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26  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / The great "are exploits good or bad for the concept" have moved towards GOTD on: January 29, 2013, 12:28:34 AM

A protection software included with the download makes sure that you cannot install the program once the 24 hour giveaway period has expired, even if you’ve still got the installer.

But there was a weakness in the Giveaway of the day wrapper that was exploited last year to extract the original installer of the program. Without the security of the wrapper, this program could then be installed at any date irrespective of the current giveaway at GOTD. It took the website’s programmers a few months before the loophole was fixed. The exploit doesn’t work anymore.

The new wrapper is more secure that stops people from keeping the software for future installs and it reportedly utilizes a technology similar to rootkits. But the wrapper’s security has been broken once again, this time by Maximus, a member of the cracking group REVENGE Crew. It is a tiny portable executable, that allows you to extract the original setup installer from the new wrapper and keep it for later use, just like before.

IMO these things are great provided the developers can understand that it will hurt the current sales of their products but boost the sequels but what dev will really appreciate 'theft demand'?
27  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Debate: Effects of technology on modern youth on: January 28, 2013, 11:29:35 PM
I'm not a parent but I could swear I stumbled on some articles that deal with this subject but I just did not have them bookmarked. (Nothing specific but it dealt with the issue.)

Short answer is yes. There's really no choice but up for technology at this point and the better the child understands the technical background of technology, the more they are less affected by the magnetism of social networks. (Photos are not that impressive to a teen if they are just more technical photo albums for example. Neither are status messages if a human understands that the status is better data mined than be the one being data mined.)

There's a plethora of Videogame can enhance the brain such as this article that can be'd (this link is more for FPS):

Time is less important than context.

A competitive game can improve dedication provided a kid is pushing the limits of being a better fighting gamer but once the genre gets liquidated into simply "the next best game with new characters to select/create" then it's a cash drain and it all depends on how pro the person is at wanting to seek this path in their life.

The deceptive part is in being able to differentiate general false brain games that claim to improve memory from videogames and online materials that connect, curate and simulate the passion of your child.

It's not as clear cut as a child playing SimCity wants to be a mayor or a teen playing Grand Theft Auto wants to steal or a person investing heavily on Minecraft wanting to be a lego sculptor. It sounds obvious but with hysteria not only on the dangers of videogames but on the positive power of videogames, you can't really tell.

For example, lots of racers use racing videogames to sim the tracks because it saves time. Lots of army men use shooting sims because of the tactics.

You can't mistake these for gun sims. They are there to desensitive the environment and relieve anxiety and promote tactical routes for the participants but in no way do they form a person's desire to just steal a gun or unload with violence.

In the same concept, there are kid's games that are more harmful despite their kiddie exterior and there are adult videogames that can promote better learning interest for your kid while they are still a kid than when they play these same videogames as an adult (assuming correct mentor guidance to extend the kid's passion).

The real time web is much more complicated but the good news is that kids, as they grow, adapt faster than adults provided they have the right tech circle to influence them.

A kid who has Facebook friends is not the same as a kid who can see Facebook as a platform to bravely attempt bad videos on youtube that they will then transmit on Facebook.

However, a parent pretending to be much more knowledgeable than a child in browsing or other tech related subjects, is more likely to simulate turning a child's love of reading into a homework. It can only translate so much before the child hates to read in general unless they are a genius, creative or really have capable parents.

Those are all my impressions from the articles I read. Basically it all comes down to this, children are still human and the children that is best parented into maximizing technology in the most positive manner is the children that's treated equally like an adult by the parent. This means if the parent does not know a technical subject and a parent is not interested in knowing it, it transfers to the child unless chaos plays a role and a child is influenced by a friend or a site. Vice versa, children's first human interaction tend to be their parents so every chance a parent can transfer that "passion" for learning that technical concept to their children is one human being better adapted to that technical concept. This does not mean handing the child the product though but handing the child the learning tools to better utilize a technological concept beyond what it advertises itself as or beyond what the parent has already done with the product. It does not mean things like parental control don't help focus a child's attention but they simply don't learn and over time create a negative learning interruption for that child that weakens their resolve for learning and exposes them more to using the web as a form of escapism once the lock is off.
28  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Story of how NewEgg Defeated a Patent Troll on: January 28, 2013, 11:10:57 PM
This part is crazy:

So the case filed against Newegg and seven other retailers was closely watched. It went to trial in 2010 with Newegg as the only remaining defendant; all the other companies settled. It was a classic East Texas-style trial; a jury was picked on Monday, and the case wrapped up by Friday morning.
29  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Debate: Effects of technology on modern youth on: January 28, 2013, 09:41:40 PM
  Gee, where to start.....  For one, a very short attention span, always wanting to get back to texting and such.  Then there's the anti-social aspect when they spend their time online and not dealing with people face to face.  And of course not getting enough physical exercise because they're always on their electronic devices.

  Just too many aspects of this, need more input!   smiley

30  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 09:34:58 PM
Never really got into Opera, too much like the old Netscape Navigator, tries to do everything instead of doing one thing really, really well, (yes, I know I can just not use the parts I don't want to but then...why have them there in the first place?).

Convenience and exclusivity when you just need things to work.

There are no other notepad/browser hybrid that is as lightweight as Opera's. (Maxthon cloud comes closest but more because it has a built-in app launcher for an actual external notepad.)

Torrents are meant for seeding but sometimes you just want a no-nonsense quick install of an iso and here again, there are no torrent programs that have a native built-in browser for this type of purpose.

The same can be said for a native Speed Dial, a native RSS Reader, a native mail client.

It's more of a remote control than an I don't need it problem.

The features are nice in theory because they are exclusive to Opera in a pure .exe type of situation. There really is no singular executable out there that does what Opera does at providing a seamless torrent client or a seamless panel notes and many of the seamless features was then adopted by more modern browsers such as cloud sync for notes, active extensions in tray for Chrome (the old Widgets of Opera that need not have Opera open) and things like cascading windows are still trying to be mimicked by tiletabs, vertical splitters and other clunky features in other browsers.

It's really all great exclusive features IF Opera does not bungle up the presentation...but it's still exclusive one of a kind features that when other browsers took it, they were able to present it as a way to differentiate their browser.

Key examples:

Maxthon's "Cloud" Browser is pretty much Opera Unite with an interface and a lot less powerful.

Firefox's exclusive Scrapbook add-on is pretty much Opera not being smart enough to integrate Obook.

Opera mail and rss is pretty much an early edition of Flock's sidebar. (Flock was even smart enough to empower their notes sidebar as a clipper but dumb not to mimic Opera's basic plain text notes for non-clipped content)

Opera links is basically an underpowered resource sniffer that Maxthon has sold as a way to quickly download youtube and image files.

Opera torrent is/was basically the only torrent client that can trick you into thinking a torrent download was a regular download.

Opera widgets is basically one half K-meleon preloader/other half Google apps that stay active when the browser is closed.

Opera MDI like cascading windows is an under-animated illusion that gave the Chrome the illusion of having lightweight separate process tabs.

Opera stacks is a fully featured successor of the Taboo Firefox Add-on if Opera understood not to delegate it to opened tabs.

Opera sessions is still one of the native sessions that could save active window only and can recover full windows via a separate trashcan but Opera just insists on not making it easy to manage it like their bookmarks.

Opera's start bar was the reason why Google's chrome star was better integrated as a lightweight feel bookmarks than Firefox's star which of course Firefox also kind of took and Opera kind of took away.

Opera's keyboard shortcuts are still uniquely it's own for being to switch around tabs by using 1-2 and using gestures right mouse hold - left mouse to move back and forth between pages because of how powerful and unanimous the keyboard shortcuts allow it to be.

...these are not your regular "add-on developers will develop for it" add-on designs nor are these your typical Opera has innovative concepts that get stolen theory. Presented, named and given the same focus as Opera likes to give focus to their Speed Dial and Extensions correctly...these things changed the other browsers and still could have changed the desktop software world forever. There's just no software that presented these ideas other than Opera and by present, I don't mean introduced or included the feature but literally present a product that literally competed and out-exclusive other non-browser software if Opera only went to "update" these features to their modern capability.

(Example, torrent download could have been marketed as a unified download manager that combined the explanation Maxthon has for it's resource sniffer with torrents in general and then re-combined with the wand for private torrent usage while adding some statistics like how many times you leeched/seeded specifically from a wand account but not just for torrents but like a download history integrating with notes log and a wishlist bookmark integrating with weblinks that function as a native way of say...viewing a piratebay link reminder when you are viewing an IMDB page.)
31  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: [Cracked.Com] You're 90% to Blame for Journalists Getting Fired on: January 28, 2013, 09:13:40 PM
It depends. For someone who has been in the receiving end of many Teal Deer, I find it more honest especially if it's a subject where you're not an expert but are willing to discuss.

It's usually the follow-up sentence to the TL;DR post by the same poster that's the ad-hominem attack since sometimes people will act like you were oblivious to the fact that you wrote something long. Other times people will accuse you of not replying to something they wrote despite the length of the reply.
32 Software / Post New Requests Here / PopUpWisdom and Calibre Import of This App on: January 28, 2013, 03:55:39 PM

Basically you type your Twitter username to get book recommendations.

Would be cool to get quote recommendations or book recommendations by any DC member who share their Calibre and PopUp Wisdom file in DC.

On a Side note: Wow! I typed in freewaregenius and got this book with only 3 reviews as it's 1st recommendation. If only modern search engines were as thorough!

33  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Springpad just had their own GOE for January on: January 28, 2013, 02:58:14 PM
Unfortunately since there does not seem to be any sub-forum for this year's GOE, I'm just pasting it here:

Nothing jaw breaking so far but some cool looking hacks:

2013 Bubble Calendar

mouser's labeller was also mentioned:!/Organization_Month/explore/organizeyourlife/blocks

As well as the Belkin WeMo



developing a better system here in Kansas. Spreadsheet base and relying upon Windows Search. The main idea is to make a unique word out of a thing for which I might search. Say it is an ordinary clipboard for writing that is alluding me. I simply make a note anywhere saying that my clllipboard is located at a certain location on this date. This keeps me from finding instances of things in my clipboard program or casual references to any clipboard in general correspondence or notes. I keep a general running Daily Diary (like USMC days) that is kept in the my documents folder. I a small pocket notebook reminds me to make entries about things that I might notice in the car, shop or grounds. I just enter it at a convenient time into the Daily Diary.


On the down side, it really shows the limitations of SpringPad. Too much loading. Too many aesthetic and not enough work done on moving back and forth through objects. I don't really recommend opening multi-tabs for each notebook.
34  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 02:21:45 PM
Oh wow, I totally forgot about K-meleon.

To be fair to K-meleon, they don't really have the staff to go head to head with something as innovative as Opera and at least by not being more cross-platform they are more stable than Midori. (At least based on the comments I hear for it.)

Plus I don't know if it's still the same today but I recall K-meleon having one of the fastest loading (surpassing Chrome and Opera) for plain webpages back in the day. Could be false memory but I really wanted that gold gecko to have matured. Unfortunately it does not seem to have taken some of the mature features of other mainstream browsers.
35  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / [Cracked.Com] You're 90% to Blame for Journalists Getting Fired on: January 28, 2013, 02:06:48 PM
I just like the implications that communication problems is just not a "you failed to communicate" concept and felt this article summed up well what's wrong on the other end:

In the article about the human heads, no one actually opened a package and realized that it contained the trophies of a serial killer. Those were specimens being transferred from one medical lab in Rome to another in the U.S., something that happens all the time. The most interesting part of the story is that the paperwork mentioned what was inside. That's it. The real story is that a delivery guy read some paperwork. Neither one of those sensational stories is actually much of a story at all when all the facts are accounted for, and this type of thing happens all the time. Now, while that may sound dangerously irresponsible on the part of news organizations, you're also about 90 percent to blame for the phenomenon.

Read more:


The whole reason they aren't completely accurate is because each article absolutely has to be click-friendly to an online audience. In the example of the story about human heads, you can watch the progression of titles as the story makes its way across "news" sites. The Chicago Sun Times, where the story originated, initially led with the header, "Inquiry into Research Facility Holds Up 18 Human Heads at O'Hare." Then Fox News felt comfortable enough tweaking the story to "18 Human Heads Found at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport," and finally Gawker tested the full elasticity of the truth by titling it "18 Severed Human Heads Discovered in Package at Airport; Everyone Being Very Chill About It," because they know that the only way to ensure that people read it is to make the story into something startling enough to become viral.

Read more:

Finally the coup de grace

Now, it's no secret that we don't read newspapers anymore; countless Heralds, Tribunes, Posts, Times, and whatever they read in other countries have folded because we've proven that we prefer our news from blogs and content aggregators like Reddit. And good riddance, right? The newspaper industry is a relic, we're living in the future! Reddit knows how to trim out the fat and give us the very best news from around the world. Everything on Tumblr and the other blogs we follow is guaranteed to be fascinating and specifically catered to us because we handpicked the people who provide it.

But here's the problem: The stories still have to originate somewhere. Someone has to do the fact checking, and the source checking, and the interviews, and break the stories, but those people are all getting fired left and right because we've ensured that journalism isn't a viable career option anymore. So the only way for lean and desperate news outlets to get traffic from aggregators and blogs is if each article is absolutely shocking. As a result, the stories get fudged a little until they're more sharable for an online audience.

It's easiest to think of these refined, processed news stories as Reese's Pieces that make up a tiny portion of your online consumption. They're a nice treat once in awhile, but when they are the entirety of your information diet, the part of your brain that used to be responsible for breaking down the complex, nutrient-filled, TL; DR carbohydrates has nothing to do anymore and starts to atrophy. You start to lose the energy and the will to ask questions about the story and instead cave to the insatiable urge to just keep ingesting.

That's why fake news stories can surge through Twitter before anyone has a chance to debunk them. The Internet allowed for the creation of a fast food version of information that's not particularly good for you but still triggers that same pleasure zone in the brain. You're essentially fattening yourself up with information obesity, because the news outlets, in the end, are businesses that know they can stay in the black by feeding you what you want as opposed to what you need. Meanwhile, reason and rationality rot like neglected teeth. Or maybe it's journalism that's rotting like teeth. I don't know anymore, that metaphor kind of got away from me.

Read more:

I will add this: For someone who has lived in a country where tabloids are considered on par with newspapers but have never ever lived and experienced yellow journalism. All I can say is thank you, English speaking internet posting web users from across the globe.

Edit: This comment post is also really really good compared to most comebacks.

The Internet was invented precisely as a vortex to CONTAIN our crazy. I scream into it not so much for attention, but as a release: much in the same way that some people hang a heavy-bag in their basement and wail away at it after a stressful day at work to release their aggression. I cannot use a heavy-bag, however, as my hands have become extremely arthritic, frozen in "action figure gun grip" mode (a side effect of earlier forays into using the Internet for a different type of "release"- a trap that all too many of my brethren fall into... often 4 or 5 times a day...)

The Internet was invented by the US Government in the 60s as an offshoot of ARPANET, as a way of providing research scientists working on highly sensitive projects to release their stress (caused by their often exasperating work on batshit crazy projects like weaponry and chemical warfare) by typing long tirades about how they were developing "murder machines" and "man's downfall" into simple text documents and sending them to their colleagues in hopes of exorcising their inner demons, like a kind of therapy. This worked for MANY decades, helping some of the government's brightest minds slog through their horrible workdays consisting of figuring out how to invent the most efficient devices for liquifying human beings and making their insides attack them in the most horrific ways imaginable.

Later on in the 90s, Tim Berners-Lee recognized the capabilities of this communication technology, and that as corporate interests continued to streamline productivity and increase output demand, he saw that the average worker would soon likewise need an outlet for "hauling off on the boss anonymously in such a way as to express their deepest outrage for workplace inequalities and a general desire to painfully insert large objects into their supervisors' orifices as a means for swift revenge" [citation needed]. Lee built a graphical interface and protocols for ease of access that now allow the average person to adeptly fire off threatening screeds and hateful sermons to any and everyone capable of absorbing such maledictions in the most common mediums of not only text, but also audio, video, and the super-efficent format of cat-pictures.

The problem is that we have conflated what the Internet's true purpose is: it was NEVER a place for rational people to share important ideas and beneficial information across complex social networks almost instantaneously. It was supposed to just be an infinite nexus to absorb all of our crazy, so we could focus on doing those things *IN THE REAL WORLD* instead, where they would effect the most immediate good. Not until the rest of the world realizes that the Internet is just the layer of distraction it was always intended to be, and *NOT an actual place to accomplish things*, will we ever move forward and progress together.

In summary: eat s**t Mr. Robertson in Accounting, I'll have those reports on your desk as soon as I'm done jacking-off to this picture of your wife you left on your desk.
36  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 01:56:54 PM

Still you have to admit, there are people who seem to really hate Opera.

After IE, Opera became the whipping child of Firefox. After Firefox, Opera became the whipping child of Google with their constant breaking of Opera's sites regardless how many times they try to fix it. After Google, Opera just happened to not catch fire in the tablet market. (though I have no clue which is the most used browser on those end).
37  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 01:22:04 PM
Quote from: 40hz
About the best I can say is that I'm glad I didn't have to pay for any of them. Which is probably at the root of what the problem is with browsers and browser development in general: Who's paying for it?

I would gladly pay for a browser if somebody did a really good one that wasn't quietly gearing up to make money by trying to become my next desktop.

You can't say Opera did not try but you weren't paying enough for either it's ad-free version and Opera Mini.  tongue
38  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 11:58:12 AM
You don't really judge Chrome's speed nowadays by how fast Chrome is but by how fast SRWare Iron Portable Version is. At least on Windows system.

Iron is still faster than Chrome and Firefox.
39  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Publishing Button - The Crusade on: January 28, 2013, 11:56:10 AM

But with the birth of the internet, scholars no longer needed publishers to distribute their work. As NYU’s Clay Shirky has noted, publishing went from being an industry to being a button.

Had the leaders of major research universities reacted to this technological transformation with any kind vision, Swartz’s dream of universal free access to the scholarly literature would now be a reality. But they did not. Rather than seize this opportunity to greatly facilitate research and education, both within and outside the academy, they chose instead to reify the status quo.


> There are already plenty of places to publish and share [free cultural
> works][22], but this is only half of the battle. The remaining question
> is how to usurp proprietary knowledge sources. The answer, then, is to
> eliminate their value by taking the knowledge they amass and release it
> into the world. **Our own rejection of locking up knowledge should be
> taken for granted.** **To continue Aaron's work, we must create an
> organized movement to take down the gatekeepers which keep hoards of
> information secret and lock our cultural productions behind their
> walls.**

Quote from: Kyra
I wonder if there's a way we could promote libre knowledge (which is freely
licensed and in free formats) over individuals just posting links to their

"Posting our PDFs is all fine and good, but the real way to honor Aaron
Swartz is to combat this pervasive institutional fecklessness and do
everything in our power to make sure no papers ever end up behind pay walls

How can we promote
 * Public Library of Science <>, BioMed
and other freely licensed academic journals
 * AcaWiki <> and
Wikiversity<>for collaborative summaries of
and notes on books and academic papers
 * Connexions <> and Wikibooks
<>as collaborative course materials and

40  Other Software / Developer's Corner / Re: Blackberry is Back... And Looking to Usurp Some Androids... :D on: January 28, 2013, 10:59:37 AM
Misleading title. This does not create competition. This is akin to saying you can view Facebook in Rockmelt instead of Google Chrome i.e. the Ubuntu model for Linux. Get from the community, rarely give back to the community. Sad

41  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: [Reddit] I couldn't learn Erlang so I invented it on: January 28, 2013, 10:52:00 AM
Thanks for the keyword "functional programming".

The irony is that, based on what little I can understand of the wikipedia re-direct link Functioninal Programming for the Rest of Us this is how I viewed OO.

Now I'm confused as to what OO really is. Correct me if I'm wrong but is FP conceptually similar to OO but it teaches OO to have an "else" statement or are the two entirely different concepts? Some of the descriptions in that link reads like a wikipedia explanation of what a blackbox is for airplanes but FP being the blackbox of OO.
42  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars on: January 28, 2013, 09:21:17 AM
Flash/Shockwave crash a common story for Linux on all browsers.

Btw I disagree.

Vanilla and Strawberry can't be used for mud facials like chocolate - Opera, is the most gracious, has an extension for speed dial reminders, has a long click on link to create background tabs, has stacks

Chocolate and Strawberry tend to ruin Coffee unlike Vanilla - Firefox overall has the best cross-platform stability and integration. It has unique add-ons like Scrapbook Plus. It has the most advanced session manager. With less than 50 tabs, Firefox is still better than both Chrome and Opera

Strawberry may not be as unique as Vanilla or as robust as Chocolate but it mixes well with both - Chrome's link to google account means it has the most guaranteed "you already have this account" for online sync, it also has some unique feed readers like FeedSquare and News Factory that is not just your regular RSS Reader Prettifier. It has unique to-do lists like My Time Organizer and Do it Later Alligator. It may crash pages but most session managers for it also treat session links like checkboxes. Coincidentally it also has context for extension icon management and it has the most unique and colorful library synching with the look of tablets.

If you're a dedicated web reader, it really has been "locked in to this feature or no alternative" for a while with the exception of IE and that's only because of Maxthon. If Flock is not dead, it would have been offering users another unique sidebar taste. (But god I hate how it slows down and the orange icons).

2013 Browsers Wars are the Browser PIM wars i.e. the Extension and Exclusive Feature Wars

If you use Zotero, you would be highly leaning towards Firefox.
If you play HTML5 games, the apps of Chrome is much more friendly.
If you like native smart drag, Maxthon.
If you like fit width to screen, you go Opera

...and that's just some of the examples of recommended extensions for recommended programs. It's the coders nowadays that have the simpler choice. Regular users have to use, experience and browse all the new extensions all the time as blogs have gone totally commercial on the list of top extensions to install on browsers thread while user reviewers have been extremely harsh on one end while extension developers have gone through a dry spell of resurrecting old extensions. Anything that's banned from Google Chrome's extension list probably won't be blogged or praised. Anything that has barely any reviews on Firefox Add-ons probably won't have much people pointing out the existence of that extension. Anything that's on Opera will be mostly ignored. Maxthon won't even make a dent.
43  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: POSTING 101 on: January 28, 2013, 08:18:00 AM
Not from within the interface although I always did wonder what software will read the xml in the export all pms option. That could sort it out but importing it in something commonly installed like LibreCalc seems to have only imported the name.

You could theoretically use labels named as dates to jump back and forth between the outbox and singular pms but nothing that would be one seamless button.
44  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: They're Still Standing or On Passion in Programming or The Soultron Lesson on: January 27, 2013, 05:47:01 PM
I might have missed your reply in that post. I'm actually more of a hierarchies/tree guy and I would never defend tags over trees in isolation. Perhaps you could better explain where you got that impression or link back to the reply you wrote?

Quote from: clean
I perfectly know about the missing "market value" of these criteria, hence my search for people who are like those I cited in my intro post here

Marketing is not market value though. There are of course branches and departments nowadays but the heyday of marketing has been art value (product identity) meets people (customers/clients) using research (research/math/stats) in a never ending recycling package that works in harmony with the product.

Quote from: clean
People who're in search for excellence, notwithstanding the financial outcome.

See that's just not how excellent people work. People search financial outcome and become excellent provided the finances were good enough to supply and maintain their body and their tools. (Peace of mind also works.)

Quote from: clean
Here and then, I try to be a cynic, as I've got to know that being cynic is the way of the world, but then, I cherish the gifted heroes who do put their heart in what they do, and thus, it's not a coincidence that almost all of those artists I cited are young or very young: The drama of human existence being that for adult life, financial considerations MUST take over since without shifting your priorities, you won't be able to take care of your family: Society makes whores, and there's nothing that could ever be done about it, cf. these "free love" communities of "1968" that failed because of the "big shots" attracting the females, as in any traditional society formation, and the "neglected" men jumping out from an idea of "equal society" ( I don't bring links to sources here, but there's plenty of them).

There are certainly exceptions but most gifted passionate artists turn out to be young ALSO because they are the ultimate whores.

The olympics being one of the best example of this excellence where in boys as early as possible are indoctrinated into a particular activity of excellence to hone their passion on a particular sports even without being given an opportunity to have a choice outside of it.

Especially when the media, the tournament rankings and the top of the top niche communities know you, these boys end up having zero choice except to continue on with that path until their excellence allows them to step away from the rat race.

Quote from: clean
I conceived and propammed "Manuscript" in a way of endless improvement, implementing lots of high-brow features totally unknown at the time (and some of them, even today), and then, I got 5 "sales", for the crippled (I limited the number of possible items there) versions, and I thought by myself, "are these people buying my light version in order to steal my ideas, to do "re-engineering"? Which is to say, I didn't take the smallest "satisfaction" from these 5 sales, but they made me fearful, more fearful that I'd had ever been. (Thus my current emphesis on "legal" questions, since I'm fearing that some of my ideas in "Manuscript" could be - or have already been, without my knowlege? - could be patented by the U.S. Patent Office, so that in my own future pim prog, I would be a "criminal" to use my own ideas from 1995.)

Unfortunately, I choose another subject in university, beyond "IT" / programming, and I'm too old now in order to really learn programming from scratch. I've to admit that I feel some envy on being informed, by somebody like Neville, by his editor's price, and the number he claims to have sold this editor, when then making my multiplication. But then, I've never envied, in my whole life, people who did something really good, something really "completed": I CHERISH mastering, but I've got lots a probs with cold reasoning.

My "music" examples were about people who "went the extra mile", and who didn't mind if the financial outcome was on par - hence my departure with Vidgen in that competition and the same Vidgen later on, trying to "collect". Some months ago, I tried to convince "kinook", the people / man behind Ultra Recall, that "doing better" was to give him real financial benefits, when in fact, I don't really know about this.

Truths is, the "financial returns" aspect in programming doesn't interst me that much: As soon as you can make your living / survive with programming, you've got all your chances


Unfortunately art like life isn't fair too.

The reason some people can drop the financial outcome is because others (in society, in an economy, government, culture) are filling enough of their financial needs to live.

If artists have to hunt for food, they would have less time to do art.

That holds true too for a decent outliner. A decent outliner who can't outlaw the law and protect itself is not as decent as it claims to be. See my previous example.

You need threats to create excellence and you need threats to that excellence to better hone your outliner to be decent enough "against the unfair world".

A programmer who can't see the dangers of losing data won't develop better backup features or cross-platform or online sync.

This is just the tip of the iceberg too. Any artist have a responsibility to their art, to better know what would threaten their art.

It is not that this responsibility disappears but in a more developed country, institutions form structure that shield you from one vulnerability and over time expose you to their vulnerability. You simply can't hone and create great ideas without being under fire. You can only have someone do the menial work for the artist so the artist can fully offer his greatness to the world. That's how it has always been in the real world of the underdogs.

Those destined to fulfill great software are not born to conceive solutions, they are born to receive greater problems and conceive greater methods to survive against those problems. Over time, some slick salesman or marketing manager or opportunistic youngster will paint it as solutions but in truth there is no true solution that is ever attempted in this world that solves. It all starts with problems and greater problems and one time or the other someone builds a "solution" built to withstand all the incoming threats until it too passes away in myths, hero worship, brand personalities, etc.

Everything else is just Hollywood and lesser hollywood known as "His" "story" i.e. the story of the descendants of the winner.

Quote from: clean
And Paul, you're of my kind: We're some some people who try to be helpful to this world. We're one of a kind, when most people deciced to be nourrish their family. I can't even blame them, but then, I've got the right to be deeply disappointed with the way of this world I so much would like to improve. And to hell with cynics on

Thanks for the compliment but I'm not your kind.

I haven't given my soul to learning how to code, I haven't had any "fast assimilation" of anything. Software, hardware, etc.

Maybe the length of my posts give that illusion but even a slow turtle can't be compared to a moss covered rock. One of them will move on, the other will always be stuck.

You're also mistaken by saying I want to help the world. I can't even help myself.

I don't work towards helping the world. I work to survive and at times I receive a form of vanity or a form of psychological irrationality in which I'll do one of the following thanks to my cognitive blindness and bias:

- Discuss and then maybe get trapped into the illusion of arguing with someone because I want to communicate

- Want to communicate because someone is wrong on the internet

- Desire confirmation bias because I wasn't passionate enough in helping myself secure and realize the validity of my own ideas

- Desire contradicting opinions because I want someone to do all the work at pointing all the holes in my opinion

- Post a thread in a forum I've registered to because I'm too lazy to register to a new forum

- Share something because the act can fill me with dopamine

- Help someone because being registered to a group blinds my brain into forming an ingroup fallacy where I have to reciprocate my desire back to the group

The lists and the reasons go on and on and truth be told, I don't know any of this stuff besides what's often written in pop psychology but I know enough of myself to know that I don't spend the entire days of my life maximizing and optimizing a way to help the world, help part of the world, help my country, help part of my country, help people in my region. I don't even spend seconds thinking how to help the woman I love the most.

I'm just not that person and I apologize for whatever it is I wrote that gave you that false idea.

45  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / 2nd Comic Book Thread (Just a link share) on: January 27, 2013, 12:52:05 PM
I have no idea what kind of search I got to lead to this site but it does not appear to be that well known.

Example Image: (Incomplete, Just click on the First Link for the Full Comic)

I can't seem to load the image from DC or IMGUR so TinyPic it is:

46  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Male Comic Book Character in Female Poses on: January 27, 2013, 11:25:46 AM

How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing." -Gingerhaze

A blog with Clint "Hawkeye" Barton being placed in the same provocative, female poses that are featured in superhero comics.

IMO it does not fix the issue because of the more modern metrosexual male hero being like classic gay Batman and Robin parodies but still interesting.

47  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: POSTING 101 on: January 27, 2013, 10:09:22 AM
I am not even sure I would do it as a single forum post.

Perhaps it would work better as a locked thread, with the first post serving as a table of contents and each how-to as a separate post within the thread.

If I did it that way, it would have to be locked, to prevent misc. non-tutorial posts from cluttering the thread.

Another alternative would be a single stand alone page, linked to in the first post of a thread, and the thread remaining open for comments, suggestions, and questions.

Suggestion: auto-pm for new users with an archived copy in the personal area of someone's account.
48  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: They're Still Standing or On Passion in Programming or The Soultron Lesson on: January 27, 2013, 09:57:06 AM
Quote from: clean
In there, they do endless discussions about the perfect outliner, but then, nobody anywhere does any real work in order to attain it, and I wrote so much on this subject in the past, I simply don't have the guts anymore to do it again.

Ahh...but see there's where you are mistaken.

You don't have to write the guts anymore. That's out there, what you lack is the boobs (of the concept) to attract the right mix of contributors to your vision.

It's crass but it's true.

This is what separates software visions from software production. Even if vision can do, it also has to teach the producer how to "create something out of nothing".

This is why Steve Jobs can still have something to offer despite marketing having become both an overpaid corporate job and something every one person with money can apply. You can't replicate human vision because human vision is not just some motivated idea with a motivated coder, it's a platform that convinces people to do even greater things on it. (or worse things/or hate it for being a vision instead of just a sw/hw)

To create an analogy between music and software, the passionate musician still needs the internet or shop seller to create an access point and every shop has a different immediate early bird user who are crucial in producing first passionate identity for a software.

Any decent software who introduces it in a shop where the audience cares less for the product is bound to receive insufficient traction or any attention at all.

For example, I bet regardless of how slick the product is, if a software was given a better title like Manuscript in DC...there will be only a few user using it compared to FARRO (Find and Run Robot Outliner).

Given enough great quality, there will still be users but not enough users and "modders" who will see Manuscript like they would see the Twitter API.

Continuing on is the deceptive road. This is where the likes of Steve Jobs differ from the average "marketing = attention".

Software, like music, means it's one thing to just use the internet to upload music, it's another thing to provide vanity. Vanity for some coder to drop all that they are doing to "serve" FARRO. Vanity for the maker of Manuscript to write a long forum post on Surfulator. Vanity for skwire to pay attention to a thread and spend time on a software. Vanity for the music lover to just listen and view music and follow the band without all the "shoulds" which allows a band to last a generation or two.

That vanity simply does not come from recruiting a programmer to make real a concept you want. Someone as good as skwire will only go so far on the software before he starts thinking about the name and the icons and the mascot of the software and fans of skwire won't help him push those softwares up but neither will critics. Only competing ideas that tugs on skwire's vanity would.

For example, limiting only to DC regulars, you can never make a programmer you hired fulfill your vision of a decent outliner unless you can fulfill their vision along with your vision without creating bloat.

...but, like music, that's not the end. Decent sound alone does not make for decent music. Decent sound is produced by decent lyrics, decent emotional return, decent context of where to hear the sound and decent appreciation of how much you access, payed and vainly feel you've connected with the artist...and it only works if the artist can continue stimulating and diversifying you with their songs.

If they simply created one of the best music in history, not only will that music not be popular compared to crappier music but if the rest of their music and followers have bad taste in's all a flash in the pan.

What this means is that...say you got skwire to be your recruit and skwire gets all your needs and gets all his needs and it's time to play the music.

Unless you have a human lyric analyzer like IainB for that outliner, you will never be able to get the "clipping of statistics" versus "plain clipping". Even IainB does not code for you, you need to hire him and listen to him simply so that skwire will have a more numerical outline workflow different from your average outliner.

...but neither are enough because one is biased (skwire) and another is neutral (IainB). You need another polarizing figure and a disagreeing figure to "create" magic.

You need a band who (hypothetically) can turn my hypothetical model of IainB's and skwire's special bullet points from this design:

Name of Clipped Page
(You have clipped 50% of this webpage)
[Clip page] - (click to reveal)
Dates involved: 1711 (link new timeline)
Locations involved: Great Britain (add another location)
Search events: South Sea Bubble

-Write on DC

and convert it with my hypothetical of TaoPhoenix's and App's interface model of:

Name of Clipped Page
(Clipped: 50%) [green button] (shows only honest highlights) [red button] (shows lies)

[Click to reveal dishonest outline of clip]

[Click to reveal honest outline of clip]

[Set TaoTags: Caring for dogs]

[Show Tao Notes]

Notice how those two interfaces while essentially having the same mechanic and dynamic changes in aesthetic simply by adding some of TaoPhoenix' view with that of App's philosophy of pure, honest, simple software. It's not always advanced functionality that's lacking in decent outliners but advanced visions of empathy, passion, utilization and "human building" (as opposed to machine learning).

Imagine how much more the interface can morph if you add Carol Haynes' vision, mouser's vision, Stephen[insertnumber]'s vision, kalos' vision, wraith808's vision, Renegade's vision, 40hz's vision, etc. (sorry for the users who weren't mentioned like tomos who I had in the back of my mind as a first name choice but for some reason my mind blanked out when I actually started to write)

You don't have to insert all these people's feature suggestions as it will bloat it up and change the focus of your guts but, again, I apologize for being crass but if you're a male dog lover: the boobs of a female dog lover looks different from the boobs of a female dog hater,

...however if you just keep dating a female dog lover instead of say a wolf dog lover. Your decent outliner can never evolve differently enough to meet your vision of outlining as you evolve and communicate more with people who have the same yet different vision for an outliner unless you can hire a programmer who just happens to have more of a hunger and knowledge than you do at pushing your vision.

It's the same with music. Unless it's great different music like say Aussie themed music rather than great American music, music stops being decent and we'll all just be trapped hearing the same annoying genre songs regardless of how great they are. Every song needs to go through a stage of rock and roll as well as tranquility as well as classical symphony. Similarly, every decent software needs to have a little bit of rebellious design within it's guts and you can only get those by having the vision to create boobs to produce the common weal out of different entities as opposed to the reverse where the common weal have become a community and they all get together to create a software. It just won't change things. People in or people in DC who are simply sold by the cash and guts will more often try to satisfice your guts while hoping they can get more of your cash.

If you want to create better but different (undervisionized) software, you need to be able to add boobs to the guts of your concept. It doesn't mean if it's hardware or software or a piece of paper like money or constitution. Any man can lament underproduction until they see the super production of wage slavery of outsourcing and factory work during the industrial age but what makes decent different outliners happen as it was envisioned or as it came from missing opportunity remains in the end the ability of boobs to magnetize both men and women of different visions and different needs to compromise and work together on something that turned out to be something not there.

P.S. Btw for those thinking I just want to be crass or apathetic or misogynist and I could have chosen a better analogy, I apologize but I simply can't think of any other concept that matches the same attributes as an analogy.

See the similar thing between boobs and outliners is that they can sometimes be in basics just fats. A guy can create boobs by being fat and getting manboobs. An outliner user can create a different outline simply by turning it into a PIM and adding the fat of tags and indexing of files without any creativity.

Both concepts though while simple attract vanities, philosophies and a who's who of people. Yes, in the shallowest of misogyny, it just attracts a man to a woman but in real social interactions...sometimes it's the woman who wear fake bras, sometimes it's the man who sees more rather than less with an A cup. It's also just not related to sex. There's breastfeeding, there's how the larger ones get in the way of athletics and hurt the spine, there's it's influence in the fictional depiction of comic book characters.

It has a harmonizing effect on par with say...the Founding Fathers of different principles and philosophies and different timelines coming together that differentiates itself from the hollow networking and recruiting of coders, marketers, salespeople. It's just a necessary coming together to create and send out both great undervisionized music and decent undervisionized outliners.

Maybe if I have a high charisma or this post was short then I could have dodged the analogy for an example but, as most of you know, I don't. It just fits the criteria of what I wanted to show. As with most of my posts, I pick the closest short word analogy I can think of at a moment's notice and unfortunately it just happens to be a word strongly associated with NSFW.

49  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: They're Still Standing or On Passion in Programming or The Soultron Lesson on: January 26, 2013, 06:02:29 PM
clean, just a suggestion but I think you are better off reframing the thread into a coding request for someone who will continue with manuscript.

Some people like skwire who tend to respond from a "feature request" PoV may not read to the last part and realize this is a recruitment thread because it's way below in your post.

Others may not quite follow the relation between decent outliner, music and manuscript. Not because of the presentation but because it's three different concepts. Sound, outline, drafting.

A clearer prototype or mock-up presentation of Manuscript would better clear up what decent outliners are. You also have to consider that outliners are not clippers too often. When you merge those two, you have to expect people to understand what type of outlining/clipping functionality and interface you really mean when you say decent.

Surfulator could be decent to someone who has no idea of it but the way you can't search or stumble on it accidentally by doing a search for FF Add-ons always held it back from the same potential testing base that services like Evernote provided.

You also did not explain what makes Zoot special conceptually.

Still...even with all this, DC may not be the right forum to do such recruiting. Maybe Hacker News or Stack Overflow or AskReddit could be your prime site but DC has no history of developing such a concept.

It's also worth mentioning that to many common users, OneNote and hardware like the Samsung Galaxy Note are what's known as decent outliners to them.

Ignoring the mentioning of how your decent outliner would differ from these programs will confuse your intended audience even if they understand the entire thread. Remember nowadays notes can be voice notes so keep in mind that when music is used as an analogy, you have to make sure you meant it as an analogy of passion and not that one of the features of a decent outliner is music/voice/Siri-capability.

50  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: POSTING 101 on: January 26, 2013, 04:07:28 PM
good idea app - a lot of people have trouble with attaching images.
I never actually knew about the picture button 40 mentions. I always used the 'Link inline image'
(which I find very obscure use of language: I dont even know what 'inline' means here; and I'm not linking, I'm uploading tellme)

I think that's intentional on mouser's side.

The forum is not really image host friendly as it might not scale well or the image might disappear. Also mass loading slows down too I think.

The image button is just there because it's a traditional toolbar template for most post editor so it's like killing two bird with one stone.

Those who know what they know still have what they want.
Those new to forums can apply the "recommended" way of doing the same function.

Inline means "inside" "line". It's the less powerful cousin of the word "embed" and the opposite of outline. It just means inside a bunch of letters, there's something inside like outline means outside a bunch of letters there are headers, sub-headers, chapters, etc. On occasions it can even be simply a synonym for inside depending on the knowledge of the reader on that particular function.

Embed would mean you can see the object once you inserted it as an attachment. Inline is like the red underline when you misspell a word. There's a "hint" to a greater feature (like [nobbc]) but no one really knows what it really all means unless you know what it should mean but at least it's inside of the text so it does not actually load anything and slow things down when editing.

Embedding an image would instantly show the image not only in the post editor but in the preview. See blog editors.

It's actually the word Link that makes things wrong IMO.

Not so confusing as to be unusable but whoever wrote it did not consider that the user sees the word attach and it should be Set Inline Attachments or Set Attached Image InPost.

Not really clearer but truer to the meaning and not requiring the reader to split the dual meaning of web link versus any other link.

I will say though, how can you not understand inline but know [nobbc]?! That's like the mother of confusing and elusive and redundant bbc code.  tongue

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