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1  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: SOPA: Alt view - You need to be Shakespeare or Picasso to Avoid Content Scraping on: February 01, 2012, 10:51:43 AM
also i must say one more example. the mighty Steve jobs is a legend. Because capitalist america love heroes of the money. Best trader who make more money is a legend. What about dennis Ritchie? He made a operating system with simple gui. He wrote a genius programming language the C. In last 30 years many program writen with c. But none give copyright to him. If he was taking patent price 50 bucks from each program written with C language and made the press release show by himself, he could be richer than bill gates and more famous than Steve jobs. That's a modern nikola tesla - Thomas edison story. Everyone appreciate businessman edisson for selling them lamp. But no one give any single cent to nikola tesla forinvention of A.C.
2  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: SOPA: Alt view - You need to be Shakespeare or Picasso to Avoid Content Scraping on: February 01, 2012, 10:42:42 AM
Yes i am too western to say eastern and too eastern to say western. Middle of somewhere like my country. I've got respect for the peoples blogs. But it's killing me sometimes when i see such arrogant comments about copyright property of the people and thief stories about their intellectual property except you smiley
3  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: SOPA: Alt view - You need to be Shakespeare or Picasso to Avoid Content Scraping on: February 01, 2012, 10:07:41 AM
It was not his threat. It was mine. smiley If someone try to deal with me in a aggressive way i can speak the same language quite well even on internet. Also my friend he's such a nice guy not to do that because he's more capable than me. He can do more things and he's not obligated in Sopa.

Also Thanks for your Wellcome smiley
And i support your ideas abotu SOPA. That law is not for protecting the rights of innoucent bloggers. This is a total goverment control on internet. We've already got it in Turkey. Internet became very dangerous after the revulotion in north Africa and Arabic countries. Rebels was organised on social media. Facebook and Twitter was the source of the modern revulotion. Also in United Kingdom and France experienced huge insurrection by the ghetto teenagers. Also Occupy Wall Street thing make US goverment worry i guess because unhappy people can organise easily on internet. And this is a big threat just before a new economic crisis. So USA goverment want to control internet more strictly (like they don't follow each emails we sent) also media and music industry is sponsoring your senators for such laws. At the end like everything in our life goverment will show itself on internet more. So one day your dns server will be managed by your goverment and they will give you the website list which they allow you to visit.

Also i've studied media communications and i had lessons about philosophy of law. And also i can tell your copyright definition is quite different than ours. You have got total capitalist definition for the copyright. If you want me to pay money for your single article. I would like to ask you, what you did create in that article as your mind? An order of words? A new theory which never told before?  A new sciencetific research? A new way of expressing an emotion? Or you just wrote an article about breast cancer treatment? Did you pay copyright price for the people who made researches about breast cancer? Did you pay copyright to the doctor who gave the latin names of the breast cancer types? Did you pay copyright price for the words you use in the vocabulary? Did you pay copyright price for the person who found the html markup language? Did you pay the any copyright price to the person who made PHP programming language which your form is working on? So? you are living in a free world. All those genius programming languages, sciencetific reasearches, medical treatment techniques, web publishing markup language is free. All those genius technology with hig h creativity is free. And your 500 words article which contains information that made public by genius doctors and sciencetists without paying copyright is cost money?

I saw that you are a good person and on a good intellectual level. And i believe you can understand me. Some bloggers think that they are einstein and their 500 words poor articles are a treasure for world's culture smiley Typical American Point of View smiley
4  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: SOPA: Alt view - You need to be Shakespeare or Picasso to Avoid Content Scraping on: February 01, 2012, 09:18:07 AM
I know the owner of that site personally. I used to work with him. Also i spoke with him about that copy content problem. And i found this website when i was making a search about it. That copy content situation was happened because of his editor. He's got many websites. Maybe hundreds. And each website has got on editor or more editors. And one of the editor from india copied all content and just changed the title. And he removed all the articles one by one if he see the copyrighted content and complaint. But he doesn't want to close the website for such thing even he doesn't care that website much. It hasn't got much visitors and there's no ad and income. It's just a website with a nice domain. But i see some people threaten him. I can tell he's got high programming skills. And he's well experienced on all internet stuff. So if someone want to make a war with him he should have been well prepared for that. He's a nice guy anyway. If i was him and someone show me such aggressive reaction i would carry the website out of usa. Then i would send all those articles to the other websites with mass submiting bots. I can submit your copyrighted article to 200.000 forum, 200.000 blog, 10.000 article website, and thousands of guestbooks etc... only in 48 hours. Then you will have to send DMCA complaint everyday in the rest of your life smiley
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