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for experts-exchange using noscript in firefox, or using a javascript-uninfected web browser, also works to see the answers.

ps: did you know their domain name used to be (emphasis mine) :D
Originally, the name and URL of the site was but this created confusion and ridicule as many users interpreted it as Expert-Sex-Change as opposed to Experts-Exchange. Subsequently, the domain was changed to[19]


Please don't see the GPL as a product from the open source movement.

It's true that open source is easily exploited, many of it's inventors were in it for the cash.

But please keep the GPL out of that argument.

The GPL is the product of the Free Software movement, which is a completely different thing.
Richard Stallman (Founder) has to re-iterate this in almost every interview and talk he gives.

Free Software does not equal Open Source.

Living Room / Re: What the heck has happened to Google search?
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:51 AM »
I like scroogle.

Another alternative I use is startpage https ( ) which doesn't even log IP's (though it does have ads  :huh: ).

What I miss on both of them is the calculator features :)

Also, don't forget that you should now probably use synergy+ instead of plain old synergy.

It's a fork so development could continue since the original synergy seems to have not been updated in a long time.
All new features and bug features go into synergy+ ...

Synergy+ is a maintenance fork for implementing bug fixes to the original Synergy by Chris Schoeneman, which hasn't any source updates or new releases since 2006 (as of writing this). So far we've implemented many significant bug fixes such as support for Windows services on Vista and Windows 7, and a brand new GUI (based on QSynergy).

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