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I know the feeling :)
During some time in a big software company, in which I was coding about 2-3 lines a week, I started to get weird hand-shakes. Feeling relieved only after I started coding at home.

Anyway, when you're back to code-world, try us out and let me know if you have any questions!

You have done a great job. This is really a very nice & effective project. I am looking forward to buying it actually have to work with it.  So guide me through more on this that how can i buy it?

Thanks for the compliments, jamijlex :)
You can buy BugAid from the following link:

If you have any further question or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It works perfectly for me with the GTalk client - I find it a bit irritating that the chat Window always seem to pop up in GMail when running GTalk on the same box, but I can live with that. Having conversations stored and available from the web interface, searchable with Google powers, is pretty awesome.
Does anybody know if the GMail integration only happens with the GTalk client, or if it happens with any Jabber/XAMPP client?

GMail integration works with any client that you can use to talk on GTalk, which means any Jabber supporting client.

Regarding my original post, the only solution I found so far is to enable "Desktop notifications" in Gmail. These only work in Chrome, in theory, but using this extension it is possible to make it work in Firefox as well.

This allows me to close ALL Windows clients and just rely on open GMail for chat.

I am using Android, web (from different computers) and from my android.

One feature that I love is that if I start chatting with a friend on Android, the talk window in Gmail automatically fills with dialogue. That means that I can chat on the bed and then continue chatting from Gmail while seeing the whole conversation on the window.

Sadly, it only works inside GMail, Google+ and Android. In the windows clients: Google Talk for Windows, Digsby, Miranda and Pidgin there is no such feature :(, even worse, if I chat with someone from the android and then sit on the computer the chat sometimes would skip the windows client completely and just go to gmail/android, causing lost messages.

Anyone has any solution?


Thanks for the kind words, everybody! That's really great to hear :)

Please remember to let me know, when you try it, if you experience any issues or there is anything you'd like to improve. Your enjoyment of BugAid is a topmost priority!

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