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Thanks Mouser, that works as well.. thanks
That keeps is simple and easy to manage.. My regex skills are very weak, so this works perfectly.


Both work, is it possible to do the following, please excuse my bad explanation.

When using the last suggestion, were just putting them all in as such:
and letter FARR filter.

When I start typing the word cli and hit [tab] it fills in the rest of the word, but not when I start typing the domain name, if I start typing exa and hit [tab] FARR blinks and I am left with just the term "clients" in FARR. I would like to do tab complete for the domain name, and then type home or login and hit tab to complete the term and hit enter. much like a linux terminal..

is this possible?

WOW... Mouser... You are a god!...

That is awesome... Thanks! I'll give it a try and report back.

I have websites that I access at different URL's and different pages on those URL's all the time.
For example: (I will use a wordpress site as my example.) - Homepage - login page

What I would like to be able to do the following:

1) hit the [break] key -> then start typing "clients" [space] [space] home

and for the login page

2) hit the [break] key -> then start typing "clients" [space] [space] login

Is this possible?

I have figured out how to do just the "clients" [space]
But not how to add the login or home part.


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