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N.A.N.Y. 2019 / Re: NANY 2019 Release: SCURLed
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:10 AM »
I miss two functions in SCURLed:

1.) SCURLed should have a function to open the base directory of InternetExplorer Favorites resp. Firefox/Chrome Bookmarks and read them all automatically (full dir tree).

2.) SCURLed should have function to find all .LNK files starting from a base directory (e.g. partition D:\) and load them automatically.

Can these features be added in the next release?

Thank you

Maybe I am blind, but as far as I can see the program does NOT list key combinations with "print/PrtSc" e.g. ALT+PrtSc

Am I right?

Is there a workaround?

Is there a (newer) program which offers this information?


Hello skwire:
Yes, it seems to be the same issue as for v2.2. BUT:

Enabling "Run as Administrator" is NOT a solution!
Yes, of cause, I enabled it for both programs but it didn't help.
I even disabled UAC completely - it didn't help.
Moreover: Assume missing the Administrator rights would be the culprit: Then it should not work with v2.1 either!
But everything works fine for v2.1. On the same machine for the same SigCheck GUI installation (but different sigcheck.exe)

At least I would expect some warning in SigCheck GUI like "Please run as Adminstrator" or "Warning: Run without Administrator rights".
But silently suppress some information is not smart.

To give you an impression on how it looks like here I uploaded a snapshot:

I would appreciate if you could fix the error.
Thank you

SigCheck GUI does not work with new sigcheck.exe v2.3!

After having downloaded the newest sigcheck.exe v2.3 from MS I copied it to the SigCheck GUI installation folder and started the GUI.

Then I scanned all currently running processes and found lots of processes with a blue question mark icon at the beginning of the line and empty columns.

It seems to me that SigCheck GUI v1.1.0 is incompatible with the sigcheck.exe v2.3 syntax

Could you fix this in a new version?

Thank you

.....except the blue icon lines which appear with v2.2 but not with v2.1

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