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Update - 12/Jan/2012: BugAid is now free for open-source projects - Apply here.

Hi everybody,

I am proud to present to my favorite internet community:


Name: BugAid for Visual Studio
Goal: Improving and enhancing the debugging experience in Visual Studio
License: Commercial (60-day trial)
Developers: Omer Raviv and Vitaly Belman
Features (full list)

Note: Best viewed in full screen and in highest resolution

Search and filter complex objects by their members and values


Compare objects or track how a function changes your object


Bring the important properties to the front


Please let me know if you have any question or comments, I'll be happy to provide more information.

Vitaly Belman

I've settled for now to use Remember The Milk with OneNote. I am using the notes and links feature of RTM to link it to paragraphs in OneNote. I guess it will have to do for now. One major gripe I am having is that OneNote has no Android client. The closest thing is MobileNoter and so far it isn't quite good. But I guess I'll wait.

Woah. For some reason I stopped getting notification to this thread and was :o to see all the responses.
I'll avoid the philosophical debate and just respond to the suggested options:

Ultimate To-Do List: As pointed out, lacks rich-text options, which makes it a not very good note app.
Task Merlin: I didn't look too deeply because it seems to be lacking phone integration.
Swift To-Do List: Looks most fitting, especially with upcoming phone integration. However, I'll wait to see what kind of integration they will be coming up with.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

P.S In the while, I am sticking with RTM and OneNote

By proper task management I mean the whole deal, recurring tasks, reminders, postponing, setting a task to be "next tuesday". Think remember the milk :)

My hands are burning to do the whole myself, but I know this project is a bit too big for me right now :(

I tried WorkFlowy and it is indeed nice... But not what I am looking for.
It doesn't have proper tasks, reminders, etc.
It is more of a note taking tool (and imo OneNote & Evernote are better at that)

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