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I've been using notes applications and task management for a long time. However, I always felt that these two should be united. Too often I found myself entering a note that I wished it was a task and vice versa. Also, in the end, when I am looking for something, I end up having to search two different applications to find it.

Here is a basic list of requirements such a solution would require:
  • Proper task management - OneNote has some task management, however, it is very very basic. A proper task system requires recurring task, due dates, alarms, etc, etc.
  • Android support - Since Android is always with me it is critical for me to be able to view my notes and add tasks while I am on the go.
  • Quick task/note adding - I love Remember-the-milk's quick add feature. Basically just by writing stuff like "Call Doctor tomorrow" you create a task with a defined due date. All the other alternatives I've seen require you to do click through too many checkboxes and listboxes for every task you add.
  • Rich text editing - Since it is going to be my main notes application, it must support rich text editing in its notes.

Currently I am trying to use MyLifeOrganized as a solution, however, it is far from perfect. While its task management is superb, it can be a bit TOO complex, has abysmal note management abilities (no rich text editing, no attachments) and its Android support is in early beta.

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on the subject.


Living Room / Re: Decided on RAID 1 - SSDs or HDDs?
« on: June 01, 2011, 05:12 AM »
FWIW I'm synchronizing more often than I'm doing traditional backups these days. I like having two immediately usable copies of my files. And my data footprint is now big enough that what I think of as a traditional backup simply takes too long and is too inefficient. Plus, I really don't trust most backup software. It's almost a truism that the one time you absolutely need to get something restored, your backup program will abort about half way through with an "archive corrupted - unable to restore" message.

I can't emphasize that enough. I was severely harmed with "archive corrupted", specifically by Acronis TrueImage. I ditched in favor of Cobian Backup (freeware). It can do incremental/differential/full backups with usual plain files.

Of course it won't save you from reinstalling all your apps so you can also do an image backup, but I wouldn't trust it alone to handle all my file backup.

If you have 2008 installed, try it too. I am REALLY unsure which version I made it for.

hey i followed the steps in the first post but the plugin wont compile as
using FARRCSharpSDK
show an error that it cannot be found and the referance assemblies $project_name$CSharpSDK.dll and $project_name$RCW show exclamation marks.
edit: i use visual studio 2010 ultimate

Hi AksX,

It is very possible that it won't compile in VS2010 as I never tested it with it (I think I was using 2005 back at the time).
I'm afraid I can't fix the template issue right now, however, you can take any of the other existing c# plugins and try to compile them in VS2010 and I believe they will.

You can then go ahead and just delete most of the plugin related code (which is quite separated from the the API that is used to communicate with FARR). To get started, I suggest to compile the latest plugin I made, FARRTunes

Good luck!

Living Room / Re: Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds?
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:37 AM »
OkCupid is the best Geek/Nerd/Weird/Alternative/Intelligent dating site I know. It encourages people to write, about themselves, a lot more than other sites and it has a really good matching service that is based on never-ending series of questions.
I found some great dates there - great, as in people with interesting personalty. If you're looking for a pick-up, this is hardly the site for you.

However, my current (and longest running) girlfriend I've met at work.

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