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Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Looking for AutoPaste function
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:46 AM »
Do you mean, any freestanding application that will accumulate all your clips into a single file, so you can eventually transfer the whole en masse to your main program?  

That would work if it copied  images, which due to formatting issues (multiple text lines)  can save time when you have about 100 (stripping html tags does too much), but even quicker would be a wordpro that would paste whatever is copied to the clipbosrd into the open doc., which is also auto saved and can  be printed, all of which as the aforementioned TextShield does.  But for me under W/8.1 64 bit (with compatibly set for XP), sometimes it will keep on pasting the last copied item if left alone for a while.  I actually contacted the developer of that, but he created it as a teenager and could not help much with it.  He did let me host the file in case any anyone wants to try it (see Tools>AutoPaste),
I suggested an extension to OpenOffice but that has seen  no response.  I guess few have a use for a autopaste feature.  

Probably better now, install something like one of the NoteTab editors, which can be set to define a file as a "clipboard catcher" paste board.

Did a search on freeware notetab, and found it, and among its impressive list of  features,  is,

"A document can be configured to capture text that is cut or copied to the Windows Clipboard from any application. Choose "Document | Use as Paste Board" to enable this behavior.  Press F1 for more information about this tip."

However, while it does autopaste text (i had to close Clipboard Help+Spell), it does not paste images copied to the clipboard.  

There is another app called Pasteboard 2.1 but that only does text.

Thanks for taking an interest and trying to help.  

Clipboard Help+Spell / Looking for AutoPaste function
« on: July 31, 2014, 08:51 AM »
I sometimes do work that requires copying selected search results into a word pro, and have  been looking for an  AutoPaste function, one that will automatically paste into an open application (like OpenOffice) whatever is copied into the clipboard (texts, images), preferably each time you copy it.

Years ago I used a discontinued word pro called TextShield that would do just this,  and which still works under XP but under W/8.1 64 bit  it has a glitch that results in numerous pastes of the last copied text.

I do not see how Clipboard Help and Spell would do this.

Thanks for any help.

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