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126  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: In Search Of Good Web Based RSS Reader on: September 18, 2012, 05:45:00 AM
The auto mark as read off feature has been there for awhile. (At least as old as the previous version of Google Reader.)

Sadly there's no clear alternative. Bloglovin has a shorter tolerance for read messages but it has a clearer mark as read button. Newsblur is the only other new web rss reader that isn't based on Google Reader.

If you want better Google Reader lay-outs that doesn't implode on itself, you're still stuck with installing something like Feedly on your browser which uses Google Reader on top of it.

My personal preference for implosion handling though is Feedsquare which again is an interface built on top of Google Reader feeds https://chrome.google.com...blobiogkkeedfnjkldecloidi. There's a much more powerful version called Newsquare but I don't use that because it puts me on notification hell.

All those require split minute installations sadly.
127  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PaintSupreme: Wacom tablet support including pressure sensitivity on: September 17, 2012, 08:51:40 PM
Quote from: Daryl
Shame the giveaway doesn’t include the linux version.

Plus the expected list of freeware/alternatives well known to GOTD comments by now:

Quote from: Giovanni
Nice Image Editor today which does what it claims pretty well!!

It sports an impressive amount of powerful layer-based editing with powerful options (Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone tool etc…), which altogether can make the enhancement of your images a breeze. And the price is just for once pretty cheap as well, considering the impressive array of advanced editing tools it can provide….so honestly, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to complain about!!

Full review here:

So THUMBS UP from me!!

That being said, I think that even this field is pretty much SATURATED nowadays….what do you make of it, folks?? LOL!!

* (Portable) StylePix (==> COOL lightweight app)


(Video) Tutorials:

* Portable FreeVimager
 Great free image viewer, editor, converter and slideshow maker which can even play AVI video files and some type of audio files in a couple of mouse clicks.


* Portable RealWorld Paint 2011.1
 Very handy and reliable FREE app which makes image editing a breeze. The editor supports Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.net files and animated GIFs. It can remove blemishes & red eyes from your pics in a couple of mouse clicks, as well as resize and crop them with ease, providing advanced photo-retouching utilities such as its Clone and/or Shapeshifter tool (Liquify in Photoshop’s terms).


* Funny PhotoMaker
 Amazing FREE Image editor app, which helps you edit your photos with over 150 stunning photo frames, face fun & artistic 3D effects and then export them in image file and GIF animation.


* Phoxo



* Paint.NET



* Pixia and Phierha

* Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Free 1.20

 Very powerful FREE post-production software for retouching both your videos and pictures in one go. In short it helps you transform your pictures into professional video files, as well as edit and encode your video sequences.


* 8 FREE ONLINE IMAGE EDITORS (Free Photoshop alternatives and photo quick-fix tools)


Dudes….despite appreciating very much your marvellous service, I believe that we’d need something NEW & ORIGINAL which cannot be found elsewhere using FREEWARE ALTERNATIVES (at least until Giovanni is here with his huge list of FREEWARE…LOL!!), otherwise it doesn’t make sense to download any GAOTDs, taking also into account the impossibility to upgrade them to future versions.

In such case, why the earth should I install a software like this in my machine, without having the ability to update it, if the freeware “Stylepix” (first program above) can do the same things and even more for FREE without installing anything in my machine?

LOL…oh yes, I know what you think about me now: Giovanni is an awkard character here….give us troubles…. is that right??

128  Other Software / Programming School / Re: How much does this apply to coders that avoid the cloud and startup development? on: September 16, 2012, 08:07:25 AM
By "we" do you mean where you work or DC?

I'm also not really familiar about widgets except by name. By little widgets do you mean the NANY software and coding requests or do you mean "little" widgets as in GUI elements?

The session manager thing kind of threw me off from blind guessing. I had to keep rereading to see that you didn't mean get lunch, re-open the window and the program still keeps auto-collecting links which probably isn't what you meant.

Also isn't the way it's normally done having an idea go through a seed accelerator like ycombinator which would reduce most of the albatross psychology?

I think the hardest thing with putting these into classes like games in one class is that there are games trying to be disruptive and then there are games trying to be revolutionary and then of course there are games accidentally becoming either and that applies to all classes too except for the complicated software/hardware managers such as Operating Systems and even Linus' work paid off from trying to reverse engineer Unix.

Especially for a beginning non-coder, it's very hard to really see what coders see in something from everything from tech documentation to suddenly switching platforms to just future outlining the direction of a project as it goes along.
129  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter on: September 15, 2012, 11:23:57 PM
Some videos have been removed?
130  Other Software / Programming School / How much does this apply to coders that avoid the cloud and startup development? on: September 15, 2012, 11:17:54 PM
...especially when it comes to learning the grind and doing the proper research or just throwing out a basic software to be kickstarted:


Direct link to the conference talk: http://techcrunch.com/201...evolution-not-disruption/


“We need revolution, not disruption,” he said, words that would be easy to characterize as platitudes if he were not working hard at uprooting a few global institutions. Even so, the sentiment did not entirely match the tone of the conference that was to follow.

Whether you want to call it a bubble or not, it’s not controversial to say that there are millions upon millions of dollars going to ideas, services, and sites that will be dead or irrelevant in a year or two. The metaphor of the Cambrian explosion has been employed, of course. Tellingly, the Wikipedia article for it reads “most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies.” What a marvelously apt description of the creatures I saw on display this week!

A great number of the startups (a word that is beginning to lose all meaning, by the way) that I saw were aimed at solving problems so trifling that the first objective of many pitches was to alert the audience that they exist. Is this healthy? Yes and no.
A mixed bag

Now, I don’t want to slander the conference or the many interesting and promising startups that were also there, of course (really, there were a lot; the graphic above is mostly for satirical purposes). And this isn’t one of those occasional posts suggesting everyone quit their job and go volunteer in the Peace Corps. But those single-cell organisms were not some rare exception. I’m not going to lie; I frequently overheard pitches and product descriptions that made me fear for the sanity of the industry. Yet when I tried to argue (in an earlier draft of this article, in fact) against the existence of these grotesques, my reasoning faltered.

The thing is that trying to establish the lunacy of location-based speed dating, or geofenced task lists, or voice-activated ticket purchases, or cloud-based lecture note marketplaces, is that there’s really nothing wrong with these ideas. No more, anyway, than with the millions of products and services that have fallen by the wayside over the last century — three-wheeled cars, BeOS, personal neck-cooling devices. Some disappear harmlessly, some are vindicated years later. At worst they are unnecessary, and at best they are ahead of their time.

And how will dating, or to-do lists, or buying tickets, or study groups, advance in this era of instant communication and dynamic networks, if not through the same things that have advanced everything from cave axes to particle physics: experimentation, mistakes, and the occasional total catastrophe? They won’t. Progress is like a jigsaw puzzle that extends forever, and occasionally something like the internet or iPhone drops a huge batch of new pieces on the table. The players start sorting, testing, and rearranging, and, like a real puzzle, a few false starts are to be expected.

So it’s not that small problems don’t need solving, or that the wrong problems are being solved. Then whence this instinctive disgust I felt, besides from my natural loathing of the conspicuously unnecessary?
Lazy architecture

Here’s the real problem: a lack of ambition.

I don’t mean pecuniary ambition. There was no shortage of that. You would think presenters were hosting an episode of Cosmos as they described the constellations of riches that are, they assured us, there for the taking. Billions and billions!

Nor is it that they think their product will have no effect. As usual, everything was a “revolutionary” new way to [fill in the blank]. (One company, very promising, actually, was in fact literally a revolutionary new way fill in the blank.)

No, it was their means that repelled me. The way so many were going about their job of fitting those puzzle pieces together. Instead of working diligently to assemble something truly worthwhile (a subjective judgment, to be sure, and I am calloused from long exposure, but let us be honest), they took two or three of the nearest pieces, or the latest ones to fall on the table, and mashed them into each other — making them “fit” the way a toddler might. Now, random recombination is a great way for evolution to occur over millions of years, but intelligent design it ain’t. It is depressing and distressing to see grown men and women approaching problems with such an unsophisticated and, frankly, opportunistic method.

I saw it in needless social integration, in feature bloat, in shoehorned API usage, and occasionally in a new phenomenon whereby the product itself seems to have been created in order to fit the constraints of the just-clever-enough portmanteau they chose for a name. Just because “location” kind of sounds like “Loc-Asian” doesn’t mean there should be a service that lets you find nearby Thai and Chinese food. Nor should you make “Fellaphone,” a service that solicits bids from local handymen for a designated task (I could make these up all day). And so on. These solutions to perceived needs are so rigidly constructed and precise that, like so many things on the web, their life is just a countdown to irrelevance.


Doug Crets:

Lack of ambition? Or... lack of experience in the marketplaces they want to disrupt, or with the problem sets they think they are solving, from the perspective of their customers? Some of the hacks and some of the companies I saw pitch at Disrupt seem to fall short primarily because the people involved in making them fell short of doing enough leg work and research to know just what it was they were trying to solve? A problem rises out of experience, not out of assumption.
131  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Community Documentation done right - Slackware's new 'doc' project. on: September 14, 2012, 10:24:04 AM
It used to be much clearer back in the day but nowadays there are wiki (each with their own sub-rule on what QC is), Quora-like systems, notifications and there are some portal-type websites like Mint which functions differently from a wiki but is part Yahoo Answers/Part How To manual/Part forum but is not really the forum but because of that has much easier random info for non power-users albeit there's only a few users really contributing to it.

I really hope this turns out well and doesn't just become an equivalent clone of the Arch Linux wiki which is great but Linux's right documentation tends to be written toward the reading audience who don't need to read most of the tech documentations like the beginner's guide sections.
132  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Community Documentation done right - Slackware's new 'doc' project. on: September 14, 2012, 09:28:35 AM
It's good news but I couldn't spot where the community documentation done right part is.

In fact, in that main page alone there's 5 links under the Getting Started section with at least 2-3 links being better off not being there.

Are the improvements more from a behind scenes improvement such as backups?

I admit I did skim it though and ignore most of the section on artwork and sidebars and this reads contradictory to my eyes:

[Not implemented yet] Our goal is to give you total creative freedom when writing content for the Wiki. But for the sake of quality assurance, we ask you to co-operate with one of our editors.

I'm sure they are planning some exciting changes but I just couldn't figure out. Can anyone spell it out?
133  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / TedTalks: Voices Inside the Iphone on: September 14, 2012, 02:49:13 AM
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc2wVyl8RLI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc2wVyl8RLI</a>
134  DonationCoder.com Software / Find And Run Robot / Re: New kid on the block - Pipy on: September 14, 2012, 02:48:23 AM
I'm of the opposite. I like that it tries to bring up grep to the non-power users. The rest of the features though, reminds me of FARR.
135  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 14, 2012, 01:54:38 AM
It is worth noting that there will always be exceptions. In my experience, Google Chrome is aggressive both on a guest OS and a main OS when Virtualbox is running. Even when there's only one or two tabs but it could be an extension issue. (Still I have experienced this with the Chrome variants such as Chromium and Iron.)

There are some software too such as image editors where some editors would delay brush strokes regardless of which OS is hosting the program and then there are programs where regardless of which space is on it, it's as fast as it can be.

The issue of guest OS has been solved. It's in cloud based apps and HTML5. Google Chrome nowadays with the help of the web could even be considered a mini OS emulator while dodging the bulk of singular cloud OS sites through tricking the user into clicking apps that are bookmarks. Maturity is the only thing lacking but considering the time gap between cloud software and Linux software, the cloud has caught up much faster because of the business interest behind it. Of course behind the scenes, Linux would always be a step ahead with things such as hardware compatibility.
136  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Re: US State Department Official Killed In Libya Was A Top Online Gamer on: September 13, 2012, 08:09:42 AM
No, it's a pretty huge audience but I think it's still underground right now but it's moving people like Hillary Clinton to mention him.

The blog link itself doesn't need that detail because it's pretty much a memorial but the EVE game was supposedly changed with millions commemorating him. Not since a City of Heroes event which I can't recall has there been this huge of a reception by the MMO community. At least from the outside looking in.

This also puts Libya on the mainstream or at least cult stream map radar politically. Not that it wasn't before but there are probably as much buzz about this as Saddam Hussein's capture. Just random estimate.

On top of this, this person is not only a popular poster but he's a mod for both EVE and SA. Two of the biggest communities out there.

There have also been a disgusting comic made of this person which I won't post but let's just say the idea of the joke was that he was too busy trying to log off chat so he got raped by the attackers before a knife was pressed inside one of his eyes.

Internationally this has also picked up. There's a danish article which I don't know how to read but is supposedly the same article but this time with more quotes from his friends.

This is the top Google search result I got and you can already read some hints of the same impact as reported by actual news sites:

137  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Re: US State Department Official Killed In Libya Was A Top Online Gamer on: September 13, 2012, 12:30:04 AM
All I saw from the article was the praise of his diplomatic skills. Not exactly details considering the potential to contrast real world diplomacy with game world diplomacy and contrasting the similarities and difference of the two.

So far as I can tell, there isn't even a log or video showing why the whole process was magnificent and deserves the top role in a MMO. Especially as it's linked to a post written by an EVE player to other EVE players with histories, legacies and details that EVE players are supposed to understand but newbies would be totally blind towards to even with a wiki entry on the most basic things that this person did.

I know a man just died and it is tragic but considering the once in the blue moon situation and the rare chance any specific info would ever get turned into a documentary, it's just sad especially as MMO communication is often considered volatile and composed of trolls and of course politics is almost the opposite. For a poor communicator like me, the behind the scenes detail would be on the level of a diplomat being able to adapt and flip the factions in an anarchy state while being able to dual communicate in a 180 environment where the wrong word could lead to getting fired or assassinated.

The potential value of simple log details alone are massive:

Consider this. We are talking about a top diplomat who not only has the name Vile Rat. Something that should make it hard to make friends on a name basis alone.

Then this person talked like this:

(11:48:19 PM) zastrow: when VR was in baghdad he'd always come into illum and be like
(11:48:23 PM) zastrow: FUCK MORTARS
(11:48:31 PM) zastrow: SIRENS AGAIN GOD DAMMIT
(11:48:39 PM) zastrow: and we'd laugh and he'd always come back a few minutes later
(11:48:49 PM) zastrow: Sad

Which while common in MMO is a far cry from the political setting and yet a commentor also threw out the statement that he was a good real life communicator.

To add to this, the commentors can't even separate themselves from remembering a dead person to arguing about Islam. Eve being a hugely popular game would be impossible to just intentionally work on becoming a top communicator and yet this person was not only great at what he did but he was supposedly sought out.


Plus talking and not sleeping versus having the reaction time/learning adaptation and then talking well while obviously being under rested and over worked in a stressful high mortality area would have been a massive boost in analyzing stress management and time management which could potentially go so much as help more people cope with suicidal tendencies in stressful environments let alone what this person was going through. What this guy did may not be as special for regular MMO players but to me, by simply leaving the details like that, you might as well have thrown away the equivalent stress victim that might have the objects needed to cure AIDs. (Albeit the social or the psychological variant of it.)

A simple work on making a more journalistic post than the online mate blog post they were linking to would have shed some of these lights even if the details were few and far between and rushed. Even the blog post was more impressive in shedding this phenomenon where this person supposedly revealed elements of his work to an online setting. This person also seem to be working on duties relating to keeping information secret.

Revealing details while keeping information secret: I don't know about anyone here but as a poor communicator, I have never seen a person like this before who was not only sharing this but again, remember we're talking about political position. Too easy to troll in and this guy was playing with sharing details.

I just can't stop thinking about it. Anyway this turned out longer than I had intended to but this whole thing is crazy. I don't know if I can live with myself not trying to emphasize the context of what I meant by not reading any details.


This person sounds more impressive the more I read about him. Apparently he was part of a group that does trolling too:

reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/g..._diplomat_irl_state_dept/

Anyone else notice that "Against All Anomalies" temporarily named one of their outposts "Bring your rocket to work day".

Direct link: http://www.kugutsumen.com...Rat-Memorial-Thread/page3

"Obviously when we first heard this news, we were under the impression that this was another Goon Troll, obviously nobody can be that insensitive if they knew this was a real situation. I formally appologize for our SCDOT trolling, but want it understood that Goons have been known to lie and troll on many occasions so our first response was that we didnt belive it. Having read Mittani's website and the news reports confirming the information, our heart goes out to all of thier friends and family. I heard of but never had the pleasure of speaking to or meeting Vile Rat, having been a member of the US armed forces I respect his service and am saddend by his loss. -Hawkcrest"

Edit #3:

Here's a statement about his family life. (Same link as before just a few forum pages past)

Quote from: Dragon
Vile was the creator of Jabberlon which even in its bad moments of splerge was still the place where so many of the higher ups in eve could shoot the shit with each other laugh and troll each other, it was the first of its kind in eve. At the start a lot of people believed it was goons way of harvesting hostile Ip's but Vile stuck with it and proved to everyone that it was just a place to hang out and now today it is full of people from around eve to make a place where communication is easy. Throughout his long standing time in eve he has helped build so many bridges between so many different alliances and helped break down the massive walls that were built stopping communication between so many different entities in eve.

 Through out his busy work life and busy eve he always had time for the most important part of his life and that was family we all used to love hearing about new stuff he had made for his kids and all the things he would do with his family including the latest invention of a lego table for his kids to play lego on (I wish I had it as a kid). For all of you who didn't get to know Vile like the rest of us did you missed getting to know a true amazing pilot/diplomat and an even more amazing man.

 And remember everyone 'Death to all super caps' The most common thing I remember from Vile Along with shoot blues Tell Vile.

Edit #4: For those who also want to know "actual" details" of this person without having to be an Eve player and having to search or click on that reddit link


wow, he was the one who won the BoB war back then, damn, that was a masterpiece of art how BoB went down, done by a hero.


I remember logging in that day and could not believe they pulled it off. One of the best moments of gaming history no doubt


Story time for people who don't play Eve?




This gives a brief rundown that really fails to do justice to the scale of The Great War. EVERYBODY came out to fight BoB, who are generally acknowledged as heavily metagaming (crashing the node for systems being fought in, then killing thier enemies who would be stuck in login queue they had already waited through because they knew when the node would crash) , if not outright cheating (see t20 incident)

Band of Brothers had conquered the most territory in 0.0 by that point, and gave up 6 regions(at a time when most alliances had one or two) to collapse to a more defensible perimeter. The resulted in a month long siege led by goonswarm that failed. The Goon alliance couldn't cyno in any capital ships, and any fleets of smaller ships that got sent in would be killed by titans. (this siege was the precise reason that the doomsday devices in titans were changed, from massive AoE nukes useless against capital ships to the capability to instantly destroy one capital ship every ten minutes or so)

Later one director of Band of Brothers became disgruntled with the hypercompetitive atmosphere in the alliance, and betrayed and dismantled the alliance. Goonwarm was later disbanded and reformed because they forgot to pay the bills (no, seriously)


Yeah, no, that didn't really help at all, too much eve jargon...


I've already condensed this heavily.

Alliance: A supergroup of guilds (guilds in EVE are called corporations)

Node: Every star system in eve is hosted on a server (called a node). Battles between alliances easily involve hundreds of players, so they tended to crash in those days when that happened.

0.0: Lawless space that player alliances fight over.

Region: A cluster of star systems, regions can be fortified by players to become defensible even when the alliance is vast outnumbered.

Cyno: the main way to move capital ships, these are installed onto smaller ships. They can be jammed by the defenses in regions, forcing attackers to destroy the jammers before they can engage with capital ships.

Titans: The largest and most expensive capital ships, these come with numerous logistical advantages and the Doomsday device, which at the time of the Great War, could instantly destroy all noncapital ships in a large radius, though leaving the Titan vulnerable for some time afterward.


If you want a good long read I have a Team Liquid post bookmarked that breaks it down pretty well for non players. Does a decent job of explaining any jargon when it's used.

By long read I mean it will take you a good 30 minutes to an hour. Considering how long the entire thing lasted that's pretty quick though.



I wrote my version of the story here. I was in goonswarm from about half way through the war until the end. After it I got bored and stopped playing eve:


^The fact that news sites (yes I'm including the so called web 2.0 reporters) and us audience can't consider this as the minimum micro-detail needed to explain what a top MMO player is shows all our failings as human beings. Especially mainstream and non-mainstream news.

What's next? We're just going to accept who is marketed as the best sports player in the world without even understanding the actual sport? How about more controversial topics? Can you imagine if at least one media source (including non-MSM) journalists did to this person's real life what these posters did to tell the story of his virtual life?

I mean we complain about MSM media and we say the internet is revolutionizing things but you know the end of the world is coming when hobbyist news is more detailed than real life news ON THE SAME PERSON.

Edit #5: Finally! A log. MSM why couldn't you have copy pasted at least this much? Not dramatic enough for you?

(10:58:34 AM) Vile rat: wusti thanks for being a good guy.
 (10:58:39 AM) Vile rat: we took a chance on you
 (10:58:45 AM) Vile rat: never regretted it.
 (10:59:04 AM) Vile rat: we didn't have a home for you initially, but I'm happy you guys ended up working out
 (10:59:17 AM) Vile rat: we saw you getting fucked out east
 (10:59:32 AM) Vile rat: we decided to step in even though we weren't involved at all
 (10:59:41 AM) Vile rat: I regret nothing.
 (11:00:29 AM) wusti@goonfleet.com/Home: wtf?
 (11:00:36 AM) wusti@goonfleet.com/Home: that sounds like a good bye speech
 (11:00:40 AM) Vile rat: nope
 (11:00:48 AM) Vile rat: just a raising a beer "proud" moment.

Edit #6: Finally! A copy of his diplomacy style

Vile Rat practiced diplomacy here two years ago. Here's his one and only reddit post.

Greetings friends! I play Vile rat in game, Goon Diplomat. I'll keep this kinda short but I have been reading your concerns and I wish to put some of them to rest if at all possible.

First the Why. Why did Goonsw... er, SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO[LODRA] approach Dreddit directors out of the blue and offer help and friendship? Anybody in their right mind would see huge flashing warning lights and alarming klaxons blaring every indication that you should be skeptical. To really understand you kinda have to see the game through our eyes. Goons (let's just go with that instead of the alliance name) are all, in theory, members of the Somethingawful.com forums. We are all from an outside place with a distinct culture and an almost xenophobic dislike of "pubbies" being public players not from our joint background. Are our posters really better than the public ones? Is our culture better? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it makes a convenient bad guy for our day to day workings. We've befriended other forums based groups such as Merch Industrial (Pennyarcade forums) and Ars Ex Discordia (ARS Technica forums) as they have a similar culture and for the most part all came into the game in a huge migration much like we did. For some reason it just works and we don't hate their company so much, except for this one Merchi guy and his dog but we'll get into that later.

So understanding all that fast forward to a few weeks ago when we took part in a hot drop of one of your lowsec mining ops. We wiped the whole thing out but in doing so we saw a little Goonfleet circa 2006 with a bunch of 5 day old newbies in Frigates jumping stupidly into lowsec and it made us take a closer look at you guys. Whenever we see cute newbies bumping into things in their rifters asking on intel channels how to jump through gates and what x'ing up means we are sincerely overcome with cute overload and that's what brings us to today.

Ok so you know why we want to help you guys and maybe you even believe me, but it doesn't answer what our intentions are here. Are we starting some program to harvest your best and brightest? Are we trying to absorb your culture into a faceless blob? Our answer is no. We wouldn't absorb your members even if that was what you wanted. We are Goons and you are from another forum, you have your identity we have ours. We are only interested in helping you guys find the fun part of eve right away instead of waiting a year mining veldspar in empire saving up for an opportunity. We were given a similar chance when we first started and having recognized an opportunity to pass it on a little bit, we are doing so. We do not want to absorb Dreddit, and in fact are stressing the importance of your group establishing it's own identity and in game culture. We are opening up our assets somewhat and will do what we can to answer your questions and give you chances to go blow things up with us ~if you want to~ but this has and never will be a condition for anything. If you want a friend, we are here for you. If you just need a leg up so you can do your own thing, we will be there for you helping if that is what you guys want. If you don't want anything from us at all, just a buddy to have around then we are there for you Dreddites (dredizens? Droods? somebody help me out here). You went with us into Fountain and owned the hell out of some scrubs with us and we really enjoyed having you guys there.

That's basically it!

Considering this was the only post in that account, again where are the usual talking heads? In fact, where are these supposed videogame analyzers who study how violence and videogames correlate? Oh is that only supposed to be for school shootings?!

Edit 7: Another example of his diplomacy style

Quote from: Kwitchy
A long time ago, I had attempted to open a conversation with Vile Rat, wanting to ask for advice concerning an issue. I fully expected Vile Rat to ignore the conversation, block me, or tell me I was a dumb ass. Because he was a "goon", but I always heard/read good things about the man.

 The issue I was having, we had just started the alliance Wildly Inappropriate.(dot), and were renting out space from Razor Alliance in Branch. However alot of the northern block didn't want to blue us. But no one really gave us any trouble but IRON Alliance. They had members coming up to our space and shooting us, then docking up, rinse and repeat. After continous talks with IRON's diplomats concerning the issue and basically getting the big "fuck you" from them, I figured I would ask Vile Rat what to do.

 After explaining to Vile what was going on, he gave me two words and then didn't say another word for over a half an hour. His reply? "Shoot them."

So we did, we took a small time fleet down to IRON's then home system and pretty much face raped their entire fleet. They looted the field and technically *won* the engagement, but we had a blast and tore their ships to shreds in their very own home system. After that I got a conversation from Wulfnor, Razors current head diplomat, asking what was going on, so I explained it to him, he laughed and said ok. Later on I spoke with Vile Rat again and told him what went down, he laughed about it and said "thats great, its IRON and I am sure they wont be around long anyhow." Sure enough, BoB did their MAX campaign, and guess who had to move out.

 RIP to you Sean "Vile Rat" Smith, King Diplomat.

I don't want to make it seem like I'm just copy pasting this things for my own amusement but this person is really something else.

I don't have the cash and I can't spot the official link but to those of you have an account at SomethingAwful, there's going to be a fundraiser planned for his family.

For more Libyan sentiment but less over reaction towards a general culture, this is the last page in the SA topic about vile rat: http://forums.somethingaw...age=40&pagenumber=740

Some other little facts that are anecdotal but I have read:
-This person was an IT manager, not a diplomat (I didn't recheck if the original link had this)
-10 Libyans were killed defending the place so it's not all about nation vs. nation
-Supposedly the head was a Jew and not a Muslim
-Some say it was about the mockumentary, others say it's 9/11 timing.
-direct SA quote from MradyFist: we have Vilerat mentioning a suspicious guard taking photos of the Libyan consulate prior to a deadly (and probably planned) attack

also I don't know the context of this post but

Quote from: adambaron
So, as I understand it, as 10 Yemeni soldiers 'guarding' embassy tried to shake me down for $$, others colluded in embassy breach? #yemen

 Seems like the Yemeni armed forces managed to secure front entrance of embassy well..seems they forgot abt other parts of compound #yemen

 Back by embassy, situation has stabilized, still blocked off, still very tense. #yemen

 5 Yemeni acquaintances saved my rear end today, though they did make me crack up during multiple radio interviews...face of the real #yemen

 Random guy yells 'drat the Jews and the Christians' at no one in particular.this is not the #yemen I know.

 Safe, heading home to file as soon as possible, in te domine speravi non confundar in aeternum.

 Managed to get self out of embassy...now somehow at a wedding lunch? #yemen

 Always hard to do radio interviews in tense situation...harder when your in a w 5 Yemenis

 Guys I'm with say some demonstrators were able to enter embassy from Sheraton street. #yemen

 Situation very tense here, plume of smoke rising from by embassy, sound of warning shots ringing out #yemen

 In addition to securing embassy, seems someYemeni troops also have time to try to shake me down for cash. #yemen

 And now we have shots being fired in the air. #yemen

 I'm somehow inside the security perimeter at a parking lot run by friend of friend. Can see soldiers launching tear gas #yemen

 At embassy, was briefly detained by Yemeni soldiers, fine now. Situation around embassy tense. #yemen
 Adam Baron ‏@adammbaron

 At embassy. It's secured by Yemeni troops by wide perimeter. Reports appear exaggerated #yemen
138  Other Software / DC Gamer Club / Re: US State Department Official Killed In Libya Was A Top Online Gamer on: September 12, 2012, 09:11:17 PM
Do you ingest anything to keep yourself awake? What's your normal diet?

What I'm really curious about is how top are we talking about? Would have been if the article went into details on this especially for those of us who don't play Eve Online.

Especially as the comments generated some talk about economics and politics.
139  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: What books are you reading? on: September 09, 2012, 11:06:40 PM

Nothing notable. Just like the cover.
140  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Perhaps About the Coolest Book EVER~! =D on: September 09, 2012, 11:00:19 PM
I really hope someone pairs it up with this: http://www.diginfo.tv/v/12-0160-r-en.php

40hz is rightful to be excited here. The potential is just unlimited especially for education.

We've all heard of such psychological flaws such as:

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/w.../Self-fulfilling_prophecy

There is extensive evidence of "Interpersonal Expectation Effects" where the seemingly private expectations of individuals can predict the outcome of the world around them. The mechanisms by which this occurs are also reasonably well understood: it is simply that our own expectations change our behaviour in ways we may not notice and correct. In the case "Interpersonal Expectation Effects", others pick up on non-verbal behaviour which affects their attitudes. A famous example includes a study where teachers were told arbitrarily that random students were "going to blossom". Oddly, those random students actually ended the year with significantly greater improvements.[7]

Other specific examples discussed in psychology include:

'Clever Hans' effect
Observer-expectancy effect
Hawthorne effect
Placebo effect
Pygmalion effect
Stereotype threat

Imagine instead of training teachers in backwards countries such as ours, both students and teachers can experience what an exceptional teacher teaching to their students would feel like.

Each turn of the page would be linked to a camera simultaneously sliding with the pace of the student flipping the textbook and the book is not even there. Just a virtual simulation playing at the same pace as the virtual teacher flipping the actual book is doing but controlled by the user student through their own flipping of the virtual book.
141  Other Software / Developer's Corner / Re: FREE Programming eBooks! (and a C++ book for C# devs) on: September 08, 2012, 01:23:01 AM
Can you give a review of their quality? Maybe it's just the age we are in but I've grown skeptical of "login required to download but nope, there is no catch" especially when it comes to several singular separate downloads.
142  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 07, 2012, 11:25:09 PM
Oh there's no misunderstanding. It is I believe more of a question of experience. In fact I haven't fully experienced the experience myself.

Comprehension really all depends on whether one has experienced a Qemu of a lightweight distro versus an advanced/textbook VM such as Virtualbox. It is really as clear as realizing a portable app responds much faster and is "installed" much faster and conveniently than say an equivalent alternative software that is memory hogging.

The same can be said for fully. If one has experienced say trying to play a modern videogame on a guest Windows OS and have that game not play, the idea of a full virtual OS would be far different than merely the concept of a functioning OS.

It would be the same as if trying to tell a Windows user that Linux is a 100% functioning OS only to reveal to them that X windows software is not available on Linux. Most likely the distinction of functionality wouldn't be lost on them on the technical side but on the practical side, you wouldn't convince them that it is a fully functioning OS because they would not have the skills to build or access a particular feature which they have taken for granted in a fully functioning OS.

With things like a guest copy, it is especially of great importance to separate such distinction. At least, I think so. It is after all at the heart of what one expects from a copy. No one should be expected to be tricked into believing a ripped copy is a full copy and no one should be expected to believe that a 50% VM of an OS is in actuality a full 100% functioning VM. Even for Live CD copies this can be dangerous. There are Live CDs where because you can't test install the additional drivers without installing the actual OS on a HD would lead to screen flickering and it would be easy to mistake it as the full OS only on a CD and give up on it all together.
143  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 07, 2012, 08:23:32 PM
Yes but since both Qemu and VBox don't need rebooting and are virtual machines, that's not the issue here.

The issue is on the topic title: "instant".

In my experiences with Qemu, especially with a lightweight newbie friendly distro like Puppy, it is as instant as it is like opening a web browser where as Virtualbox, esp. unoptimized/wrongly sliced together settings, is more like running a Java app.

Both are at heart going to give you operating systems without rebooting but one requires not only loading for waiting times, additional confusing settings, questions of whether to install guest additions or merge two desktop OS's aesthetic together and the other is simply...a click. I.E.: instant linux.

The differences are so distinct that yes, depending on the needs, Qemu can seem like a better way than Virtualbox provided you know the limitations of Qemu and QemuPuppy but only towards a less experienced person because most average Linux users are at an elite power user that things like how many RAM to allocate and how to backup and export virtual HDs would be 2nd hand to them.

Also I'd be careful with using the words fully. To my knowledge, I could never figure out how to set up the fully functioning drivers that allows Virtualbox to support better gaming. I read somewhere that guest additions have to be installed in safe mode but I could never figure out what it really means where as something like QemuPuppy, the option doesn't even pop out when I last tried it. It's literally like a portable app to it's most basic sense. The only confusion is how to put it to a certain boot device but anyone can click on it and open QemuPuppy. Even users who are totally ignorant of anything virtual machine related.
144  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 07, 2012, 05:54:48 PM
Well it depends on what only virtual machine way means. After all, he did go for an .exe over say an unburned Live CD iso first. (Not dumb but not something a beginner is recommended to do nor will a beginner accidentally be introduced to it first time they try Linux)

I don't know about VMWare but Virtualbox and Qemu from a person like me is vastly different despite being categorically considered the same.

Even now I still have problems optimizing Virtualbox and when I open it, my browser on my main OS slows down (highly invasive). Qemu is just click and run especially on Puppy.

Plus Virtualbox has streamlined mode which is also a different experience than a windowed OS.

There's also just finding Windows alternative for Linux specific apps which is much more likelier to happen.

Also there's Online Emulators like this for the technically minded: http://bellard.org/jslinux/

There could just easily be a fully functioning graphical online OS that no one has heard about.
145  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 07, 2012, 04:33:13 PM
I've never tried it. From the description it sounds like you just wubi'd Puppy into your Windows.

It definitely won't be an instant linux on winxp since it's a separate partition. You need to look for the instructions specifically for QemuPuppy to just get a Virtual Puppy on your usb stick.
146  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: What went wrong with Linux on the Desktop on: September 06, 2012, 09:06:45 PM
I think if good enough was the right criteria then everyone would be trying to make a Haiku PC as soon as possible.

Desktop is plagued by the fact that until Tablet OS like Android, most were blind towards what "wows" casuals and little was being done to fix the gaming hole found in Linux. I don't mean high requirement games either. No one was simply stamping their foot on Linux on gaming unless it was cross platform. Even the "great" Linux games never got sequels. Just constant updates of which it is more obvious for casuals to see on a software made for the Tablet than they are to spot the changelog being told to them via an update manager.

Then there's still this myth that casuals like LibreOffice. Just cause casuals don't need all the features of MS Office doesn't mean they don't want MS Word. LibreOffice is not Firefox and MS Office is closer to Photoshop than Internet Explorer. You can't just flood it.

Also: Windows XP Black tried darkhorse killer apps and it did get a ton more notice than Linux as a desktop but it kept being shut down because users suddenly found out that their helpful tech forum guy/mod does not allow someone to help fix warez compromised OS issues...even if it's still just Windows XP and so no one online barely helps anyone out...which is way worse than Linux forums/chatrooms.
147  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Bitcoin theft causes Bitfloor exchange to go offline on: September 06, 2012, 08:48:12 PM
A functional economy must favor those that take action more than those, who don't. That is why a mild, predictable inflation is necessary. Deflationary economy favors hoarders instead of producers of goods and services. In time, deflation drives active entities out of market and therefore the bitcoins in their current form cannot become widespread. They would kill every industry segment that would depend on them.

I'm not so sure that inflation is a good thing either. It might just be the lesser of two evils. (* See Humor Thread for a cheapo joke!)
The way I see inflation, the "middle class" gets jammed because at the personal side "revenue" (aka your wages) is someone's judgement with a game theory low-level tendency to go DOWN. Expenses are Other People's Revenue with a "market gamble" to push UP. So in MicroEconomics, there are a series of ideas around "counter-intuitive demand curves". "As the price of a core Product And/Or Service go up, the proportion of the consumer's money spent on them goes UP." (You'd think it should go down, like most discretionary offerings.) The key word is proportion. The famous examples are car gas and rent. When trying to stay alive gets more expensive, you have no room left to do anything fun. And when any consumer ever asks in frustration why this is, the business managers all whine "prices are always rising." Consumer responds "But you're paying me less." "Yeah, well, gotta keep costs down, blah blah".

(I said "Low Level" game theory up there, because at the more advanced stages, you get things like a town boycott can shut down a store, or the mayor can influence wages, or in a really hard business you get the "quality of worker you pay for", etc. (Outsourcing Customer service, etc.))

So while difficult, maybe an exactly level economy might be best on paper. A true deflationary economy is bad news, because a ton of the economy runs on "momentum" and when you lose the "critical mass" you get a mess like Detroit. However an interesting thing, while a bit tricky at first, is a currency adjustment which is simply math on the currency, but the actual GDP etc of the country is the same.

The poster did say predictable inflation. Plus mild. Maybe extremely mild would be a better fit.

I think exactly level economy is bad. However, it could be that my paper is different.

A level economy means no innovation is taking place ever to push direction towards a particular business or a particular career.

This only sounds good on paper if, on paper, you are not factoring government and private entities capability to over-spend and under-adjust and cause run away deflation/inflation. A level economy would never be prepared for this and would hit depression/recession stages much faster and recover less faster. Textbook keynesianism sounds like it's urging spending during a crisis for this factor: Progress is much faster at making up for costs than savings. Progress is also much better at motivating people to deal with the economy than stable periods of the business cycle.

Also: Compared to many of the world's worst country, Detroit sounds like Canada. It could be that I've never been to Detroit but from the bits I've read, that place's problem is more corruption and mis-allocated production than it is currency.

I could also be mistaken but I got the sense that Gold Standard economies run less on momentum which is what helps them recover fastest during the downturn of a business cycle. Am I wrong in assuming this?
148  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 06, 2012, 08:38:27 PM
How exactly did you install Puppy?

As far as I know QemuPuppy should just be an icon. Click it and out pops a window just like a normal VM.

Normal puppy is often recommended as live cd first and foremost before frugal/whatever Linux likes to call installing in HD.

It would be highly strange to get into a situation where you might accidentally find yourself in a position to reboot to Puppy as a newb.
149  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: instant linux on winxp on: September 06, 2012, 01:37:43 PM
Thanks for the highly informative clarification.

To everyone else: I won't try to derail this thread any longer. It's just posts like these aren't stuff you can normally chance upon.

150  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards on: September 06, 2012, 12:57:00 PM
Just a heads up that I made an additional edit. Not sure if you also read it.

It's really hard to explain especially if you're not even a card game novice like me but hopefully some of the additional statements made the distinction clearer.
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