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If no one else takes this, I'll take a shot at it in about a week.

Ah yes, I done goofed with the first one. Added in a check to make sure we don't try to move the directory to the same folder, but accidentally checked against the wrong variable :)

Shouldn't be too horrible to do.

edit: Done diddly.

Pull any folder you want on to the executable and it will count the folders and files inside and rename the folder to "# OldFolderName". I put the sourcecode rar as well. If you want it for multiple folders at once that can be easily done.

Edit edit: Okay, added functionality to drop multiple folders in at once.

Requires .Net 4.6.1


Something like this you were thinking off? I set the hotkey to ALT + L in this case and it is hardcoded to open VLC, but with a bit more work it could be configurable with an ini file or something.

Currently I am just running the application with the file names sent in as arguments, so any media player you'd want to run this with needs to be able to do that (or be able to do it with some argument flags)

As you may or may not know, Nintendo has never been one for amazing graphics. Usually they go for a cartoon style.

I fundamentally disagree with this notion, while you did touch on it later in this paragraf. I'd say that visually coherent and well done stylistic presentation trumps purely technical graphics any day. And while the new Zelda seems to have a bit of both with regards to volumetric lighting and reflections. It, like World of Warcraft and Super Mario Galaxy makes really good use of their stylistic choices, and I think it is wrong to not call what they do "Amazing graphics". A game like Antichamber is not very visually advanced up front, but it makes for a compelling aesthetic experience nonetheless. Specifically because it combines both the feel of the mechanics and gameplay elements really well.

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