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  • July 17, 2019, 05:52 AM
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It really will depend on what you are trying to do on your machine but Sygate really didn't work well with what i was doing - and i wasn't doing anything particularly weird. similar problems were encountered on other peoples machines i know of.

but, i'm sure it's a very good firewall for a vast number of people.

hi, i'm the author of that blog entry 'the little firewall that could'. i'm curious what problems you had with sygate. i regularly run uTorrent, have used the Tor/onion network, i ssh into my server all day/every day, and in general do everything one can do over an internet connection, and Sygate has never been a problem. when you first install it, you spend a fair amount of time 'approving' applications that are allowed to send TCP/IP packets, but once you've approved the app, it stays approved. I have a symmetric 2mbit connection, and can saturate the link easily. i've done speed tests with sygate installed and without, and there's no difference.

yeah, yeah, i'm shaking my pom-pons for sygate, just like in the blog entry. oh well. there's been software out there that's caused me problems yet others have reported none, so i guess it's 'just one of those things'...

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