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Thanks. Thats does it..

However now i found what feels wrong for me before i left.

If i only type m in the above example it will execute the filemanager. I guess thats because m is only present in that word Filemanager.
However if i press o which is only present in firefox it does nothing. So that explanation doesn´t really hold up.

Actually i don´t want that behavior anyway. Can i force matching to start at character 1? Because otherwise typos at letter one might fire something i don´t want at all.
This gets more unlikely if you mistype at a later character so thats not a concern anymore.

I see there is "Leftmost Match Bonus" in the manual. I guess i am looking for something like a "Leftmost not match penalty" i could set like -10000.   ;)

Another option is you could make ONE alias (group) called "ax"
and put firefox and all your other common programs in that alias as results.

then you would type:

+alias +launchone ax firef...

the only thing to remember in that case is that just type "firef.." alone will NOT find the firefox entry you create..  only typing the name of the parent alias group would show the results contained in it.

Hi Mouser,

sorry was absent for work for a while. So this is quite a late reply. Appologies for that.

This last suggestion seems to work for me. I tested it before i left and there was an issue which i don´t remember just now.

One thing i am not sure about is: it does only execute after the second letter of the unique match for some reason.

I will attach the description as a screenshot


I find aliases that use repetition of a single key quick to type and easy to memorize. If you like me want this immediate launch only for a few programs/folders then it won't take much time to set it up.

Hi Nod,

thank you for your suggestion. In the long run i will have a lot of shortcuts in there so this one letter way won´t work for me.
I know the program names and don´t want to think about which shortcut it was.


Ah ... this looks much better. Yesterday after the testing i actually started doubting myself that i had seen it working in the first place.   ;)
This modified version does it correct now.

This brings up another question for me:  
Is there any way i can limit my searchresults further to a specific alias group for example with the options that are currently there?
(Question came up after i accidently ran one of the other included aliases)

I could think of a dirty workaround by naming my aliases with a prefix like e.g. "(ax)" so
the alias firefox would be named "(ax)firefox", an alias "filemanager" would be named "(ax)filemanager" and so on.

Then i would define the hotkey as "+alias +launchone (ax)" and could get what i want but i doesn´t really look too good.

Could i filter against the text "(ax)" for example in which case i could add it at the end of every alias i use for autoexecution?


Then there are the other options that would create work ...

- extend the +alias parameter to allow naming which alias lists to search through


However this would get clumpsy fast if a user would want to name more then one list of aliases

Another option would be to actually make this accessible per alias


However i guess i am just to blind to find a way with the tools already at my hand.

Hi, thank you.

This is pretty weird. I was about to write its working but now it doesn´t anymore.

I was testing with the portable version and added +alias +launchone to it. I created one alias "firefox" and with fi i had two results, once i typed the r it went down to one and firefox started.
But it did that exactly once. Since then i need to type the full word firefox until it launches.

I unpacked the download into a new folder, made sure there was no old process of Farr still running and tried again - same result - had to type the full word despite having only one result after the first 3 letters.

I will check this at my workplace pc tomorrow and post back.

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