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Hi Mouser,

amazing job, it does exactly what I needed :-)

Actually running for testing purposes auto-capture every 5 minutes (fullscreen app) and win scheduler send e-mail every 5 minutes with lastcapture.jpg in attachement and all looks perfect.

Thanks a lot man



just wanna kindly ask you, how is progress with "lastcapture.png" :-)


Thanks for fast reply. My vote is for 2nd option - would be great to have such functionality (and much better than 1st option). Maybe it would be easier for you to implement as well - keep file saving rules as it is,  and just simply copy recent screenshot to "lastcapture.png".


thanks for great tool. I have a question about file saving rules. I crawled thru all the settings, but even if I put single file name like "screenshot" files are being stored with counter (screenshot_as_00001.png, etc. Is somehow possible to use just one name, which will be replaced everytime with new screenshot (e.g. screenshot.png) ? In more details - I am running central surveillance camera system (full screen splitted into 6 pieces/cameras) and I need every hour automaticaly capture screen and send that picture by e-mail. And because AS creating "counted" filenames I have an issues to send right (recent) screenshot by e-mail.



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