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  • December 09, 2018, 03:39 PM
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I've got it to work, it was one of my programs that made it work bad. The is still some problems, for exemple, i like my active window maximize (have a small monitor 800x600) and sometimes changing programs it restores the window and not go back to maximize. But this isn't that bad, what isn't working is if i do a manual minimize i get more memory and with this program the memory doesn't change, its like its not really a minimize, any ideia?

I have notice that by minimizing all the windows I get more memory (I already use freeram XP pro, a lot of service in windows xp turn off and of course bblean to get more memory), i remember with windows 3.1 there was a feature that when i ran a program all the rest would be minimized. I use SystemBarEx and it has a Minimize All that i have to do manually (i also have bbkey to minimize all). So i asked around if there was a program that has this feature to minimize all the windows except the working one and they suggested MinimOther v1.1.
Sadly its not exactly what i need, because it only gets the first window that was active maximize and the rest ALWAYS minimized. What i want is any window that i activated (thru the task bar or blackbox tasks, etc..) the rest is all minimized. Can you help?

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