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Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: August 06, 2016, 03:31 PM »
Half way though.... It's pretty good!

.. The oddest thing is i could swear that there used to be font that worked this way and i found a few other people who agreed.  But it was so long ago - maybe Windows 95  :(  that no one is sure it ever existed...

Relevant quote I found here:

"Short of owning an Amiga computer (or WinUAE) which supported multi-colored fonts back in the 80's... you'll need to wait for developers to start supporting the new format that was released with Win 8.1."

For my purposes, I need an actual font that other Windows applications can recognize.  If all you want is a word banner, then yea, a vector-based photoeditor is probably the way to go. is an often-used one
I use DrawPlus quite a bit.  There is a free version of it:
(Here are some icons I made with DrawPlus, and an app called RealWorld Icon Editor )

Probably the most powerful freebie is the GIMP It's more like Photoshop then a vector editor though....

Other fun things to check out:
TileMage allows you to make individual letters in bulk, then "chop up" the exported picture.

I use this for colorizing my Outlook email signatures.

EDIT:  Also: for making banners!!!

Cool stuff!   Thanks for the fonts site.  Sadly the "SVG & colors in OpenType fonts" looks like it only applies to FireFox.  Too bad because that's exactly what I need (except for Windows).     

I also would love it if this were possible.  I have BGInfo scripted to put some stuff on my desktop wallpaper at start up.  When the picture underneath is the same color as the text though, it's unreadable.     

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