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Actually that is not what I am looking for. That just changes the file times like the Linux touch command

What I am looking for is an app that records (literally) the file modification times and keeps some sort of database about the files. No I wont keep a record of windows system, this is just for project purposes.


I am looking for an application for (win or lin) that can record file modification times for a given folder recursively? I just want to be able to see when the files have changed within given period of time.

It can be a console app, gui app etc it does not matter as long as it can efficiently watch and record mod times per file.


From that blog post, things sounds quite reasonable.

If there aren't other "privacy issues" than that, and there aren't going to be, then imho there's nothing to fuzz about. And since it's opensores, people can keep watch... but oh yeah, <tinfoilhat>google could do different builds than from the publicly available source</tinfoilhat>

Very true. The tinfoil hat wearing side of me is adopting a wait and see approach - just being prudent. I just want to give Google time to clean up the EULA and smarter people than me time to determine what is, or what is not, being done with the data that Google may or may not be mining...

Were you able to decide on what to do with Google? Now that the time of the benefit of doubt is over regarding the latest guardian releases.

**Ehtyar boots f0d man out of the tin-foil-hat-brigade and inducts kartal as an honorary member.

I think Kartal should be President actually, he's way too paranoid to be an Honorary Member :P

I also use NoScript and cookie blockers.

If you're going to deal with Google then at least deal with them on your terms and use Customize Google.

Uhmm I think that I was right about my concerns 4 years ago, now that it is all spilled out.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Utf support?
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:02 PM »

Is it possible to get utf working with this app? It seems like it is not able to grab utf text properly, rather converts to ascii.


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