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  • April 19, 2018, 04:43 PM
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General Software Discussion / Re: Personal keylogger
« on: Today at 02:33 PM »
I downloaded it the Free Keylogger from here:

Windows Defender identified it as Trojan:Win32:Tiggre!Plock and quarantined it.
Do I trust it?

So in the 6 months since you last downloaded it, you haven't worked out how to add it to the AV exclude list?

Here's irony for you:

Version (22 March 2007)

* Added an automatic updater. When a new version is available, RipIt4Me offers to download and install it for you. [...] This of course, will only work the next time we have an update.

There was never another update after that.

It did its job too well, the MPAA had a Cease and Desist issued against him.

For DVDs I still use RipIt4Me, the first program able to walk through the IFO files IIRC, which meant you could rip the whole disc, movie + menu, or just the movie and it would remove all the non-referenced VOBs, chapters, menu deadends, and whatever else they tried to do to obfuscate ripping.

Thank you, 4WD! Perhaps you enjoy doing kenkens too!

Never knew they existed until you mentioned them.

If you want to get into Python there's some code on StackOverflow that deals with finding multiplication cases, you may be able to contact the original poster and ask if he has posted his solutions for addition, subtraction, and division somewhere.

There's also a lot of software on GitHub.

Online version: KenKen and Kendoku calculator

If I input x*y*z=12,
the app would give:

2018-04-15 15_21_51-KenKen and Kendoku calculator, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro calculator.png

Code: Text [Select]
  1. 12* =====
  2. 3*2*2
  3. 4*3*1
  4. 6*2*1
  5. ---------

Living Room / Re: grab urls
« on: April 15, 2018, 12:08 AM »
I don't feel comfortable using WGET. I need a GUI so that I can see the progress etc.

Is there a GUI download manager that will allow me to download a list of urls, from a login website, delaying 5 seconds between each attempt? Ideally, it could scan the links of the url and download any files of specific extensions in those urls?

Downthemall might do it.

It was suggested, he doesn't like it or it's too complicated.

JDownloader as suggested by Deozaan could most likely handle it, (logging in and downloading), but if he baulks at DownThemAll he's going to have no hope with JDownloader.

I don't feel comfortable using WGET. I need a GUI so that I can see the progress etc.

It outputs it's progress to the CLI window.

They need to strip out all the irrelevant characters before checking, both from the input address and their lookup lists.
AFAIK, that's only applicable for @gmail.* and gmail provided (undetectable as they can have any domain name, I presume) e-mail addresses, and not for 'regular' e-mail providers :huh:, unless you know of other e-mail providers that follow the same policy/structure?

It was an example, (the eg. bit), they could filter based on the domain the email address belongs to, (,,, etc), using whatever addressing rules the provider uses.

Even if they did it only for gmail it should considerably reduce the size of the lists and the need to input multiple email addresses for checking.

I'm only really talking about the big providers here which would probably cover >90% of the list, it'd be impossible to cater for every domain, (eg.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Vegas Pro Edit 14 $20 on Humble
« on: April 11, 2018, 11:02 PM »
It's back on Humble Bundle again.

US$20 will get you:

Music Maker 80s Edition
MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe
Soundpool: Blockbuster
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
MAGIX Photostory Deluxe
Music Maker Hip Hop Beat Producer
VEGAS Pro 14 Edit
MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite
Xara Web Designer Premium
MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Deal valid for the next 13.5 days.

Keep in mind that at the moment, Vegas Pro Edit 15 (the 'Edit' edition of Vegas Pro 14 is what is in the Humble Bundle deal) is offered for $150 until Dec 26:

They've been consistently reminding me that I can upgrade to Vegas Pro v15 Edit for $149 pretty much every 2-4 days for the last 4 months or so.  Main difference between 14 and 15 is GPU accelerated encoding but I usually output to MagicYUV or Lagarith and then use VidCoder or StaxRip, I find they seem to give a subjectively better visual output.

Out of 23 gmail addresses, 3 have one breach each, (all different).

Not too worried as it was for sites that were unimportant, 2FA is used on the gmail accounts and any important sites.

That site is rather limited in it's checking algorithm though, eg.

All the same address as far as email is concerned but the checker regards each as being a separate entity, ie. is compromised but as far as the check is concerned, won't be.

They need to strip out all the irrelevant characters before checking, both from the input address and their lookup lists.

Thank you mouser, wraith, cranio, and the software companies (especially IDM) !

so, what is other ways you know/suggest?

Is there a reason you need to recover your password rather than reset?

ie. Do you have folders/files that are OS encrypted?

I think that if the keypress can be made so that it appears to come from the keyboard buffer then it'll work, (SendKeys uses Windows messages from what I understand).

I see. So, how should I proceed in order to set this up?

The program needs to be written first.

Is this a laptop or desktop computer?

Is it a PS/2 or USB keyboard, (and is there only one)?

Living Room / Re: grab urls
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:55 PM »
Thanks but, the problem with that is that some cookies/form-logins expire. So when you go on downloading a file it displays the form to login instead.
That's why I am looking for a software that can detect that and use my login each time it is need.
Is there a way to do this?

So you're saying that the cookies expire in the couple of seconds between sending the first command followed by the second command?

It seems my request is not as simple as I thought.. Have you tried telling the script to hit the up-arrowkey twice, perhaps?

The problem is the Lock Screen is not designed to be interacted with using a program, I think that would kind of defeat the purpose in using it to secure Windows.

There appear to be ways around it by replacing some system files but that also compromises security.

I think that if the keypress can be made so that it appears to come from the keyboard buffer then it'll work, (SendKeys uses Windows messages from what I understand).

Living Room / Re: how can I save this video?
« on: April 06, 2018, 08:21 PM »
Can anyone help me save this video?

Use a screen recorder, eg. ActivePresenter

Or if you just want audio:

Living Room / Re: [Game] Answer & Ask
« on: April 06, 2018, 01:19 AM »
What is your all-time favourite song?
-Stephen66515 (April 05, 2018, 08:11 PM)

Great funeral song  :P

Do you believe Russia will become the global ruler as predicted by Baba Vanga?

It would appear that Windows/System32/Group Policy is an empty folder, so no Machine/Scripts/Startup is found, unfortunately.

The directory structure is created when an entry is input via Group Policy Editor.  Group Policy directory is read-only by default anyway.

You just need to go to the appropriate entry in the editor and select a cmd/PowerShell file from anywhere, it doesn't need to reside in Windows/System32/Group Policy/Machine/Scripts/Startup ... but I couldn't get it to run.

It's been a hectic week for me but I'm still trying to find time to try some potential solutions.

Tried using Task Scheduler set as Run at startup both as myself with highest privileges and as LOCAL SERVICE with highest privileges, still didn't do anything.  Not even attempted according to the task history.

I'll try it later today with it also writing a marker file with the time inside just so I can see if it runs at all in either situation.

ADDENDUM: OK, got it to run at startup and according to the Task History it ran while the Lock Screen was being displayed but it didn't interact with the screen.
The task was apparently started 20 seconds after the Lock Screen appeared and I also had a 20 second delay, Task shows as completing successfully.
Task was set to SYSTEM user.

Now have to try specifically directing the keypress to the winlogon.exe process, might need to do this in AHK/AutoIT/etc as a compiled program.

Was testing this on my laptop and forgot to turn off Start the task only if the computer is on AC power for initial test ...  :-[

Following ran but didn't interact either:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. (New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell).AppActivate((get-process winlogon).MainWindowTitle)
  2. (New-Object -ComObject'{UP}')

updating time, when the date format in the file is yyyymmdd
In case the date format is ddmmyyyy then it is okay.

I have an idea, how about you standardise your filenames instead of having other people try and conform to your seemingly chaotic system?

It started off with:

Now it appears that yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss is also to be included, no doubt there's also dd-mm-yyyy_hhmmss plus who knows what other combinations.

Choose a format and do a rename of all the non-conforming files before running the script that sets the timestamps and then the whole process becomes simpler for everyone.


Just tried it with the following PoSh script but it didn't seem to work, (the script works, the GPE method didn't):

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $wshell = New-Object -ComObject ; $wshell.SendKeys('{UP}')

Tried putting a sleep 20 in front also but still no joy.

Does C:\Windows\System32\Group Policy\Machine\Scripts\Startup still exist/work under W10?

Might be able to just put a script in there that sends a [Up Arrow] when the machine is at logon screen.

What I was using back in this thread.

>I saw it flash something in red but have not rerun

You're just double-clicking on the file aren't you?

UPDATE  The error says:   add-NTFSAccess : The 'Add-NTFSAccess' command was found in the module 'NTFSSecurity', but the module could not be loaded.   So i am working on that one
>  Says something about the file not being digitally signed ;(  Also get further and just more messages telling me that for some reason the NTFSSecurity module is not going to run on this system ;((

You'll need to create a shortcut and add options to bypass Policy Control, set the following as Target, (change path to file to suit), and set the Run as admin option.

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -File "<full path>\Set2Rights.ps1"

Or if running from a CLI/PoSh, (as Admin):

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -File "<full path>\Set2Rights.ps1"

NOTE: Have updated the original post/script, now tested (had a couple of typos) also added info on how to Trust the PowerShell Gallery repository, (any modules from there will inherit the trust), and added the above execution info.

FilenameXYZ Bla-bla 12022011 130254.txt
FilenameXYZ Bla-bla 20141115_020218.txt
Another F'n crappy name-2011_02_01-184901.sfa
Some-Other-Stupid-Filename .... 1999..12%&()23 ..!_- 231402.fck
Yet Another Example of Poor Standardised Naming-2001+08+03---15;34;34.dcm
Example of Poor Naming 32 - 03+03+2013---23;42;00.dcm


Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. Param (
  2.   [string]$file,
  3.   [int32]$type = 2
  4. )
  5. # Types: 0 = Creation Time
  6. #        1 = Last Access Time
  7. #        2 = Modified Time
  8. #        3 = All of them
  10. $fileObject = Get-ChildItem -Path $file
  11. $wanted = (($fileObject.BaseName | %{ -join $_[$_.Length..0] }) -Replace '(\D)', '').Substring(0,14)  | %{ -join $_[$_.Length..0] }
  12. $pattern = 'yyyyMMddHHmmss'
  13. If ($wanted.Substring(4, 2) -gt "12") { $pattern = 'ddMMyyyyHHmmss' }
  14. $date = [DateTime]::ParseExact($wanted, $pattern, $null)
  15. Switch ($type) {
  16.   "0" {$fileObject.CreationTime = $date; break}
  17.   "1" {$fileObject.LastAccessTime = $date; break}
  18.   "2" {$fileObject.LastWriteTime = $date; break}
  19.   default {
  20.     $fileObject.CreationTime = $date
  21.     $fileObject.LastAccessTime = $date
  22.     $fileObject.LastWriteTime = $date
  23.   }
  24. }

TfN.ps1 <file> <type>

type = Read script

.\TfN.ps1 "ProgFileW10PShellModules.snippets-06-20141230 123720.txt" 0

2018-04-03 16_42_44-K__.png

2018-04-03 17_12_25-K__.png

TfN.cmd <dir> <type>
Code: Text [Select]
  1. pushd %1
  2. for /f "usebackq tokens=* delims=" %%a in (`dir "%~1" /b /a-d-h-r`) do (
  3.       powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\PoSh\TfN.ps1 "%%~a" %2
  4.       )
  5. popd

2018-04-05 14_22_32-C__WINDOWS_system32_cmd.exe.png

2018-04-05 14_22_58-K__.png

Open a PowerShell console with Admin rights.

Install the PowerShell NTFS Security module from the PowerShell Gallery as per here.

EDIT: If you want to mark the PowerShell Gallery as a Trusted repository, (it's run by Microsoft), open a PoSh console as Admin and enter the following:

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy Trusted

PoSh will no longer complain about modules installed from it being non-signed.

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $source = 'C:\Employees'
  2. get-childitem -Path $source -Directory -Name | % { Add-NTFSAccess -Path "$source\$_" -Account "$env:computername\$_" -AccessRights FullControl }

If you don't want them to have full control of their directory, change FullControl to any of the following, multiple terms to be comma separated:

AppendData, ChangePermissions, CreateDirectories, CreateFiles, Delete, DeleteSubdirectoriesAndFiles, ExecuteFile, FullControl, GenericAll, GenericExecute, GenericRead, GenericWrite, ListDirectory, Modify, None, Read, ReadAndExecute, ReadAttributes, ReadData, ReadExtendedAttributes, ReadPermissions, Synchronize, TakeOwnership, Traverse, Write, WriteAttributes, WriteExtendedAttributes

NOTE: OK, I got un-lazy and tested it, couple of typos but it worked.

You'll need to create a shortcut and add options to bypass Policy Control, set the following as Target, (change path to file to suit), and set the Run as admin option, (under Advanced).

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -File "<full path>\Set2Rights.ps1"

Or if running from a CLI/PoSh, (as Admin):

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -File "<full path>\Set2Rights.ps1"

Living Room / Re: Any native english speakers?
« on: April 02, 2018, 05:40 PM »
It's a lack of reasoning game, based on interpreting the questions in the best way for you!  ;D

Then "I and II only" is also correct, (dependant on a better image).

I could probably come up with some esoteric branch of mathematics that also proved that III was correct.

You really should get the cause fixed, not clean up the mess afterward.

That's not the way the world works.

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