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  • October 24, 2019, 12:03 AM
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Wraith808, you are full of crap. Read back thru the posts, Everything was going great until you and Mouser (who should know better) and 4wd and Ath just had to chime in and just couldn't stay out of this initial post and practically hijacked it with all your own input.

I felt like reaching thru the screen and telling you all to stfu.  This was my requirement/idea NOT yours for gawd sakes.

All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for butting in and ruining this.

I am the one who did not get anything, YES I am the one who is punished here, thats the bottom line.

Ring the shame bell.

Listen here Wraith, how the hell do you know what someone else is thinking?
Don't tell me what to do and how about you mind your own damn business.

This has nothing to do with you.

I would like to see new rules on this site that only allow the originator to dictate what they want or require because all the side comments ruined this with their OWN personal demands/suggestions which has NOTHING to do with me.

So get that into ya..

After reading back thru the posts I am amused that KodeZwerg stopped because of comments NOT MADE BY ME.

KodeZwerg quote: "But that "do this/dont that" and "use this/not that" has killed my fun in developing it, its already dumped after all those "delete is a no go" texts."
These comments were ALL OTHER PEOPLE and NOT MADE BY ME, the originator.

What kind of person punishes person A because of what person B & C & D say or do?

Bottom line, shame on you KodeZwerg for bailing (unless you were unable to technically accomplish it. then I am sorry.)

ps: I still have a coder donation for anyone who is able to accomplish this.

It is actually now a CODER CHALLENGE as my program is finished... 700 lines of code and it works!

oh, my program follows no set file structure as stated in the first post, forget all that crap, it learns the shares and subfolders  on the network and moves all files residing in the program folder to where they "should" belong on the network according to the first 3 characters in each file name. There is a "Re-Learn Network" button (For changes to the NAS), a "Replace if Larger" button and a "Use Previous Config" button which also moves duplicate files to the G:\Duplicates folder. (The Larger files option also moves smaller files here.)

\\ is enough in windows explorer to view NAS drives/shares.
Login is already accomplished.

This "timegap" is exactly what I needed to get off my arse and start coding.
In the past month I have managed to get a semi-working vbscript wrapped in a hta gui which is not quite there yet...

It presently takes the global variable NASPath = and learns the entire NAS structure thru a seperate running process using a simple net view cmd saved to a txt file which is parsed and saved into 1 dimension of a 3 dimensional array. I then take the number of subfolders and names of all said subfolders on each drive and save them into another dimension of the array. Then came the tough part which took the past 2 weeks, figuring out all the possible regex patterns that could exist, extracting and writing them from actual names stored in the array and then writing the "dynamic" patterns back into the array so that they correspond with the actual subfolder names on each NAS drive.
a lot of crap like this..  If RE.Pattern= bla bla Then N = "^(" & Left(d,2) & ")[" & Right(Left(d,3),1) & "-" & Right(Left(d,7),1) & "].*"
Finally I saved the array into a config.ini file to speed up the second running of the program.
This was tougher than I thought, but I am at 689 lines of code and Im not gonna quit till this damn thing works.... (unless someone beats me to it then I will pause to admire their work before finishing this monstrosity.)


I was initially so excited for the initial response.

This apparently has been forgotten.

Guess I will have to write my own program.


Instead of "hard coding" the destination folders why not..

Use cmd net view \\ to obtain Samba shares on the NAS
pipe all the shares into a list
dir each item on the list one at a time to obtain the folder names within each share
pipe them into a list and use that list to make the "rules" to move the files to the proper folders.
This way the shares and folders on the NAS can "change at will" and it will not affect the program moving the files.

anyone ever try something like this?

Thanks for joining in on my app request all.
KodeZwerg is doing a lot of work in order to save me hours of sorting through files and me having to move them 1 at a time to multiple drives.

To Ath, my app request requirements are clearly laid out by in my initial request and yes, I have considered my NAS structure over and over again to the nth degree involving hundreds of hours of testing and after ruining several hard drives, RAID is out of the question and to be quite honest, RAID is not a feasible solution in todays large size hard drive environment as re-writes take too long, jeopardize server up time and RAID itself wears out drives with all the handshaking and checking and re-writes.

I am presently using NAS4FREE and JBOD with UFS    why JBOD? because I have 2 offsite copies of all files.
Why NAS4FREE, it's free, easy to use, and has been working reliably for several years now as my NAS grows in size.

There is an old data storage rule which has never changed. The rule of 3, 3 copies of all data, of which 1 must be at another location.
RAID simply does not accomplish this and I have followed this rule... starting right after this story below happened to me.

PS: RAID is a sensitive issue with me as I paid $1000.00 USD for 2 IBM state of the art 7200rpm Deathstar 13GB HDD's several years back. They worked in RAID config for about 2 days before overheating and going bad. Yes I was kickass fast in a MB world for a couple days! I sent them both back 3 times (all new ones failing again and again) taking 8 weeks transit time each time and on the 3rd time they came back they told me the warranty had finally expired and that they do not recommend leaving the HDD on for more than 8 hours at a and that there would be no more exchanges. I joined the class action law suit and to this day have not received one cent.

Excellent, subfolders within each current folder I previously listed are presently far and few between on the NAS anyways and I can always move them manually. (Not an initial requirement I just got greedy!!)

As far as the ruleset goes, I only change the folder names and add drives once every 3-4 months anyways so its all good!

thank you as this gui version will be way better/versatile than a hard coded/hard to change batch file that I was working on.

PS: doesnt match with rule-set files could have a tick box to skip them OR move to root of closest destination.
either way is fine by me.


Awesome like what I see so far!!

The basic rule of the first 2-3 characters of each file/folder name dictate exactly where the file/folder is to be moved on the NAS never changes.
Only the actual name of each folder and the number and size of drives on the NAS can change.
This is to allow for future expansion as each folder/drive becomes too full.

which brings up another point...  if the actual destination folder names do NOT agree with the present rule set there should be a warning or a way to verify/check for ruleset NAS folder agreement.

DANG!!!   even better have a button which READS the NAS and makes up a rule set depending on the actual shares/folders on the destination itself???
or maybe the program automatically does this anyways and the folders/drives on the NAS can change at will and still sort/move the files correctly?

OMG Im so excited.... is there a working version yet?

To answer your questions:

I am about to start this Project now, i have some questions.

Should the procedure include sub-folders in G:\SOURCE\ ? If yes, should my App delete empty folders?
If there were to be folders in G:\Source the folder would become the "sort" criteria for moving the entire folder.
aka the first 2-3 letters of the folder name. soooo   "Eat me" folder and its entire contents regardless of the names of the folder contents would
presently be moved to \\\ef\EA-EN  leaving nothing back in G:\Source

Should targetfiles have original fileattributes or do you wish for example remove/set Read-Only/Hidden attributes to a specific attribute?
attributes do not matter as they are dictated by the NAS OS based on which user is connected.
The only problem/annoyance I have when moving files now is windows nags about attributes every time I move files to the Linux NAS.

Must targetfiles have same Datestamp? (ATM target would get a fresh/new timestamp)
that's fine for datestamp

Oh and concerning this issue:
- Dialog for Existing files. I could skip this by implenting a "is Source newer than Target" or simply adding a number in filename if you like.
A tick box to "overwrite destination file if source file is larger" would be nice otherwise presently I let the windows let me decide thingy come up and I decide on each file sometimes keeping a different file extension but most times replacing the destination file if the new one is larger.

The ability to change destinations is awesome as I might add another hard drive or split up one of the folders in the future.
What I do now on my NAS is split a folder when the number of files in each folder gets too large for viewing on a couple screens.
aka: when it gets over 90
Plus every time a hard drive gets full I add another drive and move some of the folders from the above and below drives to the new empty drive.
(NAS currently has 12 drives can physically hold 16 max.)

yes move, with probably the exception of the filenames which already exist on the NAS as a windows prompt should appear and I might select the tick box to leave the file on the NAS as it is and not overwrite it.

I could write 200-300 separate lines of code in a batch file to cover all variations of filenames and all 12 drives but before doing that I thought I would ask at this web site for a more elegant solution. I have tried wrapping my head around regex comparisons in a vbs script but it quickly became ugly with this many drives and folders.

If it helps, first working solution gets a coder donation from me!  lol



You are correct,
Files in the folder \\\ghi\HJ-HZ COULD start with HJ (but none presently do)
I had to split up the files "somewhere" in the middle so the previous folder has all files starting with H to HI

examples per hard drive
\\\ghi\HA-HI\H Happy.avi

\\\ghi\HJ-HZ\Hz Happey.avi

\\\ghi\HA-HI  contains any file starting with Hnumber, Hspace, Ha, Hb, Hc, Hd, He, Hf, Hg, Hianything.anything
\\\ghi\HJ-HZ contains ALL OTHER REMAINING files starting with H although most files in here start with Ho as O is the next vowel but theoretically there could be a file named Hjanything.anything in there.

The drives are literally divided by the first 2 characters of each filename with the exception of the C's \\\cd\CA-CAO
\\\cd\CAP-CAR and \\\cd\CAS-CG as there were too many files starting with CA for one folder.

and also yes, I will accept any program that will run on windows 10 Home but I prefer a batch or .vbs script as it is the simplest thing that I know can do the job. I have not used this autohotkey thingy but anything that will move my files will do.

As title states, I want a file to move a bunch of files from G:\Source on my windows 10 computer
to the following 12 hard drives on my NAS depending on the first 2-3 characters of their filename as indicated by the destination locations.
Basically I want to alphabetically sort all the files moved from G:\Source into the proper folders on the NAS.

I am sooo tired of sorting files one at a time.

If the filename already exists on the NAS I want a standard windows prompt to ask me what to do for duplicate files.
Windows 10 also prompts me Is it ok to move files without properties each time as I am moving to a Linux box.
It would be nice to either auto allow this or stop windows from asking in the first place as I want to move all files in G:\Source on my Windows 10 box.

Below is a list of my 12 NAS Drives & Destination folders: aka the first drive on the NAS is named 09 and has 2 folders named 0-3 and 4-9
All files starting with any special characters, 0,1,2 0r 3 go into the first folder on the "09" drive.
All files starting with a 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 go into the second folder on the "09" drive.













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