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1 Software / Circle Dock / Re: Requests / Suggestions thread on: June 25, 2010, 09:30:28 AM
1. i'll do my best!
2.didn't consider that, your right!
3.thats why i read older suggestion. i recall that i already written the steps to do so, and i know that, however i considered that as an interface problem (i'd guess more than 80% of the people using the lock options locks the position in the centre). it is also considered a stability problem from a simple reason, a sudden change of resloution and you lose focus! the program should be stable (the program is not, not just this, also the bugs that i talked about made my mind on the stability problems), the program should be programmed to interact intelligently to the enviroment surrounding it, i.e. the lock position thing should be programmed to calculate the ratio of where it's beeing place so that in every resloution the circle would appear exactly in the right place, this makes the program uncrushable! and of course lowers the posibilities of crashes.
4.i'll start thinking, the interface isn't that bad, the problem is; the program has lots of options, i think the most urgent matter here is the interface, you won't get a perfect interface no matter what, but the ambition toward perfection continues!
5.but people still has to move thier pointers to click on the shortcut (the cursor is in the center), it seems that you didn't read the whole reply, or if you did you just ignored the part where really suggests a better and more useful way to use rotation! my opnion, you should drop the whole local help thing, almost everyone has his own internet, you should use internet based help engine, like a wiki page for this program, everythings ready and good to go, easily updated!
2 Software / Circle Dock / Re: Requests / Suggestions thread on: June 25, 2010, 05:21:52 AM
Hello, I'm a new user of circle dock, and may I say it is THE program that I searched for, lovely idea, nicely done!
As we all know nothings perfect, so may I suggest some things to consider:
1. I have lots of bugs here and there to report about, but it seems that there's no right place to do so, so I really suggest to open up "bugs report" section here, and if a way already existed to do so, please direct me! (I think you'll find me helpful with bugs(
2.I can see that there is a problem with "hide when mouse leaves" option in the visibility section, I have chosen a semi-transparent background (or circle), there are a lots of spaces in the image, so when I activate this option, it seems to confuse the software to determine when the mouse really leaves the circle, what I'm suggesting is that you consider changing the code to a more stable one, you can add a virtual radius in the options and when the mouse leaves this specific radius, the dock start counting and hides when the time comes. However a radius won't do the trick if there is no centre point, so you need to add that too to the code (calculated automatically). For eclipse shape the must be 2 centre points.
3.I'm really interested that the circle appears in the centre of the screen, I know that I can do that manually by choosing that I appears wherever the mouse is and after that lock it in the centre, but it's really annoying and anti-user-friendly, so I suggest that you add a new option saying that the circle will appear at the centre (by the way it's also a stability problem) a software engineer, I must say that the program has a really though complexed interface, the good news is that the program has almost all the possible options on earth, but with great power comes great responsibility (sorry for that, I always wanted to say it) which means that you should choose the perfect interface for the program, when I first opened the settings window, I believe everyone agrees with me, it gave me the feeling that I should really work hard to find what I'm looking for, and by the way I opened up the settings almost 10 time until I finally found what I'm looking for!
The problem, as I already said the quantity and the variety of the options, now I'm not saying that you should remove any of the options, but what I'm saying is that, the order of the options is not right, there are lots of misplaced options!!!
The perfect interface is the interface where a new user, normal new user, can locate the thing that he's searching for in just a few clicks without even using the help! The place and the order of the options is very important, it should be Intuition who helps the user find the options.
If any of you interested in a new interface, I'll be glad to start thinking about one and submit it as a donation (since I'm not working I cannot donate any money).
5. i really didn't see any good use of the rotation option, if a user wants to change the order of their shortcuts he should do that manually after opening the setting windows, since it's not that popular, you see; the order of the items should be permanent, when it's like that I can access whatever shortcut I want from the circle with my eyes shut! Isn't that’s the whole program is about??? Making useful fast shortcuts???
Never mind that, as I said before you must not remove any option, since everything is useful, so what I'm saying is; you should use this option for your own good, you can make "appear while holding key" option, if you hold a custom hotkey (keyboard or mouse) the circle appears with an arrow directed toward (also customizable) 12 O'clock item, you can use the arrow keys (in keyboard) or the mouse wheel to rotate the circle to the needed shortcut (all of thing happens while holding the key that triggers the circle), and when you release the "appear while holding key" the program opens the shortcut (after that the circle disappears) and that’s it! Of course you need to add this as an options, it's not useful to everyone and it might even be annoying if you have a large amount of shortcuts, and you need to also add (if the option is enabled) a cancel shortcut the hides the circle with no shortcut execution.
6. I didn't find search button in the help window! It's really necessary.

That’s it for today, if you still want the list of bugs and the interface I'll be glad to do so… just for the record, if any of these options already exists in the program then I should let you know that I'm really sorry for that, and that means only 2 things: first it interface failure, 2nd its help failure.

Thank you for this good software.
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