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General Software Discussion / Re: What's your preferred File Manager
« on: November 03, 2014, 03:47 PM »
I tried everything mentioned in the voting poll list, but still find the default Windows Explorer unbeatable. LMAO
I believe that should be unbearable.

Both XnView and XnView MP have Compare tools.

There's been some lame arguments that the reduction in power consumption from CFL bulbs results in less overall mercury being released into the environment in areas where coal-fired generators are the norm - because less coal (which also contains mercury) gets burned. But that sounds more like an industry thrashing around to find something - anything - to throw up against the fact that no level of mercury exposure is ever good for us.

I totally disagree. Less mercury is less mercury, and CFL's are easily recycled where I live.

The excellent CintaNotes will be on sale tomorrow for half-price. Also, the full price will soon increase from $25 to $39.

I've been running MBAM Pro and VIPRE Internet Security side by side with no problems or slowdowns whatsoever.

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