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Living Room / Re: Recommend some music videos to me!
« on: December 26, 2018, 09:30 AM »
I didn't search those 56 previous pages for it, so please forgive me if this is a clone, but Lisa Stansfield at Ronnie Scott's 2002 (available on YT: - bear in mind that the genial composer of most of her stuff is her husband, Ian Dewaney: the most successful and beautiful marriage of all time: the ideal one, I think) is the very best music video as far as I'm concerned, for the last 30 years (i.e. not considering Pink Floyd at Pompei and, well, Al Jarreau, that FRIDAY evening in March, 1976; the available video being from the following SATURDAY anyway (yes, within less than 24 hours, they carried on their broadcast vans, it was THAT good), and I had been there Friday evening, so I can compare, and nothing, NOTHING compares to that Friday evening, at "Uncle Pö's", Hamburg, March 12, 1976). That being said, Tash Sultana's "Jungle", e.g. here: , and that girl in general, are something quite special I might say. And then, there'll be always the very best rendition of Donny Hathaway's "Some Day We'll All Be Free", Alicia Keys's, from the 9/11 telethon (9/21/2001):

(to my knowledge)

You'll remember some OneNote discussions, people complaining about the stall of the desktop version (which remains available, for the time being).

There's a general risk that any software developer out there might rise their update prices, at any given time, tenfold; the same is true with them switching to a cloud and/or subscription model, and the real risk here - it was me who mentioned this some months ago on the outlinersoftware forum (or additionally even here, I don't remember); nobody else seems to care, or then feared in private - is that the function of the software in question could cease, by real technical reasons or just since the developer will have decided so, with any (minor or more probably) major Windows 10 update.

As for going from desktop to cloud, a blatant example is Correlate, the ONLY (then) really smart (available) file management system, (then and) now, and, the fact which is utmost appalling: They don't give awy ANY info anymore if you don't "sign up with your corporate [or MS or similarly pre-checked, "genuine"] mail address".

At the time (version 6.6, in 2013, for example), it was 149$ plus VAT, i.e. near 200 euro for continuously-buggered European Union customers, and now, can't even know; I don't know either if people who had bought in time, have been able to continue their software beyond them "going cloud" or not, but whatever: They could "kill" their defunct desktop application anytime, or then MS (by pure technical means) could do it for them, again anytime.

Since we're speaking of "serious users" here - who else would buy a file manager at 200 bucks? -, this situation seems to be inadmissible to me.

It goes without saying that users could only fall into such a possible trap whenever the tool in question either changes your data format or then does add real added value to your data, in form of invaluable but scarcely exportable meta-data (as Correlate does; well, I don't know anything of the latter's exportability there).

(To give a counter-example: If you edit your video with one tool, and then there's something in their policy you're really unhappy with, you continue your cutting work, on this movie or with any other coming along, with any other editing tool on the market.)

What do people / prospects speak about indeed, it's the fallacy - "fact" for them - that you should not confide your data to some "little developers" - "who knows if they still will be in business next year?"; at the same time, even the biggest software developers in the world simply just kill their software ad libitum (ie just as it pleases them); examples abound, for that last 30 years or so.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the risk does not lie in your developer's being a 1-man shop or some multi-national conglomerate (which will certainly outlive the particular software they will have sold you, but that'll be no consolation for you), but in the fact that whenever you accept to comply with some dedicated file format, or some very special meta-data management, even if that will rise your productivity to some unheard-before level, you'll be

- at the mercy of the respective developer re possible price increases ("backed-up" by automatic W10 updates killing what you've got before), or

- overhaul of other factors (the tool going desktop > cloud or any other nuisance you are not going to accept), and that's not even speaking of

- stealing your data (which is even possible for desktop applications, but more probable for cloud "solutions").

Hence, what to do? I think that every such application which treats your data in a way that it'll be NOT possible to switch to any competitor, hassle-free and without losing (core or meta) data, should provide, up-front, transition tools (and which you could try up-front, too, i.e. onto some sample data) in order for you to verify that if there is any problem with that tool, you'll be free to leave, in some way or some other.

Of course, if that tool is spectacularly superior to its competition, that will be difficult to achieve, but at least technically, there should be some chance for doing so, and/or for competitors to "overtake" then, without too much trouble.

Some weeks ago, I said, in the outlinersoftware forum, upon the question "Exporting Ultra Recall database (any experiences, pls?)",

"Hint: UR doesn’t have a principal parent, and then secondary parents, but then, the respective table mentions them in a given, chronological order (of time of creation of the parentage, which for the very first parent is identical to the time of creation of the item), so the first occurrence there could be treated as the parentage, further occurrences as links, even in tools without cloning (like RightNote)." - which was a little bit simplified, of course (the outlinersoftware forum not being a technical one, far from it), since

- not in all cases, the very first occurrence of some info item will be it's "natural" one; sometimes, it'll be some (later-created) "clone" which really will be the "core" occurrence (among other examples, you first write down some "ToDo", then only create the "real", "original" subject within its ontology)

- I (on purpose) didn't address the fact over there that such "original" items then could have become renamed and, in particular, moved within their tree in-between (but these are just minor, technical, "problems"; the necessary data, for analyzing all this correctly, in that case, will be all there).

Whatever: My point being: Especially the "exotic" data formats, or (meta-) data re-arrangements, should be perfectly "open", and then, it wouldn't matter that much if you confide your data to some - reliable - "lesser" developer, in view of the fact that the "big shots" don't treat you any better in the end:

- You should be confident that your data isn't at risk (in both respects: you not losing your data, and any third-party not getting access to it), and

- You should be confident that for your data, there will be some manageable way out.

If I have left out valid considerations / aspects, please add them.

General Software Discussion / Re: Et Tu, CCleaner!
« on: December 26, 2018, 08:12 AM »
4wd: "Wouldn't it be a lot less complicated, (and cheaper), to have the browser delete cookies when it's closed, (ie. they all become session cookies) ?"

Hence my question above; unfortunately, the traditional FF add-in having brilliantly done exactly that not working anymore beyond FF 56 (or whatever the exact version number was).

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Directory Opus 12 - 40% discount
« on: December 26, 2018, 08:07 AM »

To echo Tuxman: "Even FreeCommander (as implied, more or less free) does that." (admittedly to a lesser degree; and of course, most paid file managers do it, too.)

"I think that the main advantage of DO over other file managers is the ease with which it enables one to label files with different colors and statuses, and to sort and organize the files accordingly."

Let's put this straight. Many people who love their current software but don't know too much about competing software, make similar errors, in part by their lack of knowledge, but in part, oh yeah, in a try to endorse their investment.

For example, I, some time ago, had made the mistake to buy the then most expensive duplicate tool, then only discovered  - the trial is a crippled one - how bad it was, after all; the almost-universal prejudice / false preconception that "you get what you pay for" worked in BOTH ways : I should have known better, even then, from life-long experience. (I relate on that duplicate tool error of mine in the Trial thread, and I lately even discovered that now that most expensive tool has become free (!), and at that "price", it isn't that bad at all, finally...)

Now, to DO, both phenomenons apply:

- with the (non-competitive) price come some quite positive expectations: it should be superior (which it is not, but it's not inferior either to its best competitors)

- since you (the paying user) payed the price, you then would not really like to discover that you could get that same functionality (which is important to you) for much less, so you don't really want to get fully informed on that comparative situation; that's human, that's not lying, that's simply denying; and, of course, that doesn't apply to any such statement along those lines; some people just don't know better and speak too early: that's human, too, I speak here from my personal experience. (And yes, of course, "Everything" is the best tool there is on the market, for any Windows user of all ages, and by far.)

Fact is, a tool like DO profits from this lack of knowledge of some of its users and who then "spread the word", DO allegedly being superior.

As said by me above, I cannot speak for the strengths of the preview pane, never using that in any of my file managers, BUT since there is an allegation that DO was very strong in this field, I speculate (!) that for modern file formats, XY is on par with DO, most of DO's additional file formats being defunct for ages now, e.g. some text processors from the Nineties, and so on; also, for most of the available formats in DO, you need to buy some third-party add-in, at 30 bucks plus VAT if I remember well. Also, exotic but current file formats are more or less absent from that additional list, too, whilst, again, you get lots of defunct file formats, and, let's be honest here: That's not because of the real interest in these formats, but because they (the third-party entity) simply have more or less stopped development in that area 2 decennials ago.


Since we mentioned SpeedCommander above: The "speciality" of SC is that is has NO English-speaking forum BUT a German-speaking forum, and - I missed mentioning this important fact above - even the help is in German, but NOT in English, too, so they specialize in German customers with no or unsufficient knowledge of English, but non-DACH (D, Austria, Switzerland) customers should be very rare. This particularity explains both the exaggerated pricing of this tool, and the fact that on most counts, it's inferior to some of its competitors; for example, its meta data management is abysmally bad. On the other hand, it has always been, and by far, the prettiest file manager there is, and copying their (minimalistic but utterly pleasant) screen design should not be too complicated... but would go against their competitors' respective egos.

Btw, many Italians, Russians, Chinese, French, Spanish (-speaking people) are awaiting your special file manager development, including full service in their respective mother language...

And again btw, DO's management of tagging and/or "virtual folders" / whatever-you-call-it is NOT superior to its best (paid) competitors either; it just seems to be at first look.


Whenever I speak of pricing / prices here, I always take into account the fact that FC is more or less free, and that both X2 and XY are both available with a so-called "lifetime" license, where the price includes any updates, and that this even applies to their regularly getting back to bitsdujour, and thus, when I say that over a user's lifetime, DO might be at a price tenfold its competitors, that's estimated on this basis.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Directory Opus 12 - 40% discount
« on: December 23, 2018, 03:36 PM »
I'm not against DO (anymore so much), my argument here has exclusively been that from my observation (which has been repeated but not systematic), it seems they (almost?) exclusively have been offering sales when the life time of the current major version is coming to its end, but when the term in which you are entitled to get the next major version for free has not yet begun.

I've come back here in order to see if my remark has motivated DO to tell me wrong in this instance, but obviously that is not the case, and I don't like at all their smart-ass attitude which becomes evident here again: they really suppose prospects, even here, can NOT do their maths.

Btw, whenever I get to the limits of x2 (for pics, I use FastStone Image Viewer, but in case, XY would be excellent for pics, too, whilst x2 is very bad for pics indeed, but I'm not speaking of pics, speaking of x2's limits here anyway), I then go to DO's online manual and check if possibly DO can do what I want (possibly with a little scripting), and so far, every time, DO doesn't do it either, so up to now, I never saw a reason for me to buy.

And to give an example, DO's metadata management is lesser than x2's. Also, when you contact DO on such things in their forum, you just get a shrug instead of a "thank you for this idea we'll implement asap".

Thus, for the time being, DO takes advantage of its better looks and ergonomics, compared to x2, and its better technology and ergonomics compared to XY (which is very bad on both counts, but quite pleasant on first sight), and it also seems preferable for users who like to view / "preview" lots of their files within their file manager, pdf's (or pics) for example, which I don't ever do (or long for), and that also invalidates some common advantages of XY (and DO) over x2 for me.

Thus, I'm constantly tempted by DO because, I, too, am sensitive to flock consensus, but whenever I try to find a reason to buy (and then to use), I don't find any, and, as implied above, that's largely due to the elusiveness of the new developer, which is on par with the one shown by the 2 creators of DO which seem to not work on the code anymore, their ancient forum guy (Leo) now seemingly doing all the work alone.

I stay receptive, but creativity and openness are part of the game, not just coding, especially if you if over a lifetime (of the user), your price is tenfold or more the one of your competition, so I suppose they will not get too many new customers, XY and X2's "lifetime" licenses certainly biting deep into DO's numbers, and then their additional-payments (which aren't wort it in the end, I firmly suppose) policy will certainly back off quite some prospects.

(I can't speak of the respective strengths and weaknesses / misses of the contenders in web storage accessibility / management ; for users who use web storage (which I do not), this should be a core aspect indeed. I just know that the "prof" version of SpeedCommander (which does not have an English forum) comes with a very impressive list of such web storages it can handle; otherwise it's quite inferior.)

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