product reviews....written by NON-TECHS
« on: January 10, 2011, 10:19 AM »
Flaming? The opposite have been the problem since Tech Review industry started many years ago. Trick is to limit personal opinion but deliver an article after same formula/template as all the others. So those who supply you/site with samples, including the handpicked ones!, continue to be happy - happy to advertise too. This setup works best with younger dudes who get to keep some of the stuff and can resell it later :) Short description of Tech reviews last 10 years, non-Techies own this area. Works much like Software rewards or journalism on crappy newspapers.

Some bigger sites might be exceptions since they have resources like paid staff to do actual reviewing - but I would still be careful trusting too much. Amazon reviews or even Neweggs can add useful info reviewer somehow forgot to mention. But non-Techies rarely have useful input though. They either cannot get anything to work or they are so amazed they succeeded getting it to work they praise the day product was launched. Insight know-how from experience or deep thinking comes from techies but hobbyist often knows more, unlike pro-reviewers they have no problem focusing on weak/unpopular features. That is why they bother posting anyway.

Living Room / Re: May be time to change password at Twitter
« on: January 09, 2011, 06:45 AM »
Not really because I assume most online services will bend over to such an "Order". In the end whatever is promised can be overruled by administration. Online privacy and agreements are not worth much then. Would be cool if they simply said "Nope" though. Wikileaks account is not closed so expect more peace disturbing statements.

But I don't get why the want the list, everything is open and can be viewed by anyone. They have probably stumbled across accounts which are protected and went hmmmm, this is supicious!

Living Room / May be time to change password at Twitter
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:05 AM »
A cry or laugh situation but puts "online security" in perspective. Question is if you trust U.S Department of Justice to handle passwords and other sensitive info. Will it be leaked? ;)

Link to the "Order"

I don't accept any other definition of worthyness than my own. I expect crap regardless of "manual" claims.

And by saying I don't expect perfect results I mean it in the way your link guy seem to do. You never go in click, click mode regardless of your efforts. You evaluate! Using year old available filtering tricks, read Google Search Help, just make it more efficient and less annoying. If bookmarks (may be gigantic history of browser should be added as a bookmark type of feature) are used you can go been there, don that - I know what works and not, go away! What awareness is all about. If you ask to be a victim you will be eaten.

The fantastic trick with columns and other gadgets like preview/favicons is not only measurable but also a constant reminder that task is bigger than what Google and its fanboys (aware or not) demand it to be. There is more value in scanning 150+ hits than just having looked at more than top whatever.

From your preferences you will have to hate IrfanView not to include it. I prefer XnView but IrfanView is close to my definition of snappy :)

About Everything be sure you use latest version, not the one on frontpage. Check changlog at forum section "Announcement". It says 20 and 100 times faster and it is. I can sort 450000 objects in 4-5 secs, and up to at least 55000 is close to instant. Last update is already old so some have declared it abondonware. Not so if you ask the forum (and shut up and be happy with a free product). Still highly screwed up release policy. Don't know if that counts. If money is the problem I am sure many people would gladly pay lets say 10$ for this program. One of those I wish would go payware to be honest. If Microsoft reads this it should be added they are idiots for not including similar functionality in Windows.

Once again I am amazed by all that trust in own search methodes (unknown here but they seem to be naive) and in Googles ability to deliver personal satisfying answers to everyone, 24/7. May be a better question is how do you research a question? Bookmarks based on past experience etc. will be part of that. In 2011 I would have hoped such an internet veteran would be above and beyond ehow via bookmarks. I think internet/marketing moves a lot faster than most peoples minds. He can use Google with simple keyword searching of course but why act shocked result is not click, click optimal for him?

Google accepts just about every crappy site for their ad-show so that alone should be a hint they are not a phone book you look up in. Those sites are not noise but business partners and  money usually rules. May be there is a battle going on at Googles house where index people are sticking tung out at ad-dep :)

Nobody seem to evaluate what Google does to help users limit noise. How much does a web history help? How much does left sidebar (mini version of advanced search page)? What about the new link at bottom of page, "Search within results"? Impact of announcing location? Timeline, Wonderwheel? I think it is pretty obvious Google knows defaults results are no more than an address bar why they make it a feature via Instant Search - now also the fresh Google Toolbar from yesterday, say goodby to the old one, now all Google Chrome FRAME ;) Hardcore research demands much more than simple word searching. Understandable why Google is very slow and conservative when making changes to the very fast page but that is where critique should be focused anyway. Requires more than whining.

Another point of view is internet has ALWAYS been full of noise, crap, copy-writing crap, attempts to get on top of any list, not just Googles. There is nothing new in crying about noise. Kind of stupid really - and old in 2011 I think. I would never ever expect perfect results even when doing an advanced search. Did not do that when using Netscape on dial up either. Where does all that trust come from? I expect usable results for further research and that is what I get. How educated people can be so dumb I don't know. Or they are not but just want attention but must accept what is written! Google has not changed anything, just made it more clear how people act and through ads they indirectly encourage a certain way of shouting which is common in modern age. How they make their money.

If anyone is interested look up Jason Calacanis through I am too lazy to wade through all those videos but he had a serie where people could call in and was encourged to kind of roast him, take him on. I saw one of those where a dude, also in SEO business (for big ISP company if I remember correctly), complained about Calacanis circus and said Google put a blind eye on bigger sites screweing around with adding content for no other purpose than getting attention, filling up index. His main complaint about Calacanis was the obvioius misuse of delivering "content". What Google in theory and by reading any sane SEO advise should punish they reward. Calacanis agreed to some extend but also made the point that he was recognized as SEO master no. 1. He also sort of agreed about Google having different policies towards different sites, but was more like "We all know that!!) - while not looking too unhappy with himself ;) Video is probably about 1 year old now.

Not solution but another amazing experience is when you see results pages as autoloading in 2+ columns. Suddenly you are no more victim to top 10, 20, 30 and can evaluate way better. Not thanks to Google but Firefox and Greasemonkey.

About the voting which really should be a user defined block list, the opposite of Google Custom Search but same way of thinking, look up Google Sidewiki - which has now changed in to a star/Chrome thingy (as well). They are not blind or stupid. Question is how to supply the tools in a way that does not hurt business and satisfy majority - for as much as they can bothered to use them.

Living Room / Re: Trouble with Google as the source of traffic
« on: January 04, 2011, 10:16 AM »
Yep, the only power SEO people (or high percentage of them) have respect for is Googles ban-hammer. If the guy has a convincing case and we assume Google "listens" now they failed policing,  it will be game over for them. Would be interesting to see if he would get anywhere by complaining. If you look at their forums for these matters getting stripped naked by Google is not uncommon. Typically X owner is all ??? ;) Don't know if they have stats showing how much they wipe out or list of actions they take, probably not. Might not be too impressive!

General Software Discussion / Re: online-convert (incl. HDR)
« on: January 03, 2011, 05:23 PM »
I see. We are not looking at the end product in other words. Well good start. Also nice he seem to be a living human being on the blog.

Living Room / Re: Trouble with Google as the source of traffic
« on: January 03, 2011, 05:07 PM »
Page rank is not so important and according to Google never was. They have said they look at 200+ parameters when ranking sites but of course no details. Most of what has ever been written or said about this stuff is speculative by nature.

Google Ads = high ranking is obviously not correct. Many that go from no ads to ads will probably see better seo results. Not because of the ads, might steer some people away!, but because they optimize a not-optimized site. That often follows implementation of ads, increased awareness of keywords for example.

May be check Matt Cutts blog he is head of SEO thingys at Google. If he clear his throat 1000s ears are wiggling :)

A site can get ripped off any ranking if TOS is pissed on, including adsense so may be that dude should complain to Google.

I recently saw a video of "SEO in 2010" by seomoz (I think). He said Google is aware of dirty tricks (related to paid ads, buying domain with high ranking and use them, from what I remember) and are starting to clean up, will increase effort the next 1-2 years - what he said. That not every data/result is valid is of course true. Complain! They have forums for this and his site is "important" enough to get some notice, eh clicks ;)

This is my idea of SEO importance - tabloids the web but still interesting to follow both white and black hats.

General Software Discussion / Re: online-convert (incl. HDR)
« on: January 03, 2011, 02:49 PM »
Looks like the most professional and least ad-ridden converter service yet.  Not easy to test all features but setup looks very nice. No screaming of YOUTUBE conversion, just part of normal audio/video features :)

Some developers still seem to rate review mess highly see jcollake

Living Room / Re: Holy Pirates~! =p
« on: January 03, 2011, 03:44 AM »
Yes, Pro version is bad example. Most crack users will definitely go straight for the Suite. Can't imagine numbers for that one, I would guess x10. How stuff gets around quickly is not news but from 14 to 100000s is serious breeding.

General Software Discussion / Re: In need of security advice ...
« on: January 02, 2011, 03:22 PM »
Yes but from a pragmatic point of view is SmugMug not the optimal solution? I have no "Pro" account and only know them as being "highly recommended" as a the choice for serious pixel sharing - when Flickr, Picasa are not sufficient. They target people just like her so why are they not good enough? Answer that or go SmugMug (or their competitors which I don't know) Another very important parameter is presentation. If SmugMug has the perfect theme, the perfect mini-blog/info section that might overrule any possible "better" security setup she "might" be able to set up on her own (or with help from dad). Doing something on your own is not necessarily any better. Wordpress can do many things or rather plugins can but how does she imagine her photos being presented. SmugMug or similar will make it easy and slick - way more than a default WP setup. What promote her ambitions of going pro the best? If possible if and if concerns about throwing content at an (highly recommende) online service is a worry how much better is alternative? If it is a knitting project of cool scripts and self hosted you need to maintain each part on a daily basis (if paranoid enough!) - if not maintained kiss security goodbye ;)

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ
« on: January 01, 2011, 04:44 PM »
I was hinting that if you make a thread on X security forum it is not enough to have a perfect readme.txt. There are people who might freak out seeing installation doing visual c++ or .net downloads. Just how a few noisy people roll. On a very bad day you can get a "stay clear of this" label. No reason to such "marketing" risk so if you mention dependencies in post problem is not lack of info. Actually it is a nice feature program does not just crash, stall, refuse to install because of lacking parts. Many will have trouble finding them at MS site.

I think program downloaded or updated some visual stuff on my Vista 64bit, no problems with that.

I noticed Ghacks wrote about Quick Cliq yesterday with reference to this N.A.N.Y thing so marketing for a good free product probably do happen automatically ;) Security forums are of course obvious targets for mass spreading or testing for that matter.

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ
« on: January 01, 2011, 04:05 PM »
I don't know if Virustotal was the first of this type of service but it is the most popular. Does the same as Jotti but in a more slick packing. Also has upload tools I think yours will have more direct appeal to usage being a real application.

If you throw your self at security forums at some point be sure to mention dependencies, auto-download during installation. Harmless details like that can make some people go crazy in a non-productive way ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: In need of security advice ...
« on: January 01, 2011, 03:21 PM »
Well I would then research photographer sites/forums. Others will have had the same concerns and worries. They must know what is possible regarding watermarks - must be an essential part of the setup since she could be Worlds best photografer ever! For pro work watermarks is a must I would think. Digimarcs apparently don't work so what does? Is Digimarcs Rolls Royce of watermarks or surpassed long ago?

Lowering quality of images might be not be optional for pixel freaks like she probably is but of course if not available there is nothing to steal. That will work  8)

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:59 PM »
If blinded by polishing I think you will find that program is begging to be announced on security forums once you are done, like Wilders for example.

I just stumbled over program so have no other input - other than perhaps you should have a confirmation box for the "Adds the executables of currently running processes to the queue" Is a hefty task for Jotti and much "Avaiting processing" ;) Cool feature though but should probably not be used without real intentions. No way to stop it once it sets off. Can delete individual entries I guess but a big task anyway - a "Are you sure?" box would be fine.

Good competition for VirusTotal  :D

General Software Discussion / Re: In need of security advice ...
« on: January 01, 2011, 01:34 PM »
I don't know Flickrs, Picasas or SmugMug security procedures but am almost sure anything not evolving her/you setting up own website is many times more secure - also if you don't trust them. Don't ever trust them too much btw ;) There are probably some good hosts and if you know Wordpress nothing bad will happen, not easily. But there are also crappy hosts and Wordpress does require maintenance. You must check them out in details before deciding, can be difficult - they are good at advertising and promises.

After that worry about people snatching pics.

Another one to test is Iterasi

Not sure about how to sign up, I did 2/2/2009 and it seem to work but when clicking "Want to upgrade or change your account?" I get a simple contact form.

From their FAQ:

How much does it cost?
Because the needs of our clients vary so much from one customer to the next, we need to evaluate the sites and pages you want to archive, and understand your archiving goals before we can discuss pricing. If you’d like a quote please contact us through the form on the contact page.

Limitations of free account are unknown to me.

Living Room / Re: Are You Ready to Switch to GNU/Linux?
« on: December 31, 2010, 02:35 AM »
Linux world do have a communication problem. Seems to me 90% of for example Ubuntu users don't know more than most can pick up in a day or 2. Last 10% do know a lot (can be blank about Windows though) but have trouble delivering info. Becomes too much hunting wikis, read and carefully apply "code" stuff. There also seem to be an acceptance of stuff crashing in a very bad way if you experiment. I can run a Windows installation for years with heavy tweaking and what not. Linux? I don't think so. Probably has to do with what paranoid System control with privileges, sudo fun, spoon fed/idiot proof repositories. You can install a shortcut like Ubuntu Tweaker, you can modify all you like but you are on your own and you are not supposed to! When used to Windows Linux tinkering will of course seem odd but I don't think that many distros are prepared for it. Step up to being able to joggle with Linux is huge I think. If you asked those in charge of Ubuntu I bet their core target group is just grandmas and the average hopeless Windows users. Possible trick is to forget about the more popular distros and look at alternatives, can start with the top 25 ;)

Another complaint. The suggestion that Linux repositories has so much more useful software than is available for Windows is BS :) Yes there is a lot and some distros have nice GUI where you can pick and chose, see ratings even, but there is a long way to go to beat Windows apps. And again a feature I think would sell better if "they" acknowledged the obvious fact and instead promoted Wine, Virtualbox etc. as solutions to stuff not yet available or not yet as good. The more reasonable Linux fanatics have no problems with Windows or not so much they have a need to mirror them self in the beast all the time. Online apps might make these concerns redundant to some degree but because a Linux app has same functionality as a Windows ditto does not mean it works as good.

Living Room / Re: Naming and Shaming Bad Forums with Bad Ethics
« on: December 30, 2010, 08:44 AM »
If you look at this forum search features you will see what I also mean by forum management. Is not default SMF and hints effort has been made to increase quality for users. "Small" things like that is what make a difference when it comes to fighting noise, stupid questions and replies. If users sense site/forum is of quality most behave and it becomes a lot easier to weed out the few who insist on being stupid. Management in a good way does not appeal to tossers - the less moderators, and as annoying their helpers, act up the better though  :P

Living Room / Re: Are You Ready to Switch to GNU/Linux?
« on: December 30, 2010, 08:30 AM »
I blame whole Linux pimping community for me not using Linux. I sense BS posts/reviews/"opinions" are decreasing though, probably due to Windows 7. Ok to focus on Microsoft evil doings of course but these arguments are of low quality. Those who can't see where they come from cannot handle Linux in any shape or form. Takes a bit more than getting rid of Windows annoyances. Truth could be such communication is not meant to sell tickets to Windows users but to help confirming those who struggle have made the right choice. I have problems with that attitude but no way to avoid it because not possible to explore Linux world on my own - knowledge of weird details and workarounds required when you want to tinker and modify Linux. Might be ok out of the box for grandmas and sysadmins who just want things to work :P

Living Room / Re: Naming and Shaming Bad Forums with Bad Ethics
« on: December 28, 2010, 01:39 AM »
The post does not mention which application or which irc clients you have looked at via Google. If you mention details it hints you are not clueless or just looking for others to do the work for you. Being vague is big warning sign and could be why that moderator spend a whole 10 seconds making a link from your very own words. 75% RTFM :) You don't need help using Google! Later you mention that you have tried link no. X but it did not work. This should be in first post, don't assume people know what you do. Low quality question with vague info get low quality answers. Link no. X should never be used, may be an idea to mention site/link instead.

If you did give details there is also less risk of getting caught by a postcount hunter or other fools. They will stay clear and opposite post might attract those who actually know something about the problem, have experience other than using Google. Also until you appear somewhat convincing, deliver details, the thing about "I have tried this" is not worth much. Did you really? or is the real question where did you screw up? Not that many like to announce they skipped 50% of a guide to solve something. I don't know that forum but on a typical tech forum declarations about what has been done is to be taken with a grain of salt. Often related to "I will find a faster way to solve this than..." There are several filtering mechanisms at work ;)

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