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126  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: How Much Do You Trust Wikipedia? on: November 18, 2012, 07:50:05 PM
Quote from: 40hz
Even the noblest attempts at providing accurate and unbiased information can easily be corrupted by carelessness, deliberate deception, or somebody in a positon of authority who is pursuing a personal agenda or "higher truth."

I think two things need to be distinguish here:

Wikipedia as an entity has never been a noble attempt much less the noblest attempt.

Accurate and unbiased information is in my opinion a red herring to a "higher truth". It would be like saying only left brain info is important. Wikipedia will never be as fast as Wikileaks and Wikileaks is also touted as a "higher truth" but even combined, the finishes product does not provide an attempt of accuracy and unbiased information that isn't tailored to information presented eventually to it's prime culture then it's sub-mass culture (the internet). It can and will not compromise on that limitation and the influential culture doesn't want it to either. (hence the ask model has also eluded Wikipedia and been transferred to things like Yahoo answers or Metafilter or Quora.)

Quote from: rgdot
If I have site that I only edit and it happened to rank high on search engines, I fill it with wrong info. That's bad right? At least Wikipedia can be corrected, checked and edited.

That's pre-social media though. It's very possible to have a collaborative Google Docs page. Forums tend to correct each other which is why it's flameworthy but also why the top mass forums can have more link worthy collections of context than Wikipedia.

More importantly the first need for any place where anything can be corrected, checked and edited is that it should be able to admit it is wrong.

That's where Wikipedia beat authoritative encyclopedias. By being able to wrong, it was able to be faster at accepting and promoting change and it had less agenda because wiki pages still had to compete with other authoritative pages. Google didn't just simply raised it as an immediate link and at the same time, it also competed with spiders. It was the first social curation site.

We're way pass that now. Nowadays even on just mainstream meta topics, we have redditors who would create subreddit of value instead of sticking around something that has reached the mass high point of bad such as the main reddit politics, we have pay club style forums such as Metafilter and SomethingAwful, we have twitter that amasses every G+ circle, friendfeed, vacuum events. That's not including past models such as forums administrated by mouser where polarizing opinions are more allowed or geographic news site that don't rely on a US-first bias like Wikipedia or Amazon/IMDB style reviews. The one page thing is such a micro-argument nowadays. Even those one page sites rely on publishing books to create traction for their blog and blogs that require linkback for their blog articles.

Even the statement for information overload is pass the point of notability now. Information came and for a while it was nice but media didn't leave and we are plenty brainwashed not just by media but by our own self-biases that it doesn't matter whether it's one biased site or one fully unbiased wiki. The net forgot to factor in "the read what we want to get out of this" nature of humanity and when it remembered the community site makers were ok with dumbing down our attitude into votes, discussion pages, Google top links, heated visitors...because that's what generates return visits and Wikipedia is not just the same victim to that, it was one of the prime proponents of that degeneration.

127  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Two classes of membership here? on: November 18, 2012, 07:23:21 PM
I was never here and there are always cops just as there are always cups.  tongue
128  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: How Much Do You Trust Wikipedia? on: November 18, 2012, 06:48:26 AM
I voted 0 but not because I distrust Wikipedia but rather wikis are a mirror to the internet.

In the ideal setting of the internet, wikis are great at bypassing the tl;dr creep that plagues many internet discussions. If every forum thread started out as a wiki first before that wiki then becomes a neutral group blog/google doc article that is then discussed by the internet, discussions would actually bear more information to the average internet reader. A true paradigm shift to the classic method of how footnotes should be used if you may and presented in a manner more addicting to click and research and less academically imposing and more casual friendly to comment.

...but it's not. Wiki became more of a reference/falling point and because Wiki's roots and boom came from Wikipedia, it kept many of the bad stuff of encyclopedia. The authoritarian end-text for introductionary subjects. The right pseudo-authoritative subject for Google to boost it's links up in searches (which ultimately was it's demise). For that it becomes a non-sequitur except to be 0% trusted for that is the simplest way to call for critical thinking.

The actual ratings don't matter above that. Even if you voted 1, what if a physics info is wrong? The ignorant can never tell, only those who regularly monitor Wikipedia can spot it so it becomes another forum even in the best of times and once that mistake is corrected, it's a praise for the Wiki while ignoring that it goes both ways for an Encyclopedia. If an Encyclopedia is consistantly mistaken, then it's bad as an end reference link, but it's great as the beginning point of a forum level type of discussion.

...and that's just one floor below the sad but already established belief in wikis. Going deeper could fill up an entire forum because it goes to the heart of everything. Questions such as:

Why do encyclopedias have to be authoritative in the modern era anyway?

Why and how casual should simple wiki-encyclopedias be presented as?

How should wikis reduce their rules to reduce their bureaucratic hive mind as well as to make it easier for someone to just jump in without being bombarded by acronyms?

What can be done with a problematic wiki site once it has become an established website to debunk it's flaws?

It's not just a deep and shallow subject. It is seeing a zit in the mirror. Should you trust yourself into thinking it's harmless? Should you trust yourself into thinking it's harmless enough because it's common? Should you trust the 1st doctor? Should you distrust every zit as harmless because you were once unlucky to get a life threatening zit? ...and how much knowledge/information with your own zit should you pass along as authoritative statements for the zits of others especially on web level general info? Like how true is it that your grandparents are stressing you out to the point of suicide because of the existence of a single zit or a link showing evidence that one guy who committed suicide had a zit in the same spot and documented it's notability which then existed in a wiki article which then gets put on a pedestal when used as a link?

129  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Two classes of membership here? on: November 18, 2012, 06:25:15 AM
@PaulKeith - quick question. Did you read this entire thread and the one that this one emerged out of?

I read this entire thread but am unsure of which thread emerged out of this thread so probably not.

I think worstje demonstrated that either is unnecessary and it can be confined into a general statement.

As for the puzzling aspect: it can be easily distinguished into, I'm not overtly praising nor overtly against what mouser is doing. Doing so would be counter to my statement that if there's any notable moral merit to why clean is reacting with the lap dog statement, it would be because we are not above the general characteristics of what a forum is and the general characteristics of most forum are bad: new comers who don't know group rules if not blamed outright are being told to excuse their emotions because these are the so and so limits of forums, mods/admins not only throwing their weight around and inserting bias between admitted mistakes/calls for decorum on both sides, calls for brotherhood in cases where there might be a singular enemy found but then individual as individual when the idea of a group is no longer beneficial to establish a defense against newcomers.

Essentially we're the same breed as most forums. Just a milder and less biased extreme that at times can forget that and step closer to the average forum attitude expressed in most forums across the internet. As a consequence, certain new comers who find themselves receiving that treatment can easily assume we're no better than the forums and we can't blame them since they don't have much experience or information to serve as reference for mouser's attitude/ our experiences/beliefs with mouser. It doesn't even matter if it turns out this time the poster was a troll or this time the poster was extremely rude or this time it's some other exception to the rule. The principle of the statement remains true that any new comer exposed to a hint of a nice senior cop-bad subcop can't be blamed for calling out an observation whose hints are common all across forums.
130  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Two classes of membership here? on: November 18, 2012, 12:25:53 AM
That's what the lapdogs are for: nice senior cop, bad sub-cops: the work is done, and that's what counts.

Actually... not.  I actually totally agree with a lot of the bad sub-cops and think that certain things should be regulated.  In every case (not just a few that come to light because of dissenters), Mouser chimes in on the side of let it slide, no matter what happens.  That's why everyone jumped in on mouser's side- no matter if you agree or disagree on his policies, etc., he won't censor nor jump in, except in the case of spam, and won't even really defend, other than the most passive of ways.  People that lead by example like that, and don't take offense tend to garner support as they don't cross the line even to defend themselves.

Sorry if your experience has made you assume otherwise, but he's very much always been the voice of reason.  I've found myself on the other side of some of his opinions, and found myself less for that- mostly because in the end, reason used well is more than a match for any sort of righteous indignation.

Can't blame him. It's common in the internet and if he felt passionate about his posts being removed, even more so.

I think one thing to keep in mind for the future is the idea two posts hurts more than one.

Everyone keeps bringing up first post but someone who was banned for their 1st post is more likely to be pissed and contact mouser or leave forever with no comment.

Someone who has one of their post enter circulation and then get banned after their 2nd post would much more likelier feel corruption/censorship was afoot.

I think another flaw with this being a public topic is that it can cross the line between explaining the situation and defending the admin as more personality enters the thread.

It's not like we're acting any better.

Without getting into specifics (of details I don't know of)

The whole established community is typical of a sub-cop behaviour and it's typical of many forums. There used to be a time when this card isn't pulled here/and there were less mouser defenders. We let mouser do his job and we share our personal stake. Nowadays, we're more groupthinky but then we don't get enough troubles to really be a "we" but anyone who sees us saying something nice about mouser is likely to think that we're a "we" since they don't have any idea of who the troublesome posters are. They have to rely on certain established usernames they follow until they actually post.

The only position we're slightly above of is that we don't gangbang on users but that still doesn't change the times we may make a joke inside a topic where the thread maker may be feeling the strains of serious drama.

Equally, mouser is not really as reasonable as many of us are depicting him with our words. This is typical behaviour for forum admins:

can't say I get the warmest feeling from the posts you have made recently

It's a common boss admin power statement and mouser's not above this.

The only difference is that mouser is really a reasonable admin who can admit his mistakes and is willing to converse with us beyond the normal levels of reasonable admin. That doesn't change the reality that any newcomer who hears words like this wouldn't immediately expect forum admin corruption or at least expect that only forum sycophants can get away with saying anything controversial.

It doesn't mean mouser should never use these words nor was he wrong/I'm morally against him stating these words. It's just the bare reality, we're not a 100% rational forum community. This is still one of the best forums out there and mouser is a reason for that but we're not a group of people that is above hypocrisy such as the Bartelsmedia statement may have applied back when DC didn't have a The Basement section but not anymore or the idea of group of friends when many of us argue within our community all the time and it was these heated arguments that made us respect mouser's way of being an admin. Not the fact that we're posters that are similar to many forums where we get along because we always share the same ideas or we're smart enough to avoid being banned everytime we say something controversial. Even the first post rule, the mere suggestion of it, shows given a chance we'd rather abide by the same hypocritical and irrational idea of raising a rule as events were forecoming rather than let this situation play out and only after do we establish a rule in order to avoid making the victim sound like it's their fault for being dumb at not being a rule/forum veteran when they first signed up.

131  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Does the browser Opera suck? on: November 16, 2012, 11:33:56 PM
I would leave Internet Explorer as many people blame it for security reasons. In fact in the last months I have been sometimes victim of redirections towards unwanted website.
Some days ago I began to use Opera with Ghostery and AdBlock. First of all I disabled the "Automatic Redirection". I was happy!
But I soon found out severe drawbacks.

1) when I click on a link, when I want to go in that website, Opera often asks me the permission. That is just annoying and useless as my operation is not a redirection by an intruder website: it's a direct operation by the user, it's the will of the user.
It's still more deplorable when the destination address is similar to the starting address. For example, if I am in and I want to go in it's obvious it's not a redirection by an intruder website

2) if I choose certain websites from the address bar (like and Opera brings me to that website. It's right. But I see nothing. I see a white empty page


3) setting the fonts of the characters for the websites is a great confusion. I haven't found a help page

4) characters are badly readable as their stroke is very thin, thinner than the characters we usually see in all the other programs (note: the stroke is thin, while the height is normal)

5) from the address bar it's possible to see the list of the recent websites (just like in Internet Explorer). They are badly readable as they are pale blue on a white background. Besides I can't delete the useless ones

Is there a solution for those drawbacks? Or must I come back to the "dangerous" but relaxing Internet Explorer?

#2 - Both links load fine to my Opera 12.10

#3 - Font settings is tricky but try clicking shift+g. It would remove certain elements and go to the font you set in CTRL + F12 preference

#5 - Shfit + F12, Toolbars, check start bar, click address bar space ...minibar opens to top 10 buton
132  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Sign of the times for OpenSource software? on: November 14, 2012, 02:33:27 PM
I don't really think it's a corporatist nor capitalist issue. FOSS is a rep for the communist utopian by-product in a vacuum.

I don't mean to use communism as a bad label but more like, thanks to software's role and model, all the horrible stuff about resources that befalls communism is removed and all the strength of communism shows: wide availability, eternal backups, initial fad bazaars, allowance for a business model possible thus giving the illusion that capitalism can be dropped/minimalized (when in socialism).

This is as close as it is to it's ideal form but this is what happens when you don't suck people dry. The proverbial common missing shoe that both socialist and communist don't realize is the subtle long term reason why despite all it's good, something that doesn't suck things to be dried will always stagnate when it comes time to do more than just start/continue a project in stable times. I consider it the phenomena of "the people with houses are ones who end up rarely maximizing the space for those houses" phenomena because the security/perceived current stability of the house makes for a good justification why enough is enough and only trinkets like wallpapers or furnitures need to be modified until times of constant disasters where the recreation of multiple geo-/politico-/type of emergency bunkers is more important than the recreation of similar houses.

Not sucking things dry goes both ways. Yes, you don't overwork people but the society/culture doesn't feel like training people too. What happens is both copycat mentality at it's strongest for a competitive already released product but there's no desire by the same fans to ensure you're sucking dry the passion to train a future improver with a specific target for your specific app other than volunteers maintaining a software and when you go that route, there can only be enough symbols for the people to rally behind on without the hierarchy falling back down to popular gets most attention/a savant saviour eventually adding something that is in long need of due being a justification for why the system work/is better than the failures of capitalism and everything else below that tier is "mass psychologically" treating everyone (end users/devs/volunteers) to perceive the product as the "penultimate" finished product at it's best times that is good for now and on pace for the future and one that can be slowly worked on and barely needs improvements over other software because of the chance of breaking something else.

As a basic example as to why I disagree that in comes down to basic resources of time and money, many peak open source projects garner fans that are hostile towards a passionate introduction for new features when time and money are at a high and in many mass FOSS projects, the project fosters a religious identity of "people who already have or may have the skills" working together voluntarily. In an ideal free capitalist system, this wouldn't work. Businesses fall apart so often that makers understand the necessity of training beyond the mere recruiting of skilled workers. Free/cheap stuff that needs to be improved require more and more manpower but lack more and more "properly synchronized with school graduates" that in-house training and external contracts is so much a desperate need that in the worse of times, something unforeseen, like the need to hire a maid to clean your office or to ensure marketing your spot as a regular place for work even cheap menial work becomes just as much part of the software maintenance project as the nitty gritty of the actual software that the awareness is different and the direction becomes more specific beyond specific.

Even in it's most basic corporate structure, an employer in a corporate state would want to ensure his reputation for his next job/or so that his legacy would be remembered for the safe being of his family which is something a total fascist state or a socialist prepared for a communist era would rarely care about beyond the basic small standard of being seen as a good person and the byproduct of that is something like software would rarely be on the list of things that a developer would want to "leave behind in good hands" compared to an executive job or their family or the software that made their names on par with a Linus.
133  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: create local webpage for archiving and organizing data on: November 14, 2012, 01:58:07 PM
I think what kalos is looking for is a PIM that acts like a webpage but is in reality a notetaker with TreeSheets support.

Say a Tiddlywiki with a specific tooltip or a variation of Knowsy Notes where instead of Knowsy Notes just clicking and opening a text note in a single editor, it's an MDI that can be clicked to set to a new window.

ConnectedText + Vue would be very close but they don't necessarily need a software that can mimic a wiki webpage but a software that can mimic another version of a webpage (designed with the intention of it not being a wiki) but as a desktop app/local webpage.

Might still want to check out ConnectedText kalos. It might not be a local webpage but it might be good enough.  A reverse of the wiki process is Scrivener. You can try it's step by step tutorial. It's more of a novel writing word processor but what it does is that it uses the corkboard as a personal wiki so you don't get a pop-up (except tooltip) but you get an inspector sidebar for your text synopsis that can have pictures too where you normally need a full blown diagram Mindmap in certain programs like ConnectedText.

If you're going full HTML, there are outliners boasting these types of in-built HTML Editors but they are nowhere close to an archiver or organizer of local webpages:
134  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: create local webpage for archiving and organizing data on: November 14, 2012, 06:01:54 AM
I can't speak for platforms but I've been wondering if anyone here has experience with this software:

It's not a site creator though from the sound of it.

Just throwing out impressions from a non-coder perspective:
  • syntax/mark-up self interpreter appears to be the new WYSIWYG backed up by a button for a help file (think writemonkey/
  • I'm still impressed by how the software Knowsy Notes can elegantly create tables using the | symbol. Can't find many apps that can do that while also insta-create text/.csv files
  • Scrivener and Lyx uses corkboards and while not diagrams, have very powerful tweaks to personal wiki clicking
135  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Our Mind at War (Old Ian McGilchrist Youtube Video) on: November 13, 2012, 10:50:29 PM
Just saw:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

00:20 - Gerard Manley Hopkins poetic quote
2:30 - Fuzzy Mental Illness
3:47 - Not the best way to do surveys
4:08 - Operationalization
4:56 - PTSD/Asperger's recently invented
6:24 - Immigrant generation
10:58 - Betrayal of Trust in an Institution/Operationalized People Losing Trust
11:39 - Selfish Gene anecdote
11:59 - Algorithmns and targets in Education and Medicine
12:24 - The Not Good Things We Ask of People
12:59 - It's not just the Ill that need Therapy
13:48 - What does this all got to do with the Brain?
14:30 - Nowadays We Believe the World is Built like a Machine
15:49 - Metaphor is the Base of Language not Decoration to Words
16:29 - Even Logic is an Intuition
16:50 - Rationalizing as a Computer
18:00 - We have an Unstable Vision of the World as though we were Geiger Counters or Cameras or Post-Modernists
18:57 - Attention Alters the World
19:30 - Context is Everything
22:00 - How, Not What when it Comes to Left/Right Brain
22:44 - It's not about Thinking vs. Feeling but about Attention
27:14 - The Machiavellian Brain
28:24 - Your only Hope when withdrawing from the World
29:09 - Left/Virtual Offline World; Right/To Relate
29:52 - Hierarchy of Attention
32:23 - Individuals are just Gestault
34:30 - Connotation vs. Dennotation
36:50 - The Porcupine is a Monkey
38: 28 - Left Hemisphere as Polisher/Right Hemisphere as Tarnisher
39:55 - We need Division and we need Union

136  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Two classes of membership here? on: November 13, 2012, 09:58:20 PM
I have no idea but I would extend it beyond what TinMan is saying.

Because of who mouser is, he has developed a community where laundry airing is more helpful rather than troublesome as would normally happen.

This is because

1) the community is more united at clearing things up rather than looking to "lure" someone to be moderated as this is the true "no need for PR/mouser praising" fruit that has been cultivated in this forum.


2) the community's version of censorship (if any exist) here leads to more discussion and clarification until users get tired of listening to each other so a topic such as this gets more users going into inquisitive and detailed personal views about why they are doubtful that a certain censorship happen almost to the point of making us all seem like mouser nuthuggers than objective users willing to simply help you because we're all used to giving our "heart" to any subject thanks to how mouser and the mods handle the forum that we don't see you as another victim by the internet ghetto but a particular specific individual user who has somehow been legitimately ran over by a person whom we sincerely believed may have just ran over you without seeing you and all the posters replying here are willing to immediately clear things up not only for the forum rep's benefit but to legitimately be able to leave no stone unturned in helping you resolve such a serious matter even when you try to be vague.
137  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: What web sites would deserve more attention? on: September 30, 2012, 10:38:20 PM
The big 3 of the DonationCoder blog sounds apt:

App's Cranial Soup

Skwire's Blog

and I forgot the other. Could be used to reserve mouser's kickstarter page.

I also think not many people know that Yandex is the new no hassle e-mail account registration service.

DuckDuckGo still has a long way to go. is always an underrated service.
138  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Old List of Text Based Sims via Face Punch on: September 20, 2012, 08:42:55 AM
I've only seen this thread now but even if you know most of these games, you're bound to find some games you haven't heard of:

If the page seems blank initially, you might need Opera's fit to width settings or just use the horizontal scroll bars in any browser.

Speaking only of the name of the games I've played, almost all of them are worthwhile. Even the ones without screenshots.

Sadly each entry has no specific guide so certain games that might have mods/might have editors aren't given their proper due with one exception: There's an incomplete English patch for Game Dev Story 2 for the PC.
139  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: General brainstorming for Note-taking software on: September 20, 2012, 03:45:33 AM
Copy pasted from my reply:

It's sad that no one mentioned the multi-bar in this thread and you had to actually click on the demo. It's actually an exclusive feature of the software.

There's only like one or two notetaking services that do that and only this software and Remember the Milk comes to mind at the moment.

RTM can auto-format to-do lists and this one can create date logs, titles and csv from the bar.

For the price though, I would have at least wanted a direct Dropbox support/direct portable installation and native cross-platform software but the fact that I'm talking about price at all when I'm not usually a buyer shows how excited I was of hearing this.

Where are the people who make this threads? I bet they would be more excited:


It also has a basic right click filter view which puts this thing in the category of a barebone file explorer albeit with the caveat that it only filters through a limited set of folders and only have 3 bookmark buttons. (Which for this kind of software is a good thing.)

If there's one criticism for this program, it's that it uses slow double click to rename instead of the F2 button which doesn't work really well and the focus keyboard shortcuts are too far apart. You need to click Ctrl+Alt+N/R/F/D/M. These shortcuts also don't appear to work in Virtualbox.
140  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Re: The story of Origin/Ultima/EA on: September 19, 2012, 02:07:23 PM
You want necro-posting? Someone find me the Trip Hawkins quote for High Heat Baseball. I can't find that in Google anywhere.

This one?
High Heat 2004 is Up to Bat
"Since its debut on the PC in 1998, High Heat Baseball has garnered critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan base," said Trip Hawkins, chief executive officer of The 3DO Company. "By recreating the foundation of High Heat for the PC, we intend to reward those fans by continuing to take the game to new heights."

Nah. It's as outlandish as the cover quote in the official box cover on Gamefaqs.

It went something like... 5/5 or best baseball game or something like that.

This from a PSX videogame who was going 3d for the first time and looked like a 3do baseball game on the PSX (meaning it was not only the ugliest baseball game, it was also one of the ugliest game of any genre for the console)
141  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Looking for help on how this works for someone who doesn't know Windows Surface on: September 19, 2012, 09:06:34 AM
This was recently posted in HN and it sounds cool but I don't know how to make the setup work especially as I don't have the hardware and I don't understand what Windows 8 had to do with this:

For a while now I’ve been telling people that Microsoft will become the new cool, the inventive underdog, and I still believe that. Windows 8 may be a huge gamble for Microsoft, but Windows 8 RT is a clear win for me.

Microsoft understands the keyboard. I can start, switch and control apps without leaving the keyboard. The device even comes with one.

Sometimes it’s really nice to have two windows open, especially when using video output to a larger monitor. I think the Windows 8 side-dock idea will suit me very well.

Love or hate Internet Explorer 10, I have every expectation that we’ll see the real rendering engine on Windows RT. I don’t care what they call it, if I can run LightTable and Google Docs without gouging my eyes out, I’ll be happy.

Last but not least, the Metro vibe feels fresh and new and I’m intrigued by Microsoft’s choice to make Javascript + HTML5 a first-class way to develop for the system. I’m already looking forward to hacking my own tiles together to smooth my workflow and simplify my day.

Perhaps in a year’s time I’ll be switching to another client. It doesn’t matter, and that’s the beauty of this setup - its flexibility. For me, though, this coming year will be the year of the Surface.
142  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Re: The story of Origin/Ultima/EA on: September 18, 2012, 09:52:40 PM
Complimentary post:

You want necro-posting? Someone find me the Trip Hawkins quote for High Heat Baseball. I can't find that in Google anywhere.

Never has a bad game had that high of a testimonial pasted everywhere in it's ad.
143  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: In Search Of Good Web Based RSS Reader on: September 18, 2012, 05:45:00 AM
The auto mark as read off feature has been there for awhile. (At least as old as the previous version of Google Reader.)

Sadly there's no clear alternative. Bloglovin has a shorter tolerance for read messages but it has a clearer mark as read button. Newsblur is the only other new web rss reader that isn't based on Google Reader.

If you want better Google Reader lay-outs that doesn't implode on itself, you're still stuck with installing something like Feedly on your browser which uses Google Reader on top of it.

My personal preference for implosion handling though is Feedsquare which again is an interface built on top of Google Reader feeds There's a much more powerful version called Newsquare but I don't use that because it puts me on notification hell.

All those require split minute installations sadly.
144  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PaintSupreme: Wacom tablet support including pressure sensitivity on: September 17, 2012, 08:51:40 PM
Quote from: Daryl
Shame the giveaway doesn’t include the linux version.

Plus the expected list of freeware/alternatives well known to GOTD comments by now:

Quote from: Giovanni
Nice Image Editor today which does what it claims pretty well!!

It sports an impressive amount of powerful layer-based editing with powerful options (Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone tool etc…), which altogether can make the enhancement of your images a breeze. And the price is just for once pretty cheap as well, considering the impressive array of advanced editing tools it can provide….so honestly, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to complain about!!

Full review here:

So THUMBS UP from me!!

That being said, I think that even this field is pretty much SATURATED nowadays….what do you make of it, folks?? LOL!!

* (Portable) StylePix (==> COOL lightweight app)


(Video) Tutorials:

* Portable FreeVimager
 Great free image viewer, editor, converter and slideshow maker which can even play AVI video files and some type of audio files in a couple of mouse clicks.

* Portable RealWorld Paint 2011.1
 Very handy and reliable FREE app which makes image editing a breeze. The editor supports Photoshop, GIMP, files and animated GIFs. It can remove blemishes & red eyes from your pics in a couple of mouse clicks, as well as resize and crop them with ease, providing advanced photo-retouching utilities such as its Clone and/or Shapeshifter tool (Liquify in Photoshop’s terms).

* Funny PhotoMaker
 Amazing FREE Image editor app, which helps you edit your photos with over 150 stunning photo frames, face fun & artistic 3D effects and then export them in image file and GIF animation.

* Phoxo



* Paint.NET



* Pixia and Phierha

* Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free 1.20

 Very powerful FREE post-production software for retouching both your videos and pictures in one go. In short it helps you transform your pictures into professional video files, as well as edit and encode your video sequences.

* 8 FREE ONLINE IMAGE EDITORS (Free Photoshop alternatives and photo quick-fix tools)

Dudes….despite appreciating very much your marvellous service, I believe that we’d need something NEW & ORIGINAL which cannot be found elsewhere using FREEWARE ALTERNATIVES (at least until Giovanni is here with his huge list of FREEWARE…LOL!!), otherwise it doesn’t make sense to download any GAOTDs, taking also into account the impossibility to upgrade them to future versions.

In such case, why the earth should I install a software like this in my machine, without having the ability to update it, if the freeware “Stylepix” (first program above) can do the same things and even more for FREE without installing anything in my machine?

LOL…oh yes, I know what you think about me now: Giovanni is an awkard character here….give us troubles…. is that right??

145  Other Software / Programming School / Re: How much does this apply to coders that avoid the cloud and startup development? on: September 16, 2012, 08:07:25 AM
By "we" do you mean where you work or DC?

I'm also not really familiar about widgets except by name. By little widgets do you mean the NANY software and coding requests or do you mean "little" widgets as in GUI elements?

The session manager thing kind of threw me off from blind guessing. I had to keep rereading to see that you didn't mean get lunch, re-open the window and the program still keeps auto-collecting links which probably isn't what you meant.

Also isn't the way it's normally done having an idea go through a seed accelerator like ycombinator which would reduce most of the albatross psychology?

I think the hardest thing with putting these into classes like games in one class is that there are games trying to be disruptive and then there are games trying to be revolutionary and then of course there are games accidentally becoming either and that applies to all classes too except for the complicated software/hardware managers such as Operating Systems and even Linus' work paid off from trying to reverse engineer Unix.

Especially for a beginning non-coder, it's very hard to really see what coders see in something from everything from tech documentation to suddenly switching platforms to just future outlining the direction of a project as it goes along.
146  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter on: September 15, 2012, 11:23:57 PM
Some videos have been removed?
147  Other Software / Programming School / How much does this apply to coders that avoid the cloud and startup development? on: September 15, 2012, 11:17:54 PM
...especially when it comes to learning the grind and doing the proper research or just throwing out a basic software to be kickstarted:

Direct link to the conference talk:


“We need revolution, not disruption,” he said, words that would be easy to characterize as platitudes if he were not working hard at uprooting a few global institutions. Even so, the sentiment did not entirely match the tone of the conference that was to follow.

Whether you want to call it a bubble or not, it’s not controversial to say that there are millions upon millions of dollars going to ideas, services, and sites that will be dead or irrelevant in a year or two. The metaphor of the Cambrian explosion has been employed, of course. Tellingly, the Wikipedia article for it reads “most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies.” What a marvelously apt description of the creatures I saw on display this week!

A great number of the startups (a word that is beginning to lose all meaning, by the way) that I saw were aimed at solving problems so trifling that the first objective of many pitches was to alert the audience that they exist. Is this healthy? Yes and no.
A mixed bag

Now, I don’t want to slander the conference or the many interesting and promising startups that were also there, of course (really, there were a lot; the graphic above is mostly for satirical purposes). And this isn’t one of those occasional posts suggesting everyone quit their job and go volunteer in the Peace Corps. But those single-cell organisms were not some rare exception. I’m not going to lie; I frequently overheard pitches and product descriptions that made me fear for the sanity of the industry. Yet when I tried to argue (in an earlier draft of this article, in fact) against the existence of these grotesques, my reasoning faltered.

The thing is that trying to establish the lunacy of location-based speed dating, or geofenced task lists, or voice-activated ticket purchases, or cloud-based lecture note marketplaces, is that there’s really nothing wrong with these ideas. No more, anyway, than with the millions of products and services that have fallen by the wayside over the last century — three-wheeled cars, BeOS, personal neck-cooling devices. Some disappear harmlessly, some are vindicated years later. At worst they are unnecessary, and at best they are ahead of their time.

And how will dating, or to-do lists, or buying tickets, or study groups, advance in this era of instant communication and dynamic networks, if not through the same things that have advanced everything from cave axes to particle physics: experimentation, mistakes, and the occasional total catastrophe? They won’t. Progress is like a jigsaw puzzle that extends forever, and occasionally something like the internet or iPhone drops a huge batch of new pieces on the table. The players start sorting, testing, and rearranging, and, like a real puzzle, a few false starts are to be expected.

So it’s not that small problems don’t need solving, or that the wrong problems are being solved. Then whence this instinctive disgust I felt, besides from my natural loathing of the conspicuously unnecessary?
Lazy architecture

Here’s the real problem: a lack of ambition.

I don’t mean pecuniary ambition. There was no shortage of that. You would think presenters were hosting an episode of Cosmos as they described the constellations of riches that are, they assured us, there for the taking. Billions and billions!

Nor is it that they think their product will have no effect. As usual, everything was a “revolutionary” new way to [fill in the blank]. (One company, very promising, actually, was in fact literally a revolutionary new way fill in the blank.)

No, it was their means that repelled me. The way so many were going about their job of fitting those puzzle pieces together. Instead of working diligently to assemble something truly worthwhile (a subjective judgment, to be sure, and I am calloused from long exposure, but let us be honest), they took two or three of the nearest pieces, or the latest ones to fall on the table, and mashed them into each other — making them “fit” the way a toddler might. Now, random recombination is a great way for evolution to occur over millions of years, but intelligent design it ain’t. It is depressing and distressing to see grown men and women approaching problems with such an unsophisticated and, frankly, opportunistic method.

I saw it in needless social integration, in feature bloat, in shoehorned API usage, and occasionally in a new phenomenon whereby the product itself seems to have been created in order to fit the constraints of the just-clever-enough portmanteau they chose for a name. Just because “location” kind of sounds like “Loc-Asian” doesn’t mean there should be a service that lets you find nearby Thai and Chinese food. Nor should you make “Fellaphone,” a service that solicits bids from local handymen for a designated task (I could make these up all day). And so on. These solutions to perceived needs are so rigidly constructed and precise that, like so many things on the web, their life is just a countdown to irrelevance.


Doug Crets:

Lack of ambition? Or... lack of experience in the marketplaces they want to disrupt, or with the problem sets they think they are solving, from the perspective of their customers? Some of the hacks and some of the companies I saw pitch at Disrupt seem to fall short primarily because the people involved in making them fell short of doing enough leg work and research to know just what it was they were trying to solve? A problem rises out of experience, not out of assumption.
148  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Community Documentation done right - Slackware's new 'doc' project. on: September 14, 2012, 10:24:04 AM
It used to be much clearer back in the day but nowadays there are wiki (each with their own sub-rule on what QC is), Quora-like systems, notifications and there are some portal-type websites like Mint which functions differently from a wiki but is part Yahoo Answers/Part How To manual/Part forum but is not really the forum but because of that has much easier random info for non power-users albeit there's only a few users really contributing to it.

I really hope this turns out well and doesn't just become an equivalent clone of the Arch Linux wiki which is great but Linux's right documentation tends to be written toward the reading audience who don't need to read most of the tech documentations like the beginner's guide sections.
149  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Community Documentation done right - Slackware's new 'doc' project. on: September 14, 2012, 09:28:35 AM
It's good news but I couldn't spot where the community documentation done right part is.

In fact, in that main page alone there's 5 links under the Getting Started section with at least 2-3 links being better off not being there.

Are the improvements more from a behind scenes improvement such as backups?

I admit I did skim it though and ignore most of the section on artwork and sidebars and this reads contradictory to my eyes:

[Not implemented yet] Our goal is to give you total creative freedom when writing content for the Wiki. But for the sake of quality assurance, we ask you to co-operate with one of our editors.

I'm sure they are planning some exciting changes but I just couldn't figure out. Can anyone spell it out?
150  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / TedTalks: Voices Inside the Iphone on: September 14, 2012, 02:49:13 AM
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