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Trout has a Resume playback on startup option which remembers the last position.  Maybe that is enough for your needs?

If I click the stop button, it does not remember where I was. The progress bar clears back to zero. If I hit the pause button and close, it does not remember where I was. Now I am getting an error when closing "Error saving list contents". (Windows 7). I received the error both with and without the resume box being checked.

Well, now you have me thinking.  Currrently, in Trout, you can set a custom seek jump interval and then use the corresponding skip forward and skip backward buttons.  Is that good enough?

I just downloaded the current version and found the programmable skip feature. Works like a charm!

One other feature that I did not think about but just thought of as I was trying out Trout again, is a bookmark feature to resume where the podcast left off. One of the podcasts is three hours long (hence the fast forward need!) if I hit stop instead of pause, I would need to find the spot that I stopped at.
This of course is more of a question of possibility than a request. I get to fall in love with Trout all over again!


I can do this one.

I am not sure if this would be a simple addition to the Trout player.

I know there are a few small simple audio players for windows but what I find lacking is the ability to skip 30 seconds ahead or back. It would be great if the skip time could be defined i.e. 5, 10, 20 seconds ect.

I listen to a lot of audio podcasts on my Android phone. My player of choice allows skipping in defined increments. I record and download podcasts onto my desktop computer and would like to be able to skip past the boring parts and continue to the parts that interest me. A slider control is not very accurate.

Some windows players have this feature but you have to push a combo of keys to get a simple skip. I would like to push a button on the player or simply define a single key for the action. The keyboard is not very important as having the feature part of the onscreen player.


I remembered this topic and then read about this program pplconnect.

It does everything you asked for, and more! I have not tried it yet myself. No real need but looks like an interesting product.

It can be found here: (yes it is a .mobi but actually displays as a normal web page on a computer)

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